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Divine Interruption

Literature & Fiction

During a hospital stay, curator Arsinoë Nelson hears a conversation about Earth's destruction.

Believing this was a one time hallucination, she returns to work at Neo-Classica, an ancient world living history museum, and begins hearing a voice in her head. The voice belongs to an Egyptian goddess who needs Arsinoë's help to find the lost key of resurrection.

She soon learns that a mysterious new intern is also searching for the key and she is convinced he wants it to bring back the fire breathing, world devouring serpent Apophis. Will she stop him before it's too late?

Life was so simple before this Divine Interruption!

Book Bubbles from Divine Interruption

Arsinoe Finds the Scarab Pendant

Looking at jewelry with her mom in a thrift store, Arsinoe finds a silver scarab pendant and decides to purchase it.

The Hallucination

One night in the hospital, Arsinoe sees two people with animal heads appear and listens in to their conversation.

Arsinoe Hears a Mysterious Voice

During an educational program she is helping with, Arsinoe hears a mysterious voice asking about a key.

The Bracelet Appears

On her first day back at Neo-Classica, Arsinoe finds a mysterious bracelet on her desk in her office.

The Goddess Confronts Arsinoe

Arsinoe is confronted by the goddess possessing her in the frozen food section of a grocery store.

Arsinoe Animates Tattooed Skin

Isis persuades Arsinoe to break into Neo-Classica and practice animating the human remains stored in the collections.

Arsinoe Enters the Underworld

Arsinoe is thrown into the ancient Egyptian underworld and watches souls passing through.


Literature & Fiction

Christmas is a holiday packed full of its own folklore involving playful spirits and fantastical creatures: some benevolent, others with a darker purpose. What if these characters from Christmas folklore were real and had to work together to give the Christmas spirit back to the world in order to keep themselves from vanishing from human memory?

Eliza Smith is a 30-year-old teacher from Minnesota who has become disenchanted with everything to do with Christmas and unwittingly becomes the first project for the spirits. Led by Elf That Helps(TM), the Christmas spirits select Julbok (the yule goat) for the task of helping Eliza recapture the true spirit of Christmas. When their worlds collide, Eliza must contend with the mysterious supernatural goat in addition to her regular life while navigating the chaos of the holidays.

Drawing inspiration from Christmas folklore, Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, and other favorite Christmas tales, Jul! is a playful and poignant story that serves as a reminder that kindness is always the answer.

Book Bubbles from Jul!

Julbok's Gift

Eliza finds a gift from Julbok when she returns home after visiting with a friend.

The Spirits Begin to Vanish

Chaos erupts at the Christmas spirit headquarters when they all start to disappear.

Snow in Eliza's Classroom

Christmas magic brings snow indoors on the first day of winter.

Carolers Come to Eliza's House

Eliza and Julbok open the door to find Christmas carolers singing "The Twelve Days of Christmas".

Eliza's Attempt to Get Rid of Julbok

Eliza offers Julbok treats and a gift to get him to leave her alone.

Eliza Meets Julbok

Julbok finds Eliza Smith at home and wakes her in the early morning.

Julbok is Chosen

Elf that Helps (TM) selects Julbok to go to Earth and help Eliza Smith.

The Project

The spirits are told that they must help the world remember the magic of Christmas.

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