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Dedra L Stevenson

Dedra Stevenson is the author of The Hakima's Tale trilogy, Tales of the Lantern, Antar and Haider, and Magnolia Grove. Living in the Middle East had always provided Dedra with a great treasure of folklore and imaginative stories to gain inspiration from.


The Skinwalker: Resurrection

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Carmella was fresh out of the University, starting her adult life with everything ahead of her. When she found a great house in her ancestral home of Window Rock, Arizona, she was thrilled. Everything seemed perfect, and she couldn’t wait to learn about the Navajo ways and her mother’s role in their life. Shortly after she had discovered a mysterious book of spells in her home, Carmella opens herself up to something more sinister — a long deceased Navajo Skinwalker spirit and this witch-spirit wants to walk the Earth in a human's flesh again. The witch’s faithful servant stalks Carmella as he serves to satisfy his Mistress. Day by Day. Step by step. Carmella falls prey to the darkness, and only the tribe can help her. With the support of her friends and the man that she loves, an ancient rite may be the only thing that can save her from the evil Skinwalker.

Book Bubbles from The Skinwalker: Resurrection

The Police Find the Body

Carl was in service to Haseeya, the Skinwalker, for almost all of his adult life. He didn't know any other way of life, and he wasn't about to stop now, no matter what a couple of witches had to say about it. Meanwhile, the police have made a startling discovery at his house.

Carl is being investigated

A faithful disciple of the Skinwalker has committed some terrible acts in service to his dark mistress.

Carmella has a vision

The two women from the Pagan store, Tricks and Treats, have put Carmella under a trance to help her remember the events of the previous evening, but what she learns involves the heartbreaking past of the Skinwalker.

Haseeya's Faithful Servant

The Skinwalker has a loyal servant in Carl, as he would do anything for her, even murder. As he buries the body of his latest victim, he feels a stab of guilt.

The Haunting Begins

Carmella has been in her first home for about a month now, but she's no longer able to get a sound night's sleep. Each night, she experiences the presence of a dark entity.

Possessed and waiting

After a horrific twist of events, the main character, Carmella, has been completely taken over by the entity, and is now waiting for help from the Navajo tribe.

The Skin Book

Carmella discovers a book of spells that's been bound with human skin, and in an innocent attempt to understand the book, she unleashes something dark, something that wanted to hurt her.

The Hakima's Tale: The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

Book Bubbles from The Hakima's Tale: The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

Desert Magnolia

Literature & Fiction

From the metropolitan streets of Dubai, Daniella is called back to her family home in the American South to help a family that threw her away many years ago. Going back will mean digging up skeletons from her past that she'd hoped to bury forever, but someone murdered her father, and skeletons don't like living in closets.

Book Bubbles from Desert Magnolia

Who's the suspect?

Daniella makes a trip to Carl's home, as he's become a suspect in the killing of Daniella's father. He's a conniving man with a lot of rage. His wife, a very racially intolerant woman, is rude as Daniella tries to get answers. Carl, surprisingly, accused Daniella of the murder herself. Did she do it? Did she kill her own father?

Going back to UAE

Daniella enjoys the warm family gathering in her Southern town, but is it by a bit of sadness when she thinks about going back to her current home, the UAE. She built a good life there, a good family, and a promising career. Can she maintain her foot in both worlds?

Remebering the Good Side of Ross

Daniella spent her time on the plane ride back to Dubai remembering the "good times" that she spent with her father. After all, no one is all bad, even Ross, and as the tears fell, she says a final goodbye, trying hard not to focus on his evil deeds. She smiles at the realization that there was a time, even in it's smallest measure, that he actually loved her, and maybe always did. He was a victim of his limited environment, his limited mindset, and his own stubborn pride, and it had cost him everything. At the end of the day, Daniella thought, he deserved to be pitied more than hated.

Is Leo innocent or guilty of a hate crime?

This scene is emotionally and racially charged as the first officer to the scene of the crime is called to testify in the trial of Leo Pierce for the brutal murder of Ross Pierce.

Daniella sees Leo for the first time in many years

Daniella has taken the journey back to the USA to help her cousin, Leo. He's in prison, being held for the murder of Daniella's father, Ross Pierce II, a wealthy and powerful business leader in the deep South. Will Leo blow up when he sees her? After all, he did help to kick her out of the family all those years ago when she married an Arab, or...a "Sand Nigger" as he put it. How will their first meeting after all those years go down?

Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Rosie's insight

After coming back to Georgia from Dubai, Daniella decides to go visit her beloved Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Rosie. Their beautiful warm Southern home gives her exactly the rest and energy she needs to prepare for the fight, the fight to stand up for her cousin.

A Flashback before Court

Daniella notices her surroundings in the courtroom, enemies that want to see her family destroyed, then remembers a time when her family was happy. Ross wasn't always so tyrannical, and she couldn't imagine Leo wanting to kill him. The judge walks in, ready to begin the trial.

Daniella Receives Bad News from Georgia

Will she go home to help her family? The same family that threw her aside all those years ago? Her life in Dubai was comfortable and enriching, but there was a hole in her heart, something that couldn't be filled unless she courageously goes back to face her past.

Daniella prepares to visit Carl, a suspect

Daniella, the main character of Desert Magnolia, prepares to visit Carl, the former best friend of her cousin who's being accused of the murder. She discusses Carl's character with Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Rosie.

Reconnecting with Family

The main character, Daniella, takes time to reconnect with her grandmother and her great aunt before starting her quest. Old Southern ladies never change, and that's a good thing.

A heated argument

In this scene, Leo's on the edge of his temper, about to break the first rule of a Southern man--never hit a woman.

The Hakima's Tale: The Dawn of Redemption

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The human world is in peril and nations cower to the seemingly unstoppable force of the Blue Jinni and his powerful Marid army. Only Phoenix Kassim, the Hakima of Ghalib, and her loyal army of Arwaah, stand in their way. Will they be able to rescue the earth from defeat and enslavement to the Jinn? In this action packed finale, it’s the ultimate struggle for survival as humans must prove themselves worthy of their place in the world.

Book Bubbles from The Hakima's Tale: The Dawn of Redemption

Sanjar Attacks!

Sanjar, a traitor to the Arwaah jinn cause, attempt to attack the Hakima, but finds himself a victim instead.

Phoenix battles the Ifrit

In this scene, Phoenix tries to escape the clutches of an Ifrit, the deadliest form of Jinn.

The Hakima's Tale: The Rise of the Warrior

Literature & Fiction

With the help of her mentor and her faithful friends from the worlds of Jinn and Human, Phoenix Kassim prepares her army for war. Gathering the ancient tools of the Hakima, including the Magic Carpet, the Enchanted Ring, and the Glove of Ghalib, she grows into a strong warrior for mankind and Jinn.

Book Bubbles from The Hakima's Tale: The Rise of the Warrior

The Power of the Wolf

Phoenix gains the power of the wolves of the Earth to help her in her fight to prevent the Blue Jinni from taking over the planet and killing every human being. The wolves are ready to defend humanity and are one of the only animals that can kill a Jinni.

Phoenix receives the assistance of the wolves of t

In the Rise of the Warrior, Phoenix travels to the Great Plains, USA to receive the assistance and power of the wolves. With the help of a high priestess, she gains a great Wolf following who will always be there for her.

Venucia steals the Mask of Anubis

Venucia, a powerful Siren, effectively takes control of the Generals of the Blue Jinni to steal the Mask of Anubis for Phoenix, the leader of the resistance.

The Hakima's Tale: The Rise of the Warrior

Science Fiction & Fantasy

With the help of her mentor and her friends from the Jinn world, Phoenix trains as a warrior and learns to be the leader that she's expected to be; however, her young age and her lonely heart prove to be her most threatening weaknesses. The generals of the jinn uprising plan for the release of their evil Master, gathering a formidable army of supernatural forces as their plan unfolds. Will the Hakima prevent the release of the Blue Jinni in time, or will she succumb to the pressure of her position, her young heart, and the betrayal of her trust?

Book Bubbles from The Hakima's Tale: The Rise of the Warrior

The Wolves and the Jinni

The wolf was known as the only animal that can kill a jinni, so Phoenix, the leader of the resistance, makes a journey to a Native American camp for assistance.

The Amber and the Siren's song

Phoenix Kassim must acquire the amber of the ancient Blue Whale because it's one of the many tools that she'll need to fight the Blue Jinni. The army of the Hakima prepare to fight for their lives.

The Hakima's Tale: The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Revenge of the Blue Jinni is a tale of a young Arab American girl who learns of her great destiny, to defend the human world against an ancient malevolent entity. The Blue Jinni lies in a golden lantern at the bottom of the sea, and his generals work tirelessly to locate and free him. Meanwhile, our hero and her family struggle to understand the strange occurrences happening around them. The benevolent jinn around them guard them from the attacks of the generals, as each attempt on her life brings her closer to knowing who she is. Once the hero comes of age and understands what she’s destined to do, she becomes The Hakima of Ghalib, and must begin her training as a warrior against supernatural forces.

Book Bubbles from The Hakima's Tale: The Revenge of the Blue Jinni

The Fall of Sanjar

Poor Sanjar, a Jinn, but an insecure Jinn, one that wanted so badly to be a hero, but meddled with things he couldn't understand, and ended up a slave to the enemy. What misfit hasn't been tempted to do the same? To sell out to the highest bidder for some acceptance? Poor Sanjar...this passage is the beginning of his fall from grace.

Dana's Freedom

Dana was possessed, but now she's free. Heesham, a great healer, has freed the child from the evil presence. Why was she chosen for possession by the jinn?

Premature Celebration of the Marid

The Blue Jinni's army, the Marid, believe that they've destroyed the Hakima, and they are looking forward to finding the lantern of their supreme leader, The Blue Jinni, so that they can release him and put him back into power.

The Siren Queen

Phoenix was taken to meet the Siren Queen, to try to coax her into joining the cause of the Hakima. Her beauty was extraordinary, but Phoenix knew that something wasn't right about the Queen of Jinnayeh.

Sanjar's Fall

Sanjar is a flier jinni, but a weak one that's always teased and scorned by his peers. Coulda, one of the Blue Jinni's most fearsome generals waits for the chance to turn Sanjar against humans by offering him the one thing he's never had--power.

The Protection of the Hakima

The life of the young Hakima was in constant danger from the Marid, the most sinister form of the Jinn. As the Marid gathered strength, they formed many attacks on the young girl and her family every step of the way.

The Punishment of Jinn

The Jinn, being of smokeless fire, were punished for their uprising against humanity, but this was only the beginning....

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