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Wayne A D Kerr

Wayne was born and raised in Biggar, Saskatchewan (New York is big, but this is Biggar). He lived in the United States for twenty years and now makes his home in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. A few years ago his daughter asked him to write down some of the bedtime stories that he told her as a child. That led to four books for middle grade readers and a passion for writing. If Wayne's not reading or writing a thriller, he's hiking, biking or playing tennis.



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Toronto’s newest homicide detective, Reggie Swann, seemed to have it all: her dream career, a handsome husband and plans to start a family, until she was framed for murder… A cop has very few friends in prison. After surviving ten brutal years behind bars, Reggie’s conviction is finally overturned thanks to her tenacious mother, a new forensic test and a very clever lawyer. She quickly discovers that getting her old life back won’t be as easy as she hoped. To many, she was still as the media had dubbed her: ‘Black Swann – murderer and cop-gone-bad’. The Toronto Police Department still considers her to be a suspect, Reggie’s husband has remarried and the real killer is still on the loose. Before Reggie can return to Toronto and solve the crime that ruined her life, she reluctantly agrees to investigate a murder in her home town of Penticton, only to discover the two cases which are separated by ten years and five provinces might somehow be connected. Will anyone believe the wild theories of the disgraced detective? The real murderer does. He framed her once, this time Reggie Swann must die!

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Would you recognize a serial killer if you bumped

Cronus is a little better than average looking, smart and friendly. On the street he looks and acts just like one of us. Helpful and courteous, he seems like a great guy. Though lacking emotions such as empathy or sympathy, they can often mimic them convincingly. This is what makes him and those like him so difficult to catch. Enjoy the cat and mouse game that ensues between Cronus and Canada's newest private detective - Reggie Swann. Which one will be the cat?

Former cops have no friends in Prison

Reggie Swann might as well have been wearing a giant bullseye on her back. However, after ten years behind bars, she's used to it. A part of her even welcomes the attacks. Not today though. Fighting results in an automatic 30 days in solitary and she has a hearing tomorrow. It is a rare chance for her to get out of this hellhole, if even for a day. Despite the fact that Reggie is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole for murder, she has not killed anyone, yet...

Wayne A D Kerr

Working Title: Painted Black

This Book Is In Development

Painted Black

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Reggie Swann lost everything. Her husband, her career and her freedom when she was framed for murder. A new forensic technique cast doubt on key evidence giving her freedom but not exoneration. The former Homicide Detective wants her old job back, but she will have to prove she wasn't the killer first. However, she'll have to repay a debt before she can get started.

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Getting Back in the Saddle

This is an excerpt from my soon to be published book. It is still being edited and I'm working on a sequel. Ex Homicide Detective, Reggie Swann, just spent 10 brutal years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Getting her old life back will be a problem. The police don't want her back, her husband has remarried and the real killer is still out there. Reggie will have to prove her innocence first.

Wayne A D Kerr


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Kristin's Ghost 2

Children's Books

Are ghosts real? If they are, what do they want? Night after night a very unusual apparition appears at Kristin Fontaine's bedside. Does the dancing spirit mean to harm her or is it trying to deliver a message from beyond? When Xander and Yzzie discover that their friend is being haunted, the seventh graders make it their number on priority to solve the mystery of Kristin's Ghost. The truth will surprise them all!

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First Kiss

Who doesn't remember their first kiss or holding hands with someone special? A leap of faith by Xander rewards him with his first kiss. Can Xander help Kristin figure out what the ghost that's been haunting her wants? There is something for everyone in this amazing mystery.

The Ouija Board

Desperate to find out why a ghost is appearing almost every night at Kristin's bedside Xander and Yzzie try to elicit the answers from an Ouija board. The results may not be what they expect.

Cassandra, the ghost

Are ghosts real? If they are, what do they want with us. At first Kristin is scared, but soon she feels almost an affection to the dancing spirit. A lack of sleep and her desire to figure out what Cassandra wants, tips off her friends that something is amiss. With Xander and Yzzie's help the answers will come out. The truth will surprise them all!

Escape From Area 51

Children's Books

A trip to the top secret military testing base, commonly known as Area 51, was a dream come true for UFO obsessed Xander Bookman, until a strange voice invaded his thoughts. Could the voice really be coming from a joke telling Alien, named I-pod, that desperately needs help to escape from the most secure site on this planet? In the entire history of Area 51 only one person ever made it into the facility uninvited and he never came back. One got it in, zero out. Can a pair of teenagers really accomplish the impossible? The most exciting X + Y Files yet!

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Xander speaks with a real alien!

What are creatures from other worlds like? What do they think of us? Xander discovers that the extra-terrestrial being from a far away galaxy has a sense of humor that he learned from humans. We're not so different after all. Xander decides to help I-pod the joke telling alien get home.

First contact

Shortly after arriving at the campsite near Area 51, Xander begins to hear a voice in his head. Worried about his sanity he eventually confides in Yzzie. The voice convinces him that it belongs to an alien from the Roswell crash some seventy years earlier.

Campground tales

Xander and friends set up camp at one of the campgrounds outside the boundaries of Area 51. They meet a couple who visits the mysterious site every year. Bert and Betty quickly become friends and tell the group about their best UFO sighting. The amazing adventure is about to begin for Xander and Yzzie.

Monsters and Miracles

Children's Books

When his cousin Yzzie disappears, Xander will stop at nothing to find her. Mountains, caves, a pitch black labyrinth and monsters both real and imagined stand in his way. It just might take a miracle to save her. Join Xander and Yzzie on the adventure of a lifetime. The truth will defy imagination.

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Some monsters are nice

UFOs, aliens and now big foot? Xander is in for a huge surprise when he bravely tries to rescue his cousin from the strange creatures that have her. The truth about Yzzie's connection to a family of Sasquatch will astound him and the reader alike! Enjoy this exciting adventure in which the least likely of people becomes a genuine hero.

Pitch black

Xander is deep in a cave, searching for his cousin, when his flashlight goes out. As he fumbles with the batteries in the pitch black darkness, Xander's imagination gets the better of him. This isn't one of the video games he's so fond of playing. There is no reset button. A mistake in real life could be disastrous for him and Yzzie.

From victim to hero

Heroes often come from unlikely places. A young boy shared an embarrassing secret with his best friend. Within hours the whole school knew about it. Soon after the bullying began. Trouble always seems to find you no matter how much you try to avoid it. Xander is painfully aware that he'll need to stand up to his enemies, but when that results in a second black eye his mother is extremely unhappy with the situation. She sends Xander to stay with his cousin on a ranch near Sedona. Then the real adventures begin. Get your children reading with an adventure they will never forget.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Ric-A-Dam-Doo is the regimental flag of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry. But it is much more than that to the fine soldiers that serve her. It is a symbol of pride, honor and courage. Most have heard of the US Navy Seals or Britain's SAS, but few know anything about Canada's elite Special Forces team: the Snow Devils. Retired Snow Devils, PB and Janet Reese, are enjoying a winter getaway in sunny Arizona when the daughter of a friend is kidnapped and smuggled into Mexico by a ruthless gang. Hiding behind the International Border and several levels of corruption, the kidnappers are beyond the reach of the State Police and FBI. Crossing that line is not a problem for the Reeses. The husband and wife duo are prepared to go places and do things that law enforcement just cannot in order to rescue the teen before she disappears forever. Once a Snow Devil, always a Snow Devil.

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Human trafficking

Human trafficking is alive and well. The war against it is a difficult one. Interpol Agent Janet Porter is determined to tear it down. Soon she'll have a team that will help her fight the good fight. However, when she goes after the largest trafficking ring in the world there will be consequences.

The Bachelor Party

How close do Special Forces Units become? They're very lives depend on the trust they have for one and other. The elite Snow Devils are even closer than most. After an evening at an exclusive Gentlemen's club, the squad has a big surprise for the groom to be. Welcoming a new member to any Special Forces team is a serious event.

An unusual proposal

While parachuting into Turkey, Interpol Agent Janet Porter is tethered to Special Forces Soldier PB Reese. She'd gone on a dozen mission's with the Canadian unit in the past two years but had never skydived before. She's about to experience another first as the man she's connected to, and in love with, decides the time is right to ask her a very important question.

Cruel Ransom Incentive

Janet and PB are just learning about the cruelty likely to befall their friend's granddaughter. The kidnappers care little about their captives. They kidnap their victims in pairs so that they can torture one as an example for the parents of the other.

Gut feelings

No good deed goes unpunished... Usually you don't see trouble coming, but sometimes your gut warns you. This was one of those times. Neither PB nor Janet knew what or where, but they could both feel something bad was on its way. Unfortunately, PB understood how the jackrabbit was feeling.

Snow Devil's Marching Song

The Ric-A-Dam-Doo marching song of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry has been sung by many, including the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. This version comes directly from the Snow Devils (a mythical Special Forces Squad made up of PPCLI). It speaks volumes about how they feel about themselves, their mission and each other.

Tournabout is fair play.

Human trafficking is an ugly inhumane business. How can people do these things to each other? Do the perpetrators have any conscious or feelings? How could they? In this chapter I put the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. The kidnapper's own wife is kidnapped and held for ransom. The result may be unexpected.

Birth of a Snow Devil

Where do true heroes come from? Are they destined to be heroic? NHL rookie sensation, Donavon Reese, shocked his family, the team and the entire hockey world when he turned down the sensational contract being offered and joined the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry instead. Only the best of the best are chosen to join the ranks of the Special Forces. Even fewer become part of Canada's outstanding Snow Devils. One such soldier became a legend during his first day. PB Reese will always be the very best of the very best.

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