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Uma Shankari was born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US. She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. While contemplating career alternatives, she was led consciously to leave the corporate world without regret and without a plan of action. In her heart she knew she needed time off to be with her spiritual journey. The Lion’s Wisdom is the first book resulting from her new path in life.


The Lion's Wisdom

Religion & Spirituality

In this channeled text, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality. The Lion's Wisdom will move you to see the world around you differently.

Book Bubbles from The Lion's Wisdom


When we go within and explore who we are in our truth, we come upon a miracle. That miracle is the untapped gifts that we never knew existed within us. We can draw, we can swim, we can write, we can fly and so on and so forth. However, that inner gift cannot be tapped when we use fear as a compass for our life. When fear becomes the compass and the source of trigger is an outside entity, we have given the power to the fear instead of the wisdom within us. We are an embodiment of All not Some. When we allow ourselves to explore beyond the illusion in front of us such as the media, we are able to awaken the senses within that provides a trajectory. In that trajectory, we come upon our gifts that unravel one by one. Making us a treasure trove that we dig within ourselves. When we are able to dig the treasure trove, we disengage from the outside trigger reverting to our innate wisdom. We become confident about who we are without engaging an outside source to make us feel that way. External applause is unnecessary to be in our truth.


What insignia do you wear? Fear or freedom? One can either be fearful of the uncertainty or be free of the unknown or a combination of both depending on the moment. One does not have to be one or the other unilaterally. One is driven by the moment and in that moment, one makes a choice to be in fear or freedom. The state of being in the unknown has the ability to evoke one or the other. When one stands in fear, there is always an opportunity in the next moment to choose freedom. Just because one chose fear in the moment does not mean that one is damned and neither does making a choice to be free make someone a hero. When you are in the moment experiencing one or the other you become human. In these times of being in the unknown, it is important to be human rather than labeling oneself a victim or a hero. Neither stance is permanent. When one is forgiving in each moment one is a human for having to live in a world created and run by humans knowing that we have the power to shift from fear to freedom.


When one is isolated, there are two things one seeks, addiction or the joy of solitude. You all of a sudden have a lot of time that you cribbed about that you didn’t have before. So, what do you do? When the initial shock of being locked up wears off there is a sense of abundance, abundance of time. Abundance is not just about money or material wealth, it is also about quality time for the self, time to spend with family, time to do the things you have always wanted to do and more. When abundance creeps in ways we don’t normally think of as abundance life forces you to look at it. This abundance when used wisely creates a nurturing and rich life. Life is not meant to be rushed into. It is something to be savored and enjoyed. Sometimes, limitations create abundance. When you have a home where more people are crammed in then normal you become creative. An abundance of ideas flow. You find new ways to work out. When all the restaurants are shut down, you find healthier ways of eating. It teaches us to be wise. Why not use the wisdom?

Fear not

To fear or fear not is not a question. There are plenty of reasons to fear and they have validity. The courage is to dissolve all the things that ask you to fear. We cannot dissolve fear, especially when we are constantly bombarded with information. Our body knows, it does. When we fear it reacts in subtle ways. If we act on fears or suppress our fears we are not present, , however when we are present to the fear itself without judgements, opinions, we are able to dissolve the fear and be present to a deeper wisdom. That wisdom cannot be heard when we are listening to our fear perpetrated by an outside voice which mimics as though it is within us. Nothing can evoke a fear unless we go into agreement with that fear. This is not to say be rash and brash. Be cautious and take every precaution, but do not subjugate yourself to the fear. The body knows and when we fear, we let your guard down and we open yourself to the bombardment of everything that is fearful and hateful. At a time like this, love yourself, love yourself with your heart and soul, that will boost your confidence, that will boost your immunity. Yes, love is that powerful.

2020 and hindsight

There has been talk about hindsight in our old dictionary. Hindsight is 20/20 but what about a vision that is anew and 2020 sight is really possible. When we step into our wholeness and are clear about who we are and what our place in humanity is 'there is no hindsight'. Everything is here at the forefront. We are clear about our vision for who we are and what direction our planet is moving towards. no longer are the carelessness valid and then say 'oh everything is 20/20 in hindsight'. We are at a point in our ascension, where the planet and its well being is an absolute. As we all know that the wellbeing of our planet is indeed tied to our well being. Long gone are the days, when we asked ourselves what is good for me. In 2020 everything is clear and crisp about where we need to be headed as humanity.

Holiday traditions

Being an immigrant, I have spent many holidays by myself waiting for someone to invite me. Over the past couple of years my friends circle has expanded and I have started to worry less about being alone for holidays. This year I am taking on a different tradition. I know how loneliness can feel and I have deeply felt it around the Christmas time when everyone is home with their family. While I have transitioned from that phase of my life as we all transition, i decided to host a Christmas dinner. I have decided to host and have an open home for others and create a family. It would not be a traditional Christmas dinner of meat and pies but it would be something that comes from my soul. I have some wonderful people joining me for Christmas dinner and they will be lighting my soul. Thanks to them for accepting my invite.

What is the goal?

When we want to achieve something, we set a goal. It is human nature to set goals. What if we set a goal that is beyond us? Such as preserving the world from the destruction we have caused. Is it possible to preserve and create a new world, a new surrounding and a new way of thinking? Can we get out of our soap box and think something bigger? Do we even think of anything outside of ourselves? What if we started thinking holistically? Instead of what am I going to achieve ask where can I make a difference? What is the one small thing I can do that would make a difference? Are we capable of it? I would say yes, we are. Then the question becomes do we allow ourselves to ask that question? Please take a moment in your life outside of yourself to do something no matter how small it is that will make a difference. Would you like an example? What is the one thing you can give up in your life that causes destruction to the world? It does not necessarily have to be a physical thing but also a thought form.

Light vs. Darkness

We have been taught light is better and darkness is not. Is that true? What makes light superior to darkness. Light is divine. Without darkness could light have been created or can we understand the beauty of light? Should we forgive someone who has done bad deeds? Or should we shun them? What is the purpose of light? What is purpose of darkness? You see, darkness is the wisdom of light looking to be exposed. Darkness is not necessarily bad. The point is not about light and darkness. It is not about good and bad. It is about what we do with darkness? Whether we like it or not darkness exists. We might as well learn from it than ignore it. We are light within, and we are darkness within. In order to be the light that we are we have to acknowledge our darkness. We reflect the darkness in the world and the world reflects back. Treating darkness as hidden wisdom is a wise choice. Therefore, let us forgive ourselves of the darkness we carry. Let us not judge darkness. Let us lift the veil so that we can let the light into the darkness. When we keep our darkness contained and hidden, we cannot grow. Let us acknowledge the darkness and let the light in.

Dare we ....

We are often asked to remain in status quo. Why? We are asked because we are taught that it will be an easy life for us and everyone around us when we don't rock the boat or be something different. When we are different our parents, our society and friends don't know how to be with us. Do we dare to be who we really are? Do we dare to do what is not status quo? Do we dare to unshackle ourselves from the society's norms? Are we scared of what we don't know or are we scared because of what we already know? The quest remains ......... #channeling #oneness #nature #environment #spirituality #soulcoach #divinemessages #metaphysical #wordsofwisdom #sacred #sacredmessages #soulage #integrallove #Gaia #motherearth

Trust vs Belief

Today I was woken up at 5 AM. As I was staring at the ceiling pondering and wanting to go back to sleep, something happened. I was given a message about Trust vs Belief. Here is what was said and I was startled: Trust is an innate knowing that all is well irrespective of outcomes. I realized that I had misunderstood what trust is. I thought when I trusted something the outcome is always to my liking. But trust is more than that and sometimes we may have the desired outcome. If we are attached to a desired outcome, we are missing what trust is. Trust is knowing that regardless of the outcome of your desire "All is well". Trust is not tied to outcomes but it has everything to do with the fact that life is flowing and is flowing as it should. To tie it to the excerpt, this man doesn't believe his wife could do his job. If he is trusting, he would be in allowance. We all could benefit from trusting. In order to trust, we need to let go of control.

Righteousness vs Consciousness

We feel righteous about what we do especially when we are raising our children. We feel that we have the right to protect our children. We want to give them everything to survive. What would we do if we changed our preoccupation with surviving and focused on thriving? What would our children do? Who would they become? Would we want our children to survive or thrive? What is an image we get when we think of surviving the world and what do we get when we think of thriving? When we are trying to survive we feel righteous. When we want to thrive we become more conscious about everything we do. Why would we ever choose to survive rather than thrive? I don't have the answer but i would like to provoke that thought.


We all struggle to understand our true worthiness. We are taught to measure ourselves based on the material value we bring or the education we have. Therefore, we are unable to be who we are in the truest form. If we understood our inherent value, none of us will allow ourselves to be measured and compared. The lack of understanding of our true worth causes us to either underestimate or overestimate ourselves. True value cannot be measured. It is a deep understanding that we are innately worthy, not because someone said we are worthy. Until we understand our true worth we will continue in the primordial way of measuring our worth.


In my life, I had to learn gratitude. Gratitude can be tangible or intangible. Is one better than the other? In some sense it does not matter. Tangible gratitude is measured. Someone did something and you do something in return to thank them. Lately, I have found that sometimes it is not possible to put a value on someone's kindness or a show of compassion. It comes from a space of infinite love, this compassion. How do you tag a price on unconditional love? You can't. Sometimes, one feels like they are indebted to another through the deed someone did. But to me, it is something else. Paul Selig's I am the word series impacted my life beyond recognition. Therefore, I had to bring forth my own gratitude by sharing 'The Lion's Wisdom' to the world. And that is how I was guided to share my gratitude in return for what his book did to me.

What if ......

We live in a world where we decide we already know what will happen. We decide about people, events and such. When we decide the outcome already, we get what we decided. Which leaves no room for anything else and its depletes the creative nature of the human consciousness. When we choose 'what if....' instead of this is the way things are, something shifts. It allows the creative nature of the consciousness to expand our perception of 'what is...' to the potential of what could be. That is magic. Then we experience miracles. We seldom ask 'What if....'. We focus on 'what if...' with calamities but never to create miracles. So, let us today ask 'what if ....' on the things that matter to us the most and create miracles. 'What if ....' is a creative stance. #consciousness #oneness #Gaia

Freedom from fear

Why do we hoard money or success? The simple reason is fear. We want to ensure that we are simply cared for in the future. Is that truly caring or is it something we do out of fear? What if we lose money or success? What could happen? In my personal experience, to be honest, not what we think. We think the worst could happen if we lose a job, a friend, a spouse or the success we have. I learned that none of that is true. We may have a temporary setback but at the end of the day we bounce back. However, we live our lives as if we don't know how to recover from calamities, but we do. So, why do we carry fear? What is the purpose? The simple conclusion is nothing.

Labor of love

We all have been told about the importance of hard work and labor in order to succeed. Today I would like to talk about the labor of love. The labor of love does not need hard work. It is a state of being. It is the easiest form of work (or not work) that can result in amazing miracles. To stay in unconditional love amidst everything that is happening is a challenge, I know. We have several forests burning. To stay in the labor of love in such a situation is not easy. However, deep in my heart and being i know unconditional love to Mother Earth and its beings is the only way to shift what we are witnessing. Let us show our labor of love to all beings today.

The shame we carry

The Lion's Wisdom is the first book to be published. As I wrote this chapter about shame, I had to experience my own shame in fullness. Unless we experience something as is without any blemishes we cannot get to the bottom of who we truly are. When we feel shame, we either want to suppress or avoid it or act out of fear. When the shame arises and we allow it to be what it is, wisdom arises. The Lion's Wisdom will be published on Sep 10th, 2019. I look forward to connecting with the readers of the book.


When we get out of mind chatter, the result is our innate wisdom. In the quietness something arises and that is wisdom.

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