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Uma Shankari was born and raised in India. She left India in 1997 to pursue her higher education in the US. She has an MS in Electrical Engineering. She chose a career in IT and had worked in the corporate world until 2014. After 16 solid years in the industry, when she thought her life was set in IT, she had a spiritual awakening that would change her future forever in ways that she could not fathom. While contemplating career alternatives, she was led consciously to leave the corporate world without regret and without a plan of action. In her heart she knew she needed time off to be with her spiritual journey. The Lion’s Wisdom is the first book resulting from her new path in life.


The Lion's Wisdom

Religion & Spirituality

In this channeled text, a wise lion, distraught by the condition of the world and its people, tutors a human student about the part we all play in creating and preserving balance and harmony on Mother Earth. An exploration of the true nature of the soul and spirituality. The Lion's Wisdom will move you to see the world around you differently.

Book Bubbles from The Lion's Wisdom

Trust vs Belief

Today I was woken up at 5 AM. As I was staring at the ceiling pondering and wanting to go back to sleep, something happened. I was given a message about Trust vs Belief. Here is what was said and I was startled: Trust is an innate knowing that all is well irrespective of outcomes. I realized that I had misunderstood what trust is. I thought when I trusted something the outcome is always to my liking. But trust is more than that and sometimes we may have the desired outcome. If we are attached to a desired outcome, we are missing what trust is. Trust is knowing that regardless of the outcome of your desire "All is well". Trust is not tied to outcomes but it has everything to do with the fact that life is flowing and is flowing as it should. To tie it to the excerpt, this man doesn't believe his wife could do his job. If he is trusting, he would be in allowance. We all could benefit from trusting. In order to trust, we need to let go of control.

Righteousness vs Consciousness

We feel righteous about what we do especially when we are raising our children. We feel that we have the right to protect our children. We want to give them everything to survive. What would we do if we changed our preoccupation with surviving and focused on thriving? What would our children do? Who would they become? Would we want our children to survive or thrive? What is an image we get when we think of surviving the world and what do we get when we think of thriving? When we are trying to survive we feel righteous. When we want to thrive we become more conscious about everything we do. Why would we ever choose to survive rather than thrive? I don't have the answer but i would like to provoke that thought.


We all struggle to understand our true worthiness. We are taught to measure ourselves based on the material value we bring or the education we have. Therefore, we are unable to be who we are in the truest form. If we understood our inherent value, none of us will allow ourselves to be measured and compared. The lack of understanding of our true worth causes us to either underestimate or overestimate ourselves. True value cannot be measured. It is a deep understanding that we are innately worthy, not because someone said we are worthy. Until we understand our true worth we will continue in the primordial way of measuring our worth.


In my life, I had to learn gratitude. Gratitude can be tangible or intangible. Is one better than the other? In some sense it does not matter. Tangible gratitude is measured. Someone did something and you do something in return to thank them. Lately, I have found that sometimes it is not possible to put a value on someone's kindness or a show of compassion. It comes from a space of infinite love, this compassion. How do you tag a price on unconditional love? You can't. Sometimes, one feels like they are indebted to another through the deed someone did. But to me, it is something else. Paul Selig's I am the word series impacted my life beyond recognition. Therefore, I had to bring forth my own gratitude by sharing 'The Lion's Wisdom' to the world. And that is how I was guided to share my gratitude in return for what his book did to me.

What if ......

We live in a world where we decide we already know what will happen. We decide about people, events and such. When we decide the outcome already, we get what we decided. Which leaves no room for anything else and its depletes the creative nature of the human consciousness. When we choose 'what if....' instead of this is the way things are, something shifts. It allows the creative nature of the consciousness to expand our perception of 'what is...' to the potential of what could be. That is magic. Then we experience miracles. We seldom ask 'What if....'. We focus on 'what if...' with calamities but never to create miracles. So, let us today ask 'what if ....' on the things that matter to us the most and create miracles. 'What if ....' is a creative stance. #consciousness #oneness #Gaia

Freedom from fear

Why do we hoard money or success? The simple reason is fear. We want to ensure that we are simply cared for in the future. Is that truly caring or is it something we do out of fear? What if we lose money or success? What could happen? In my personal experience, to be honest, not what we think. We think the worst could happen if we lose a job, a friend, a spouse or the success we have. I learned that none of that is true. We may have a temporary setback but at the end of the day we bounce back. However, we live our lives as if we don't know how to recover from calamities, but we do. So, why do we carry fear? What is the purpose? The simple conclusion is nothing.

Labor of love

We all have been told about the importance of hard work and labor in order to succeed. Today I would like to talk about the labor of love. The labor of love does not need hard work. It is a state of being. It is the easiest form of work (or not work) that can result in amazing miracles. To stay in unconditional love amidst everything that is happening is a challenge, I know. We have several forests burning. To stay in the labor of love in such a situation is not easy. However, deep in my heart and being i know unconditional love to Mother Earth and its beings is the only way to shift what we are witnessing. Let us show our labor of love to all beings today.

The shame we carry

The Lion's Wisdom is the first book to be published. As I wrote this chapter about shame, I had to experience my own shame in fullness. Unless we experience something as is without any blemishes we cannot get to the bottom of who we truly are. When we feel shame, we either want to suppress or avoid it or act out of fear. When the shame arises and we allow it to be what it is, wisdom arises. The Lion's Wisdom will be published on Sep 10th, 2019. I look forward to connecting with the readers of the book.


When we get out of mind chatter, the result is our innate wisdom. In the quietness something arises and that is wisdom.

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