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Thomas  Fargnoli

Tom and his wife Dorothy live in Clarksboro, New Jersey. Tom is a retired systems engineer, a magician, a teacher and an ex-deacon in the Catholic Church. As a deacon in the Catholic Church, Tom’s ability to simplify material carried over to scripture and religious education. Now, Tom has turned his attention to writing and through his storytelling, he connects with his readers who, amidst their chaos and pain, their unpleasant and unexpected experiences, their loneliness and grieving, they can find glimmers of hope, faith, love and peace.




Wisdom from the Wick

Religion & Spirituality

No one seems to remember when John first started coming to the Wick. Who is he? Why the Warwick Tavern? His discussions on life and faith don’t seem appropriate for a neighborhood tavern.

Despite that—or perhaps because of it—people come to him and welcome his views, which always seem uncannily tailored to what they needed to hear. The crazy thing? They didn’t come to the Wick to have any such conversations; they came to have a few drinks and laugh with friends. At least, that’s what Wick’s regular Bob thought when he stopped in one night.

But there was something about John that drew people to him. When Bob sat down next to John that night, he didn’t yet realize the unexpected path John would set him on. Over a couple of months, John, Bob, and a handful of other regulars discuss and witness the power of prayer, God’s graces, hope, faith, and so much more.

So, pull up a stool at the bar, order a drink from Al, and remember - open your mind, your spirit, your heart and soul. John will lead you through a journey of faith, hope, joy, and light.

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See Life Like a Child

Thinking back to growing up and playing outside, I remember experiencing things for the first time. The smell of the leaves, swinging on a Tarzan swing, walking on the railroad tracks, picking out my favorite candy bar. The experiences were fresh and new and were not clouded by thoughts about the past or future. They were truly absorbed in the moment.

We all have cracks

Life is truly messy. No one is perfect. We need to acknowledge our imperfections and not hide them. Certaintly we can improve but our imperfections are a part of our story. They make us who we are.

Look at a Cinnamon Bun

Sometimes God can be seen in many things - things that we would not normally consider. Just look at a cinnamon bun. How could such an amazing combination of yeast, sugar, and cinnamon exist without divine intervention?

Trust God

Is God real to me? If he is, than my prayers will be meaningful. If he is not real, than my prayers are just words. He not only created us but he created a link or channel that connects us to him.

Does prayer matter?

When asked to pray for someone, do you? Do you think your prayer matters?

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