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Tayler  Macneill

I am what they call a hybrid writer and new to the business. I have always enjoyed writing but never gave it any serious thought until 2016 when I started writing “The Darkest Side of the Moon.” Before that I mainly wrote poetry which has been published through The American Poet Society and is in their library. I also wrote lyrics for a few of paramounts musicians which is up for grabs in their country catalogue. Currently I'm working on 5 books, including the sequel to The Darkest Side of the Moon. I try to help animals as much as I can. I feed the strays in my area everyday, but there is too many to keep up to, I also have a line of products on redbubble for that very cause. I love Animals, nature, music, movies, and art of all forms. My dream is to be living somewhere with a view, where i can build my animal santurary, and a back yard for my puppy. www.taylermacneill.com


Dear Jack

Dear Jack

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The day they met, Jack fell in love, and they've been together ever since. Life had been perfect; he possessed the kind of life every man envisioned; the ideal wife, an exceptional job and a foreseeable retirement. That was until the day he came across a letter addressed, 'DEAR JACK.' Now he watches as the perfect marriage, career and life get hurled into hell. A twisted stalker, spilt blood, drastic measures in desperate times. Who holds the secrets, and which is telling lies? It's a fight between good and evil, either could win!

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Just a thought

Halloween, that time of year when anything can happen and you might never know until it's too late. Jack is desperatly searching for Kate but after everything that has happened you have to wonder if the black out has anything to do with their situation. Will he find her on time, is it anything serious? Check it out for yourself, if you enjoy a mixture of thriller and horror then don't miss out. www.taylermacneill.com

Have you read it yet?

Reviews are starting to come in and people are loving it. Have you had a chance to check it out yet? I HAVE A FREE CHAPTER AVAILABLE. free chapter dear jack https://www.facebook.com/notes/author-tayler-macneill/dear-jack/907887152917102/ Purchase Ink https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07XVP1FS8/ Also halloween night I will be decorating my author page up with halloween content, games and contests. I really hope you join us :) Website: www.taylermacneill.com Author page https://cutt.ly/XoD73m

A Disconcerning Thought

So much is running through Jacks mind right about now, some of his thoughts aren't so great. Have you read it yet? Jack would go to hell to save his family and it just so happens hell is more willing to come to him and take everything he owns including his sanity! Available now www.taylermacneill.com

Paybacks a bitch!

Kate is a strong woman, she knows how to take care of herself. No man, not even her husband will make a fool of her. Do you need a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat? www.taylermacneill.com

What the hell, Jack!

Feeling a little dark are we? Kate isn't amused, and I wonder why. Jack is a little frisky but he doesn't seem himself. How would you react? www.taylermacneill.com

A beautiful moment

What could possibly be wrong with this perfect couples life you ask? She seems like the type to get upset over a broken nail, nothing could be that drastic when life is so perfect, right? Jack's world is thrown to hell and he has o idea how to fix it, although it doesn't stop him from trying. This is a psychological crime thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat and keep you guessing right to the end. Just one thing...don't blink! www.taylermacneill.com Now available


Murder Blood and Horror This book is so much more than that, this book will put you on the edge of your seat and leave you wondering if this could really happen. www.taylermacneill.com

At the beginning

Jack has a seret, does he teel her or not? His life is about to take a deadly turn and all because f a letter. How much harm can one letter do? How far would you go to protect the ones you love?

Reality is stepping in

How far would you go to protect your family? Jack loves his wife and he refuses to let anything get in the way, even if it means taking things into his own hands. Dear Jack is out and the readers are loving it. Don't miss out on it! I have it available on my website which will do an automatic amazon order and I also have a place you can purchase though paypal. www.taylermacneill.com


SECRETS, LIES AND MURDER! Make sure you don't blink, you woldn't want to miss anything. Dear Jack is now out and available for you to read.


Kate loves her husband and trusts him, but with that said we all have our moments. Is Jack being good? Does she have the right to be suspicious? Or could there be something else going on? In this story you really need to pay attention to the details, don't blink or you might miss something. Dear Jack is almost ready to release....

How do you come to terms?

When something happens in life that you have no control over how do you come to terms with it? Jacks no different then any of us and the news he receives blows him away. Now he has choices to make, ones that could change his life forever. Dear Jack is coming soon

It's only just begun

I love this part of the book, Jack is starting to realise something is happening, but what? Kate is the love of his life and he will be dammed before he lets anything happen to her. At this point he has only spoken to his best friend about his new suspicions. Coming soon, watch for updates on Website: www.taylermacneill.com Author page https://cutt.ly/XoD73m

You look wonderful tonight

YES! I know I am supposed to have this out, my deepest appologies but we can never tell when one wil be struck down with illness. I am back though and on the job. Jack and kate are deeply in love, it's the kind all couples dream off but is it unbreakable? Love can only hide so many secrets and lies, and it definatly doesn't hide traces of blood!


Jack is a business man, he strives on being in control of his life. What's coming in the future not only blows him out of the water but it causes him to evaluate life and his very own sanity. This story is going to go far, I have 5 books planned for it so far, and I am sure there will be plenty more added as I go. I know a lot of you don't have a clue who I am, I started writing in 2016 and I am pretty unknown but I promise you my books will not disappoint you.

They are in love

Jack and Kate are like any other couple out there. They are in love and building a future together but something steps in their way. If you enjoy a psychological crime with twists that will blow your mind, then keep an eye on this book. This book is different from the rest, not that I'm not always twisted.

Sinister Heights

Working Title: Sinister Heights

This Book Is In Development

Sinister Heights

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

A typical day, nothing out of the ordinary. Until two worlds collide and danger rises. Sinister thoughts and loving hearts grow cold when everything around them turns dark. A race against time that not only threatens their lives but uncovers dark secrets. When you think you are safe, darkness falls.

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A little bit of murder

This book is so different than what I usually write. It's dark horror, twisted situations and all kinds of scary. Do you enjoy dark horror? I'm just getting started and you haven't seen anything till you have witnessed Sinister Heights. Coming soon... This is due to be out on the 26th of November. Pre-order link Sinister Falls https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07Z4258WF

Day Dreamer

Casa loves to write and she writes about what she dreams of, but she never seems to have what she is looking for even though everyone around her does. The more she writes the more she sees, could there be romance in the air? I don't know, how far could this writers mind go, maybe she is living through them? No, this isn't a romance, this is a horror but we all start somewhere, even when the darkness is near we all believe we are in the light.



This Book Is In Development


Literature & Fiction

A collection of poetry from Tayler Macneill

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Thoughts behind this

I am hunted simply refers to the fact that we are constantly surrounded by situations daily. The unknown is the type of day one would have. My heart will beseech thee is the concious wish for all to be okay and that coversatin between you and your faith. A hum between two, means good and bad and the choices we face. leaving my mind in madness is how we do in result of those choices.


If you enjoy poetry Ihave a book I am getting together it will probably be out just before Christmas. This partial quote repercents the inner self and the struggle we have to find our true self; the one that we see within our dreams. We are alive inside and all we need to do is find the opening in life to let us out.


A heart is a fickle thing, it chooses what you will like or love without you having a say. A heart that is built with knowledge and love will echo parts of the soul. Somedays the older version of you can be heard in the distance and other days your inner child wants to escape.


In this part it's all about truth and how no matter what you see in this world you can't deny it. So many want to be normal but is it realistic to hope for that. What is concidered normal, is there more good than bad on this earth? There is a multitude of bad out there and somedays it's hard to see through it and too many jump into it blindly. Soul in the box, refers to being kept away from the darkness and with it being so damn dark it just means that we have no choice but to exist among them.

In each and everyone of us

We all have that little voice deep within us that yells at us when something is wrong, but do we listen to it? Sometimes we listen to the heart instead and find out later that it was something the heart wanted instead. Those things are not always healthy and in some cases people end up in situations they never dreamt of and don't know how to save themselves.

I am currently working on 5 books and I want to keep you updated on them.

Working Title: I am currently working on 5 books and I want to keep you updated on them.

This Book Is In Development

I am currently working on 5 books and I want to keep you updated on them.

Literature & Fiction

this one s just a mixture of the books I am writing at the moment, as each one is complete I will add them individually. Meanwhile I can share excerpts and info with you as I write them. I will keep each book excerpt seperate with a title and genre for you.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from I am currently working on 5 books and I want to keep you updated on them.

Just a thought

What if the words you once heard were like anightmare but were now said with love, would it make a difference? A stem of thorns is an existance no one wants, when Michael wrote this he was so lost but now it holds new meaning to him since the day he laid his eyes on Katie.


First off let me start by telling you, Dear Jack is almost done. Today is the final chapter and my editor has been keeping up, how eciting is that? New books are coming quickly, I have 11 on the go. The links beow are how. you can find out more. Come join me on this journey. www.taylermacneill.com monthly newsletters For your enjoyment (available for a temporary amount of time) https://www.wattpad.com/user/Taylermacneill My author page https://cutt.ly/XoD73m


This is another excerpt from, "Dear Jack." At this point Jack is wondering, what the hell. He has done everything he can to protect her but it's as if it's all working against him. This reminds me of life, and how sometimes no matter how much we try it just doesn't happen, only in this case he can't give up. I am on day 5 of the count down, working on chapter 13 today. It won't be long now before this book is out and available for your pleasure. What are your thoughts on this bubble, is this your type of book? Let me know your thoughts, have a fantastic day.

Love is unbreakable, right?

This is just an inside peek at the love both Jack and Kate share, the two are inseparable. For those following Dear Jack, today was a successful day in writing. Chapter 10 is now complete, and the word count stands at 53000. Tomorrow chapter 11 will be done, till day 14 when Dear Jack will go to the publishers. It’s all so exciting ????

Surprise Jack!

Hey everyone, I love this part of the book where Kate tells Jack he is about to be a father. Speaking of surprises, anyone waiting for this book they are about to be very happy. I have decided to take time off marketing and finish this book, too many people are waiting for it. My assistant will be monitoring my pages meanwhile, so all comments will get answered. I will be putting myself on a special marathon, me against time. You can follow this by signing into Fb, and going to my author page where I will be putting out the books progress nightly. The marathon will start this Monday the 21 st of July. Author page https://cutt.ly/XoD73m Hope to see you there <3

A bit of humour

It's funny when I decided to start writing dark horror I thought to my self what would my fans think? Well, my fans are not use to it and I would hate to have them pick yup my newest novel and find out that the gore and twisted was just too much for them; so I decided to use JN Campbell. With that said I decided to go with a different pen name for my dark horror, that way when they reached for the book they knew what they were getting. This excerpt is just an example of my twisted humour in this upcoming dark horror. I hope you enjoy! (Unedited)


Hey there, here is another excerpt from my upcoming novel,"Crash Falls." Katie has loved this poem from the day she heard it, and now its on the note attached to the flowers. In the past this was the exact words her ex husband used to make her forgive him after laying his hands on her. No wonder she's nervous, I'd be nervous too.

A step away

This is another excerpt from my new romance novel," Crash Falls. Katherine Bell is originally from the country, so living out on the ranch is not new to her. With everything going on though the last thing she needs is a distraction, but her heart has other plans for her. You don't get to choose love, love is chosen for you and only when it says the time is right.

Slithering snake

I loved writing this book, and although I loved all my characters, my favourite villian was the killers mistress. She is cocky, self confident but has a serious case of stockhome syndrome. In this scene she portrays her confidence in such a way that makes the ones of her world view her as a queen, but what is she really? Her snake is her companion, he is by her side all the time and mirrors her personality.

The beginning of the never ending nightmare

Brandy is unaware at this time of what's truly happening,, she is sure they just live in a crappy apartment. When I wrote this it was because not everything is as it seems and most times there is more than meets the eyes. In the apartment I lived in that the story was based off, that's just how it was; always more than meets the eyes.

Missing Children?

This is another excerpt from," The Whispers throuh light and dark;" the second book of the Dark series. if you followed this series you would know Charlie is a very passionate person but being a mom is new to her. She has such a load on her plate right now, knowing that the aliens are up to something . It's a dangerous situation, and all she wants to do is panic but she knows that when she does that she might not stop. It might be a familiar situation but in another way it's nothing like the first time. This time Charlie has a family she needs to watch out for.

The beginning

This is from the novel," The Curse of the Wind Walkers." Akita is a simple girl or at least she thought she was. She never had time for love, her life was about helping others. Now she is in a new world, with love in the air and she is wondering how the hell is she going to make this work with everything that has happened. I love this part <3

Charles explains to Johanna

This is an excerpt from The Missing Pieces of Teravaza. I don't know how many are horror fans here but this story is not your ordinary one, I don't believe in a simple tale. He knows something they don't know, and Johanna is curious.She knows nothing was said about the competition and no rules were stated. It was a competition of survival, though no one actually thought survival was the key word.

The Moment of truth

At this point both Charlie and Nick are sure that they are facing a war, they are unsure of what it is though. The last war was hard , and at that time they thought it would be just the once. What happens when you realize your planet is over run by them? Nick loves his family, and would die for them. He is aware that Charlie doesn't need him to but both are determined to get their world back to what it use to be, and keep everyone they love safe.

It all starts somewhere

This is a clip from a new novel that I started under my other pen name JN Campbell. The Missing pieces of Teravaza, a true horror full of guts and gore. This story is unlike any other you have ever read, even though I am a horror fan I wanted somethig different from what's out there. In this scene we are introducing one of the main characters, and giving you an idea of the direction the story is heading in. Thid is not your ordinary horror where they have the blonde with the big boobs runing upstairs. I will put ut more bubbles on it soon, I hope you enjoy horror.

Different views

This is a clip from my new romance thriller, Crash Falls. I have only just started it but it has to be my favourite pieces. This part made me grin for the mere fact that two people can see a situation in different ways. Michael has no idea that Kate is distraught by his presents, and is simply taken by her sight.

A moments thought

I wanted something different, something no one else thought of, and that is where the curse of the wind walkers came in. This is a Fantasy romance thriller, and one of my beta readers favourite so far. ( though she claims they are all her favourite) Akita and Trace are new to each other so they are still exploring this new love, and with the essence of danger around things can happen in a blink of a moment. I love these two characters best because of how they view the world around them.

A moment between Charlie and Nick

This is a quote taken from,"The Whispers Through Light and Dark." This is the sequel to," The Darkest Side of the Moon." I find this quote to be the opening of one of those,' deja vu moments,' but in the same breath they are still left in the dark since once again they are up against the unknown. This time though they have each other and at least know that they are not 100% weak against the enemy. Knowing they made it through the first battle has gven them confidence and this time they are going in with their eyes open.

A Peak at Jacks Heart

This is a piece from," Dear Jack." A psychological romance crime thriller, I am currently writing. He has had so much happen to him over the past few months, and still he is able to stop and look at his beautiful wife in that light. Jack is a gentle character in so many ways, he is the kind of man that even though he might be drowning he would hold up Kates head, so that she never felt the water. I truly love Jack's character, he is a delicious mouthful of mixed emotion and a whole ot of mystery.



This Book Is In Development



A love no one can break A battle between good and evil A death that leads to life A fight for survival that could go either way Driven to survive, they race against time. Only to find secrets and lies that can not only destroy their lives, but the world.

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Just when you thought it couldn't be

Sometimes life can lead to death but have you ever heard of death leading to life? This book is a roller coaster of emotions, but it doesn't stop there. It's a world of adventure, a thriller that doesn't end and a love that will never die, even after death.

You want a true romance?

Here's a love no one can break not even after death. Love is something no one can understand and many live without. This love is one no one will be living without, Chris is willing to go to hell to save his wife, how far would you go for love?

A love no one can break

A romance you don't want to miss, filled with adventure, love and determination. A thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat but at the same time make you laugh. It will bring tears to your eyes, then make you smile, in this emotional roller coaster. It's only just begun but to get to the end you must ride the road to hell and live this journey to the fullest.


Working Title: MY LIFE AS A WRITER

This Book Is In Development


Biographies & Memoirs

My life as a writer by Tayler Macneill, the ins and outs and the emotional roaller coster we rode. The road blocks, the creativity behind it, authors thought and the miles stone. So many have asked to know who she is, well here is your chance.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from MY LIFE AS A WRITER

Life isn't always easy

Words were like candy to me, I loved everything about them. In times of need I used them to save myself and to draw a new world where, as I child I could escape too. If someone would have asked me a s a child if I would be a writer I would have told them no, I am going to be free. Now I use my words to help others, I create a place you can feel safe a place you can find what you're looking for. I have never been happier than when I am doing that for all of you.

Life as we know it

You are you for a reason, you created the individual you are today. YES! I just used the word you over and over, but for specific reasons. I need you to think about your path and how you got there? Was it an easy one? Here is my story, the ins and the outs of how I became a writer.

Genavines Faith

Working Title: Genavines Faith

This Book Is In Development

Genavines Faith

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

This is a story about a young female leader living in a dystopian world. It's 5 years after the government has gone to shits and she is left holding her life and the lives of hundreds in the palm of her hands. One wrong move and they all perish. Her moral compass is on but it's starting to fade, death has become a reality of the life they lead and murder a close second. In this book it not only tests her strength, but it shows her devotion for humanity, the dept of her love and it tests her faith which she let go of years ago. Will there be an end to the ruthless war or is it her destiny? Maybe the heavens have more in store for this relentless woman than she ever knew. Can she accomplish what she needs to do or is it too late? Coming soon

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Fight for what's right

This book is an emotional roller coaster. You will not only fall in love with the characters but with the story itself. It's a fantasy romance thriller. A few more genres it falls under is: Dystopian Apololypyic Suspense it is a christian based novel, and in it there is so much they need to come to terms with. Gena is a soft heart forced to harden, and even though she's lost her faith; God hasn't given up on her.


I woke with a brand new idea this morning and instantly started writing. How does this sound to you? If you are interested in the updates on my books, please subscribe to www.taylermacneill.com for the monthly newsletter.

The Darkest Side of the Moon

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Charlie is just an ordinary girl, or is she? She lives in the city with her best friends, where mysterious murders keep happening and people keep disappearing without a trace. Planes are falling from the sky and trains are derailing. The people are oblivious to what is happening, even the police are left clueless. The city believes it's a serial killer, but others believe it's terrorism. No one actually knows just how widespread it is, though it's everyone's worst nightmare. How would you feel if life as you knew it faded away or turned out it was just a lie? The world has their eyes open, yet no one sees the truth. Not Charlie, her eyes are wide open, and she sees it all!

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What's happening?

What's going down?Something is up but in Charlies world something always is. Have you read this book yet? For a limited amount of time you can on wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/user/Taylermacneill Don't miss out on this cozy read, it's a mystery suspense only scifi style.


This is an OMG moment for them, they have never seen anything like it nor could they imagine it. What if your world was up against a threat no one else could see? Would you fight for them? Charlie would! If you want to check it out for free it's available for a limited amount of time on wattpad. https://www.wattpad.com/user/Taylermacneill


It's great that they are such good friends, I couldn't imagine going through something like this alone. Imagine being alone and have someone or something threaton the world, wouldn't it be better to have those you love close by? No one else but this group can see this threat and as much as it scares them they are together and know that they have each others trust and back. It does help that they only know so much at this time, so the threat might seem more like a, 'hmmm i wonder what's happening kind of situation.' LOL

Things are starting to get serious

Hey everyone sorry I have been out sick, but feeling much better now and back to work. In this excerpt Charlie is starting t realise that even the can of pepper spray she counted on wasn't going to do the trick. She is feeling nervous and life is now on hold. Right now this book is free to read for a limited amount of time on watt pad… book 2 is coming fast. as of the past 2 weeks, the rankings on watt pad stand... Fantasy adventure #665 Middle school #40 murder mystery #330 Young adult #900 High Fantasy #434 https://www.wattpad.com/user/Taylermacneill


They have come to the conclusion that this whole situation isn't going away, and each one of them have had to learn to deal with that. Charlie, the MC, still holds hope that together as a group they can take care of the problem. She has a deeper interest then the rest, though she doesn't understand why. Now they have visual, it feeds them a sense of security, even if it is false.

A slight observation

I love to think outside the box. The reason I created this scene showing the many diferent ways they are killing is to give you a sense that we are not dealing with an ordinary situation. I made sure that each one had something in commen so that it shows that we are dealing with a serious situation that connects everything happening.

Oh the innocence

In this excerpt Charlie still believes that someone is in charge, and that the police will figure out who is causing the chaos. With everything that happened so far, you would think that they would be more causious. At this moment though she is left wondering if the police are doing everything they can or if this is something beyond the police.

A sense of security

This book is my baby, It was the first book I ever wrote. Charlie is a repercentation of how I see the world. She knows there's stuff going down around her, she sees the news and hears the gossip. This city is her home though, and even through the toughest times she refuses to see the bad in it; she doesn't want things to change. This part shows the love for her city and country, and even though she may seem a bit nieve, she isn't. She carries the pepper spray to put her mind at ease, so that she can at least try to lead a normal life, even when hell is rising on earth.

Caught up in the moment

This is the moment they realize that everything that's been happening is all connected. Charlie is finally not the only one with any connection to it. What could cause so many deaths and missing people? When I wrote this my initial thought was the moment when your eyes are finally open to something you ever imagined. This is what they are feeling at this moment.

Why don't they freak out?

The three of them just experienced a mind numbing morning. Each one of them saw something different then the other, and couldn't wrap their mind around it, They really weren't sure what they could say that would convince the other since it was hard for them to believe themselves. Sometimes silence is the only way to see the full picture clearly.

The eyes are open

When I wrote this my initial thought was of how our world changes daily, and how we as humans we just go with the flow. It reminds me of the old tale of the frog in water. It comes down to the question, how many actually take notice to what's going on around them without marking off to that's just life.Are you aware of your surroundings?

The Crack of Evil

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Brandy moved to New York three months ago, and is living in an apartment with Cindy, Derek and Ben. They are young and life is exciting. Things should be easy. Their apartment is old and haunted, leaving it a little on the creepy side. The landlord says it has history and history creates character, but how much character does one apartment need? The foursome decide to throw a party, something small and quaint. On the day of the party, they pull out an Ouija board, to see who has been causing trouble. Satisfied, they move forward with their plans.  A storm brews outside the windows, but this storm is different. It’s Friday night, the music is up and the guests have arrived. There are extra guests, but who invited them? Derek and the girls discover the spirits have invited themselves, but Ben, the sceptic, doesn’t believe them—until nobody gets to leave. A deranged murderer and his killer mistress like to play with their prey, before the kill. A night of psychological games and murderous intentions lead these friends down a dark path. #free chapter of The Crack of Evil https://www.facebook.com/notes/tayler-macneill/the-crack-of-evil/687568564948963/

Book Bubbles from The Crack of Evil

Team work

Hey everyone, In this excerpt they are trying to work together to solve their problem. This book is now going on tour so if you see it don't hesitate to pick it up. Also it is on amazon it has a discounted price but only for a temporary time. I have decide to write full time, I will make sure I am in at least once a week to put out some new excerpts. I would love to hear from you letting me know how you feel about the excerpts. Have a fantastic week!

Brandy meets Charles face to face

Up till now they hadn't really met Charles, it has been nothing but a nightmare to them. They were always left wondering if there was a chance they were losing their mind but now, they are left with the thoughts could this be real. This book has so many twists and turns, and no matter how many excerpts I put out you will never know the entire story. As of this moment I have 3 books planned for this series, I imagie there will be more but we shall see. Book update: amazon has a price cut on this book.

Things are getting even creepier

The realisation has kicked in that they need to move out, and find a new apartment. None of them want to believe that this is real but how do you deny it? At this point they still believe society can help them, so complete panic has not taken over as of yet. What would you do if you couldn't get out of your apartment, and something sinister has taken control of your life?

Could this be the denial stage?

Sometimes denial can be like a drug, when you don't want to except the truth it can be easy to grab onto something that makes you feel good. With this truth though, I think I would rather be locked into denial. Brandy is, believe it or not scared but refuses to let it be her reality. I think once you except something as a reality that is what it becomes, and this giant nightmare is not something you would want to accept.

Sisterly love

How far can a person be pushed over the edge before they crack? There comes a tie when even family will turn against each other, what is that breaking point though? Cindy never considered herself a strong person but what she goes through proves she is, life can be full of many trials just hopefully nothing as extreme as this .

Crazy ass storm

Right about now the folks from apartment 209 know someone is interfering with their lives, and that they might not get out of it alive. They are not only scared but they are all confused, at this point there is no telling what is real and what isn't. I was living in a crappy apartment when I wrote this, It might not of been this drastic but the place was a nightmare. That is where I drew my inspiration for this story, this will be a sequel.

Fall into hell

This group has not only been through hell already but now they have fallen right into his hands. Who is this man, and why does he have so much power? Book 2 is coming soon, and it will reveal the much wanted information.

Cold as Ice

This is a moment when it shows that Brandy is able to hold on to her compassion no matter what has happened to her. The whole group holds on to their humanity, and work together to help a stranger. Those who have read it up till this part understand why Brandy might think it isn't real, she really has to question herself on whether she is losing her mind at this point.

The beginning

This will be a night to remember, what better way to start it off but a party. In this scene Brandy is starting to notice that something is different, she can't place her finger on it but the storm is a good start.


I love fear and this is one of the most popular ones out there, no one wants to drown. You would think that Brandy would realize by now that the glass isn't going to break, it's shatter proof. How much more can she endure? The concept of drowning and being trapped in a box is so similar to those who suffer with anxiety.

That moment

Brandy is sure that she's going to die, she had just watched Ben die a horrible death. Now she's laying in the midst of a land where she didn't willingly go to and her life seems to be in extreme danger. The question is what's real and what's not?

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