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Stephen Bentley is a former police Detective Sergeant and barrister (trial attorney) from the UK. He is now a freelance writer and HuffPost UK contributor on undercover policing. His memoir 'Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story' is a frank account of his undercover detective experiences during Operation Julie - an elite group of detectives who successfully investigated one of the world's largest drugs rings. Stephen also writes fiction including the Steve Regan Undercover Cop series. When he isn't writing, Stephen relaxes on the beaches of the Philippines with his family where he now lives.


Mercy (A Detective Matt Deal Thriller, #1)

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

His daughter was taken. He'll never get her back. Set in the near future, Matt Deal is a British businessman married into a wealthy Florida family. Mercy, his fifteen-year-old daughter, is the glue in his rocky marriage to Lorey. His life is changed forever after Mercy is brutally sexually assaulted on a Destin beach leaving her in a persistent vegetative state. Trusting the local detectives to bring the rapists to justice, mixed martial arts expert Deal concentrates in vain on his Destin gym business, only to have his world further explode on learning the men responsible for his daughter's injuries may escape justice. Deal feels isolated after his rich father-in-law sends death threats blaming him for all these ills. Who can he turn to? Where can he go? What will he do? Who can he trust?

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The rapists are freed on bail. Worse still, the DNA evidence has gone missing. Deal's daughter is still in a coma. The prognosis is dire. What will Deal do?


If your daughter is brutally raped, left for dead, you trust the cops to bring the suspects to justice, right? Matt Deal did.

Leave it to the Law

Matt Deal is hurting as his daughter lies in a coma in hospital. As much as he wants justice, he also feels anger towards the men who put his daughter in hospital. He trusts the local detectives to do their job.

First Degree Homicide

Mercy's attackers are traced to a condo in Destin, Florida. The local police force entry and find all the suspects present.

More Wolfie

I have this picture of Wolfie Jules in my mind's eye when describing her in the early part of the book. I was pleased with the phrase, 'She looked like an extra out of P of C,'

Mercy - Warning Adult Content!

This prologue sets the scene for the premise of the book. A vile and terrible thing happened to Matt Deal's daughter. It's how he, as a father, initially reacts. But will this change his life forever in more ways than one?


Wolfie Jules is a name that caught my eye on Twitter. I contacted her and was delighted when she agreed I could name a character after her. She will be no 'wilting flower' in my book. More like a kick-ass female protagonist. This book is on pre-order for only 0,99 at selected bookstores.

Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story

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Death Among Us

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Who knew death could be so eclectic? Relish this mesmerizing murder mystery mash-up of short stories.

Book Bubbles from Death Among Us

Stop Me if You Can

How many times has she killed? Now she seeks a new identity, a new place to live, The killer and her dog, Annie.

First Comes Lightning

In this short story, Kelly Artieri sets the mood and tone of her four short stories in the collection. They are all set in or near water. What is the end game? Read on and find out.

Eleanor Rigby

My short story with this title is partly set in Liverpool. Owing to my upbringing in that city, I just had to work in some references to Beatles songs.

Goodbye World

The fascinating story continues in a scifi world author Greg Alldredge has created. When both stories are taken together, it's like reading a scifi mini-novella with a large dollop of murder mystery thrown in.

Red Solo Cup

Thanks to fellow contributing author, Kelly Artieri, this Brit now knows what a Red Solo Cup is! This is a great tale about what should have been a fantastic boat trip on Lake Ontario. However, the dark side of human nature intervenes ...

Life On The Road

Great story from Justin Bauer about a rock band and their life on the road. Who says rock n'roll is all about sex, drugs, and ... JUST READ IT!


Go find 'Monitaur' in the dictionary! Don't bother. It's not there. Author Michael Spinelli used his great imagination to coin a word for the title of this short and a truly scary story.


This story by Kay Castaneda possesses an aura, an atmosphere, which draws the reader into this mysterious Emily Morales character.Her writing compels the reader to continue waiting for the denouement.

Sales Meeting

Justin Bauer chose hotels as the settings for his murder mystery short stories. A brave choice! But he does a fine job with this, and his second story 'Canceled.'

Stop Me If You Can

This is L. Lee Kane's second story in the collection. One astute reviewer had it right in that some of the stories are a continuance, almost mini-novellas. That's what makes this anthology different. You be the judge,

A Deadly Lady

L. Lee Kane's stories start with 'A Deadly Lady.' It's about a woman who kills. In life, as in fiction, there are many male killers and serial killers. But this author expertly explores how and why the antagonist/protagonist turned into a slick killer.

Lake Ontario

All Kelly Artieri's short stories are set on or near Lake Ontario. It's a place she knows well as an avid boater on those sometimes dangerous waters. Danger lurks in the lake and in her tales of murder mystery.

Emily Morales

Kay Castaneda's short stories have a common thread. They are all about a woman known as Emily Morales. Kay takes the reader through three different stages of Emily's troubled life with an ease of story-telling in a classic literary fiction style.

Behind Robbie Cheadle's Story

All three stories by Robbie Cheadle were inspired by true events. The first, 'Justice is Never Served,' is a fictionalised account of the numerous murders of babies alleged to have been committed by Amelia Dyer, who operated as a baby farmer in Victorian England. Amelia Dyer was found guilty of only one murder, that of Doris Marmon, but is believed likely to have killed between two hundred and four hundred babies and children.

Hello World - Greg Alldredge

Greg introduces the reader immediately into "his world" in his first story 'Hello World.' The setting is the Far Reach Station somewhere out there in deep space. It's a classic science fiction short story and concludes in 'Goodbye World,' Greg's second story. As one astute reviewer said, "It's like some of the short stories in this collection are connected, so making the story as a whole a kind of mini-novella."

No Man's Land

Michael Spinelli's first story 'No Man's Land.' It's set in the Nevada desert and Michael captures the atmosphere, bringing the reader slowly but surely into the story with the help of some clever and witty dialogue. Get ready to be scared as the story reaches its climax!

The Rose Slayer

Why set in LA? I was thinking of writing a new fictional detective series set in LA and based on the LAPD Robbery Homicide Squad. Then I saw the call for submissions from the Support Indie Authors crew. This short story was the result and it won!

Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story

Biographies & Memoirs

A gripping true story of Britain's biggest drug bust. Get inside the head of a real undercover cop, an infiltrator. The underworld knew the author as Steve Jackson. How did he successfully infiltrate the two gangs? Did he have to take drugs? And how did 'living a lie' affect him?

Book Bubbles from Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story

No Way a Lab at Seymour Road

"No way a lab at Seymour Road," Dick Lee trumpets several times. He was wrong. This is the day we followed Henry Todd to Reading and made a real breakthrough. The end was in sight.

Cop Killer

Smiles gave me that name after I had threatened the local copper. I was so far into my "new identity" of Steve Jackson, I really believed my threats.


Operation Julie is synonymous with LSD, but it wan't the only drug gang Eric and I infiltrated. No sir! The Bolivian, Miami, London cocaine deal was huge and Smiles was also interested.

Free Bird

This excerpt in part deals with the stresses of working undercover and the price you pay for leading a double life.

Are You Guys OK?

It was getting close to Christmas 1976 and there was still no end in sight for the operation or our undercover role in Mid-Wales. Dick Lee was starting to fret about our welfare.


Chillum, bong, call it what you will. It's a pipe made for smoking cannabis. This is the effect it had on me the first time I used one while undercover.

My Friendship With Smiles

When you are deep undercover, you become that person you are portraying to the world. It's necessary for your own physical health. But what about mental health?

More Doug

These were wild times. I have done some crazy things in my life and this counts as one of them. Luckily, Doug wasn't hurt. I think he was too drunk and stoned to feel a thing!


The latest brief from Dick Lee was to ID a dealer known as 'Doug.' He was a London street dealer who scored his acid from Smiles. Lee felt he was at the bottom of the distribution chain but still wanted to know exactly who this 'Doug' was.

The Dealers

We were by now so integrated in the community - straight and drug-dealing, forcing big decisions to be made by Dick Lee, the Operation Julie boss. The huge cocaine deal? or the acid?

The Pink Panther DEA Agent

He was often there at the Operation Julie squad team briefing at the Devizes HQ. Hovering, never saying a word. His raincoat with the belt and upturned collar reminded me of the Pink Panther movie and Peter Sellers.

Ten Years After

I kind of got to meet Liz Taylor vicariously by meeting her son, Michael Wilding Jnr. He had his mother's eyes - a stunning violet colour. This area of Mid-Wales had many connections to movie and rock stars.


I find it incomprehensible the British College of Policing has drawn up a code for modern undercover officers forbidding them to use drugs while deep undercover. It's a nonsense, Read on ...

Other 'Friends' We Met

Blue undoubtedly was our biggest ally. He took us to places and introduced us to people all over Mid-Wales. Happy was another 'friend' we met. He was a pal of Smiles too and was talkative.


On first meeting Blue, we had no idea he was going to be instrumental in us discovering a huge plot to import Bolivian cocaine into Britain.

Meeting Smiles

Smiles was our 'target,' if you recall the briefing with Dick Lee, the operational commander of Operation Julie. This is what happened at the first meeting and the thoughts running through my mind.

Llanddewi Brefi

This is it! The first day Eric and I drive to rural Mid-Wales executing Dick Lee's brief to infiltrate the community and become close to Smiles. It wasn't the only "execution" I had in mind ... read on ...

On First Meeting Eric

Dick Lee's briefing of Eric and me and what he expected in us being "eyes and ears" on the ground. Infiltrating as an undercover cop is never easy, but I venture to say infiltrating a small rural village in Mid-Wales is a more difficult task than most. The village, Llanddewi Brefi, is now familiar to many British fans of the Matt Lucas series 'Little Britain.' Back then, I'd never heard of it.

Who Am I?

The first chapter and an insight into a threat to my life as an undercover cop. The chapter then moves forward in time to indicate my mental state at the conclusion of Operation Julie.

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