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Love is Blind

Gay & Lesbian

Beau Dexter is a male escort with zero belief in love. He had a rough beginning in life, and he's not looking for anything other than a full roster of satisfied clients.

Seth Fontaine is blind and grieving the loss of his lover five years ago. But even a broken-hearted man has needs, and that's where Beau comes in.

Neither one of them is looking for anything other than a little superficial fun. But when these two damaged men connect on a much deeper level than expected, Beau's extreme fear of emotional intimacy almost derails them before they even begin.

This heartwarming romantic Novella, originally called Kiss and Tell in 2015, has been redone and polished to flesh out the story more. I hope you fall in love with Seth and Beau just like I did all over again.

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Two men afraid of love

Seth and Beau are both afraid of love, but for different reasons. Seth thinks he can never replace the love he had with his dead lover, and Beau thinks love is a fantasy. Beau doesn't believe love can possibly last. Love is Blind is a story about two men afraid of love, who end up finding exactly what they need.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Love isn’t any easier to find in the year 2069

Not that Eric is looking for love. After breaking up with his boyfriend a year ago, he’s been apathetic about getting back into the dating scene. What’s the point? Relationships always crash and burn anyway.

When Eric’s best friend, Sabrina, sends him an XP30 android named Sloot to help him get back in the saddle, so to speak, Eric is mortified. The plan is to send Sloot back to the factory, but when the android begs him to keep him as his housekeeper, Eric feels sorry for Sloot and gives him a trial run.

Sloot is the perfect companion, and Eric decides he’s found a way to avoid the messiness of emotional intimacy. But things get complicated because Sloot is no ordinary android. Unbeknownst to Eric, Sloot’s creator tinkered with him and gave him the ability to love.

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Love isn't any easier in 2069

I wonder if in the future bias and fear of what is different from us will be better or worse?

Could you love an android?

I believe that love is love. If an android could show me love, then why couldn't I fall in love with that robot? Thoughts?

Could you fall in love with an android?

I asked this question of my reader group and the consensus was that love is love. If an android can show love and feel love, than why couldn't a human love that android? Thoughts?

Kiss, Marry, Kill

Gay & Lesbian

Snakes don’t only crawl in the grass.

River Martin has begun to reveal his true motives for being in Rainy Dale, and, shocker, it’s not good news for Maxwell.

If Maxwell is going to go to war with River, he’ll need people on his side. In his quest to be more of a people person, he’s roped into attending the wedding of one of his young patients, Janelle Raiden.

The bride is stunning in white silk tulle. The groom is appropriately doting. The cake is pure buttercream decadence. Everything about the wedding seems so very, very perfect.

Until the groom’s dead ex-wife makes an appearance.

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Dr. Thornton Mysteries

One teaspoon grumpy city doctor and two dashes of annoying country citizens equals a recipe for disaster.

Dr. Thornton battles River

River Martin continues to be a thorn in Dr. Thornton's side. He's there at every turn, trying to ruin Max.

Shadow's End

Gay & Lesbian

Will this be the end of my war with Steven Pine? Or just the end of me? Psychic Liam Baker and his boyfriend Detective Kimball Thompson have battled the murderous and terrifyingly powerful psychic, Steven Pine twice now. Both men would love to put that chapter to rest. Unfortunately, when Steven manages to escape police custody, he immediately goes to work murdering innocents. It seems Steven’s happiest when taunting Liam with the spirits of his prey. Thompson and Liam follow the trail of victims, well aware that Steven is setting a dangerous trap for them. What Thompson doesn’t realize is that Liam has decided that there will be no fourth battle with Steven. Even if Liam has to personally escort Steven Pine to Hell.

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Psychic Gay Mystery

"This latest instalment in the series is sooo good. Packed full of drama, danger, and nail-biting suspense."

Gay Mystery

Liam sees dead people and they see him.

Gay Psychic Mystery

Book 4 in my psychic mystery series finds Liam and Thompson once more battling the terrifyingly powerful Steven Pine.

Shadows Deceive

Gay & Lesbian

If I could have put off meeting Thompson’s family forever, I would have. But he made it crystal clear it was important to him, and I got the feeling if I blew it off again, I’d lose him. So, like a good boyfriend, I accompanied him to the rustic city of Big Bear, hoping for the best. I expected awkward moments, and funny looks from his family. What I didn’t see coming was having to hang out with his perfect ex-lover, Alexander, and for dead bodies to start piling up. Working and living together, Thompson and I formed a bond I didn’t think could be broken. But when he starts doubting my abilities, and pulling away, simply because he doesn’t like what I’m saying, I start to realize maybe we were never as tight as I’d thought. Thompson needs to decide if he wants to protect the past, more than he wants to join me in the future. He thinks I’m just scared of commitment, and so I’m causing trouble. But the reality is, Thompson is the person with one foot out the door.

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Murder victim #1

You can't have a murder mystery without the murder part, now can you?

Shadow's Return Book Two

Gay & Lesbian

In Book Two, Psychic Liam Baker and Detective Kimball Thompson have embarked on a romantic relationship after battling the deadly and powerful psychic, Steven Pine months ago. They ended his brutal killing spree of young male prostitutes, and he’s safely in jail. But when someone starts murdering young college girls, some disturbing clues seem to lead back to Stephen Pine. But he’s locked up and awaiting trial. There’s no possible way he could be involved in the new murders. Yet Liam can’t shake the chilling feeling that Pine has somehow figured out a way to reach out from his jail cell to continue murdering innocent victims.

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Psychic Detective Mysteries: Book Two

I love writing this series. It's difficult when you're dealing with a couple that is already established, but I enjoyed showing the cracks and insecurities in the relationship between Liam and Detective Thompson. There's added stress because, of course, they're also trying to solve some brutal murders.

Strange Medicine

Gay & Lesbian

Maxwell Thornton isn’t really a people person, but that never mattered to him because he’d lived for his career. After losing a patient during a routine hysterectomy, he’s shaken and afraid to pick up the scalpel again. He resigns his position in the city and takes a job as sole GP in the isolated town of Rainy Dale, Texas, population 1001. Rainy Dale is populated with eccentrics who test his patience and seem to think he’s not only there to treat their illnesses, but that he’s also there to hold their hand and be their therapist. When one of his most annoying patients ends up dead and floating in Maxwell’s pool, he has some explaining to do to the local sheriff. Sheriff Royce Callum is intelligent, determined and more attracted to the new doctor than he would like. He can’t imagine Maxwell is a murderer, but he also can’t exactly ignore a corpse in the sexy doctor’s pool.

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Quirky MM Mystery

I loved writing this gay mystery romance. Hope you love it too!

Shadow's Edge

Gay & Lesbian

Liam Baker can see things. Dead people like to visit him and tell them how they were wronged. Some might call it a gift, other’s a curse. But either way this ability makes him useful to Los Angeles homicide detective Kimball Thompson. Some madman is slitting the throats of young male prostitutes and then dumping their bodies in the desert with vague clues of pink feathers and the number five. Usually Liam can talk to the spirits of the dead. But someone is blocking him. Someone is taunting him. The case is rapidly deteriorating into a violent, psychic pissing contest and Liam can’t see far enough ahead to figure out who wins or who dies.

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Psychic Mystery

Book one in my psychic mystery series.

Is seeing the future a gift or a curse?

My book Shadow's Edge deals with a man who's psychic. Sometimes it seems to work in his favor, but often he'd rather he didn't have the abilities he has. I'm not sure if I would see it as a good thing if I could see the future. Would I even really want to know what's coming? Probably not. Of course my hero has no choice in the matter. What are your thoughts? Would you like to be psychic?

Last Date

Gay & Lesbian

Dates can simply be murder. After barely surviving a terrifying stalker, Kip is reexamining his life choices. There’s nothing like almost dying to make you take stock of things. One bright spot is that the ever maddening Merrick Dawson has stopped following him around picking on him. Merrick has begun dating Peter Harris, who by all accounts is a wonderful guy. Peter is nice. He’s handsome. He’s downright annoyingly perfect. When Kip is asked out on a romantic sunset cruise by one of Pearl Cove’s most eligible bachelors, he decides he has nothing to lose. Unless he wants to spend the rest of his days alone, he needs to be proactive about finding love. But when Kip shows up for the cruise, instead of champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, he finds his date dead.

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Gay Mystery

Here's what readers are saying about Book Two in the Kip O'Connor MM Mystery Series: Kip and Merrick are perfect, sloooooow burn and past animosity. Trust me, this is a GREAT book. I immediately preordered the sequel.

Gay Mystery

Book 2 in my Kip O' Connor M/M Cozy Mystery series is LIVE.

Last Gasp

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Kip O’Connor lives a simple life in the little seaside town of Pearl Bay. Unless it’s tourist season, things tend to be pretty peaceful. There is, however, one never-ending source of irritation in the form of Police Chief Merrick Dawson. Merrick is Kip’s older brother’s BFF, and nothing seems to bring Merrick more joy than nagging Kip about silly things. You’d think a Police Chief would have more important things to do than lecture Kip on parking tickets and picking up pet waste, but somehow Merrick always finds the time. Kip decides to take an art class at the local community college, and he’s annoyed to find Merrick has also enrolled in the course. The instructor takes a shine to Kip, and soon they become friends outside of class. Merrick warns Kip of the dangers of blurring those lines and befriending his teacher, but Kip is flattered by the attention. When his art teacher is found stabbed through the forehead with a palette knife, Kip is determined to figure out who killed his new friend. Merrick naturally thinks Kip getting involved in the investigation is a horrible idea, but when has Kip ever listened to that irksome, pig-headed Merrick Dawson?

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Merrick and Kip Butt Heads

MM Cozy Mystery

Merrick really gets Kip's goat

This scene shows the frustration between Kip and Merrick. If you enjoy cozy mysteries this Gay Romance Mystery might be something you'd like! (No on page heat)

Two MC's dynamic

The Kip O'Connor mystery series is a Gay Romance Series with no on page heat. But still, romance is a big part of the story. Kip has a grudge against the Chielf Of police, Merrick is his brother's bestie. Merrick picked on Kip growing up, but now Merrick wants to make it right. Kip, however, still doesn't trust Merrick. But when murder and mayham ensue, Kip has no choice but to lean on his arch enemy, Merrick.

Cozy Gay Mystery

This is book one in my brand new Kip O'Connor M/M Cozy Mystery series. Each book has a cozy feel to it and there is a strong romantic (slow burn) story-line in each book. No on page steam but some mild violence. I hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoy writing it.

Gay Mystery

"Can hardly wait for book 3 (already pre-ordered)! Five stars plus for Merrick and Kip! Read the blurb so you know what to expect; this is not a slow burn that is culminated in one book. Wow, wow, wow! S.C. Wynne has me sooooo hooked on Kip and Merrick! These two have a history borne from growing up in the same small town, little brother and big brother's best friend with all the childhood memories, meddling mothers, and, oh yeah, murders."

Surviving Love

Gay & Lesbian

Reality TV meets True Love Mason Brenton lived most of his life like a scared mouse. Suffering from anxiety and asthma, he rarely ventured from his mundane routine. He lived vicariously through his books and TV shows, envious of the exciting lives others led. But when Mason is involved in a car accident that almost claims his life, he realizes hiding from the world to protect himself was a fool’s game all along. Mason decides it’s time to truly live his life. He tries out for a spot on his favorite reality TV show Devious Island and he gets accepted. Jack Harrison teaches people how to survive in the wild. He’s everything Mason isn’t: confident. Commanding. Cunning. The minute Jack sets eyes on Mason, he enjoys making life difficult for the city boy. He thinks Mason is sexy, but in over his head. In his opinion, the sooner the wimpy city boy is sent home, the better.

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Gay Romance Meets Reality TV

"This was a fantastic enemies to lovers romance. I loved the reality show storyline, though Harold made me wanna stab him! Lol. Such a great read!"

It's a Wonderful Knife

Gay & Lesbian

It's beginning to look a lot like murder. Chopping down a Christmas tree has never been something Dr. Maxwell Thornton aspired to. But his boyfriend, Sheriff Royce Callum, has a tradition of visiting Giggly Elves Tree Farm every Christmas to do just that. Trying to prove he’s a team player, Maxwell agrees to accompany Royce on his week-long tree-felling adventure. It’s a chance to spend some quality time with Royce, and also get a break from Rainy Dale. All guests are required to turn in their cell phones upon arrival because Giggly Elves Farm is for people who yearn to escape modern-day stresses. Maxwell endures a lumpy mattress and high sodium meals of bacon, beans, and more bacon, with a fairly good attitude. But when a freak storm washes out the road back home, Maxwell begins to feel the strain. Things turn downright terrifying when a guest is found stabbed to death in the reindeer barn, and all of the cell phones are found destroyed. It seems there’s a murderer on the loose, and he or she has a very different interpretation of how to bring out the holiday spirit in others.

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Scalpels & Psychopaths

Gay & Lesbian

I assumed the worst I’d have to endure at a boring birthday party was cheap champagne and dull conversation. Murder never crossed my mind. After three months of struggling to fit into the small town of Rainy Dale, Texas, Maxwell Thornton is once again thrown into the middle of a murder investigation. While attending Mayor Penelope Granger’s birthday party, he and Royce are witnesses to the cold-blooded murder of her father. Seeing as he’s sheriff, Royce has no choice but to get involved in solving the murder, but he’d prefer Maxwell stay at a safe distance. Maxwell would prefer that too, but when an attempt is made on his life, he’s unwillingly sucked into the case. When Maxwell moved to Rainy Dale, he’d hoped for a new beginning. But after two attempts on his life, and his unnerving emotional attachment to Royce, more and more Maxwell wonders if staying in Rainy Dale is the logical choice. Perhaps it’s time to run back to Los Angeles, where he can keep his body, and his heart, safe.

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Arsenic and Old Lies

Gay & Lesbian

Doctor Maxwell Thornton, brilliant ex-surgeon and man most likely to insult you without even trying, seems to have an unwanted penchant for landing in the middle of murder cases. Since moving from the bustling metropolis of LA to a small town in Texas, Maxwell has struggled to fit in with the eccentric citizens of Rainy Dale. He’s made tiny steps forward, but the only person who truly seems to understand him is Sheriff Royce Callum. When one of Maxwell’s new patients ends up poisoned to death, the cold-blooded killer suspects Maxwell knows a lot more than he actually does. Avoiding homicidal maniacs is always prudent, but once they catch your scent, it’s fight or die.

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Gay Mystery

This is book 3 in my Dr. Maxwell Thornton Murder Mysteries. Maxwell is quirky and hard to get along with, but he's somehow captured the heart of Sheriff Royce Callum.

Smoke and Murders

Gay & Lesbian

Things are spiraling out of control for our indelicate, but occasionally loveable, Doctor Thornton. His romantic life is already in turmoil, but when someone sets fire to his medical practice his finances are also in jeopardy. Sheriff Royce Callum offers Maxwell a safe place to stay, as he searches for the arsonist. Maxwell can easily rub people the wrong way, which makes it challenging for Royce to figure out if the attack on Maxwell’s business was personal or random. When other fires begin to pop up in Rainy Dale, it becomes obvious there’s a serial arsonist spreading terror through town. Things go from bad to worse when one of the fires turns deadly.

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Assassins Save People Too Book Two

Gay & Lesbian

So much for retirement. Now that my psycho arch enemy Julio is dead, my big plan was to slowly stop taking jobs and wind down into retirement with Dillon. Partly that decision was because my heart’s not in the job anymore, but mostly it’s because I did a dumb thing and fell in love with the guy in 39D. But it’s too late to turn back now, I can’t imagine my life without Dillon in it. Unfortunately, my good friend Ronin just got grabbed by Julio’s successor. I owe Ronin too much to turn my back on him. I need to get to Germany ASAP and save his ass, like he’s saved mine many times before. The problem is, Dillon refuses to stay behind. How am I going to rescue my best friend, and keep the love of my life alive too? Dillon’s a civilian. He has no idea the level of violence and danger ahead of us. He doesn’t understand that with him along, the chances of me dying are much higher. I may not make it out alive this time, but one thing is for sure, Dillon will. I’ll see to that.

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Gay & Lesbian

After losing his lover of more than thirty years, Andrew struggles with guilt and grief on a daily basis. He wrestles with the idea of moving forward, and leaving the memories of his past lover, Rory, behind. Even if he had the courage to look for love again, he’s in his fifties, and has been out of the dating game for decades. What could he possibly have to offer someone else? Michael has spent most of his life hopping from one lover to the next. He longs for the stability of a relationship, but is afraid he’ll have to sacrifice heat and chemistry—until he lays eyes on Andrew. From their first conversation there is no denying they have an emotional and physical connection. Will these two men figure out that age is just a number, and the future is bright for those who reach for it?

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Assassins in Love Boxed Set

Gay & Lesbian

All three novellas in the Assassins in Love Series in one boxed set.

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Home to Danger

Gay & Lesbian

Jason Sinclair grew up with an eccentric father and an unloving emotionally damaged mother. He bolted at seventeen and hasn't been home much in four years. When he discovers his mother is dying of cancer, he grudgingly returns home to say goodbye. He plans on doing his duty, and then selling the property so he can go back to his old life. Adam Trent is the new sexy grounds keeper. Jason has an immediate attraction to the mysterious gardener, but Jason is horrible at relationships. However, Adam is persistent and impossible to ignore, so Jason gives in to his desires. Most people in town assume Jason will sell the property the minute his mother dies, and run back to LA. Frankly, that was his plan until he became involved with Adam. But when his connection with Adam grows, he actually consider staying in Laramae Bay to explore his budding relationship with Adam. When bizarre things start happening, it soon becomes obvious someone wants Jason’s land, and they don’t care what they have to do to get it.

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Assassins Love People Too

Gay & Lesbian

Dillon Carter's boyfriend, Marc Francis, is a paid assassin. That little fact makes having a normal relationship very complicated. Especially when there are people out there in the big bad spy world who hate Marc so much the last thing they want is him to end up happy. Obsessive enemies, ex-lovers and poisoned espresso do nothing to make Marc and Dillon's trip to Italy relaxing. In fact, they'll be lucky if they survive at all.

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Assassins Are People Too

Gay & Lesbian

Marc Francis is a paid assassin. He's got a little thing for the blond guy in 39D. One day one of Marc's enemies tries to get the drop on him in the elevator and his blond crush, Dillon Carter, from 39D, sacrifices his potted plant to save him. Marc and Dillon have a strong sexual connection and as the months go by, and they steal time together, it develops into something more. But Marc doesn’t really do relationships, and Dillon worries Marc will ever be able to love him back the way he needs. Also, when you’re a paid assassin, not everybody is rooting for your happy ever after.

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Believing Rory

Gay & Lesbian

Will Rory bring them together or stand between them? Eighteen-year-old Lane Graham has always relied on his braver, more confident buddy, Rory. But Rory’s sudden suicide blindsides Lane and sends him into an emotional tailspin. How’s he supposed to start college in a few months feeling this damaged? Baron MacDonald knew Rory from playing League of Legends together. He was always intrigued by Lane’s online presence, and Rory had promised to set them up. Now that Rory’s gone, Baron has to approach Lane on his own. On the surface, Baron and Lane couldn’t be more different. Baron seems confident and perfect, while Lane is guarded and uncertain. But it’s the pain beneath that binds these two souls, leading them toward love.

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Omega Tricked 2

Gay & Lesbian

Solar eclipse omega, Dylan Harris is reeling from the loss of his mate and child. He lives at the secret compound in the mountains, trying to make sense of a life he now finds meaningless. Lex Sabine is the son of a ruthless mobster, and while Lex is no angel, he’s never had any interest in running his dad’s empire. When Lex’s father goes missing, Lex is grudgingly forced to take the helm of his dad’s business.Searching for answers about what happened to his Dad, Lex ends up at the compound in the mountains. He knows the fortress holds secrets, but he has no idea what those secrets are. He befriends Dylan in an attempt to get information, but is shocked at the intense connection they share. Lex has never been interested in men, but against his will, he’s drawn to Dylan.When the men give into their need, and Dylan gets pregnant, he hopes for a new chance at happiness. Until he learns the truth about who Lex is, and how he’s been using him all along.

Book Bubbles from Omega Tricked 2

Omega Kidnapped

Gay & Lesbian

’ve been taken. The alpha, Jack, who’s holding me captive seems to hate me, even as he sends me lusty glances. My dad will pay the ransom. There’s no question of that. I’ll be fine. I should be fine. It’s been days and Jack keeps promising me I’ll be going home soon. But now another alpha just showed up because something has gone wrong. This other alpha wants me dead. Strangely enough, Jack is arguing with him. Jack is trying to protect me. But I barely know Jack, and he’s not going to die for me. I have one chance of survival, and that’s to run. I sneak out the bathroom window, and I bolt for the trees as if my life depends on it. Because it does.

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Gay & Lesbian

The snick of a lock. The squeak of door hinges. The creak of a floorboard... Nothing is more mysterious than footsteps in the dark. Are those approaching steps that of friend or enemy? Lover or killer? Authors L.B. Gregg, Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Dal MacLean, Z.A. Maxfield, Meg Perry, C.S. Poe and S.C. Wynne join forces for Footsteps in the Dark, eight sexy and suspenseful novellas of Male/Male Mystery and Romance.


Crashing Upwards

Gay & Lesbian

Harper Jones is a professional bike courier, and in his business if you don’t ride fast, you don’t make money. His apartment has mice, he’s barely able to scrape up the rent, but at least he’s living life on his terms and doesn’t depend on anyone. Sam Foster is the gay son of a wealthy conservative senator. He’s noticed Harper before when he’s dropped off packages at his dad’s company, but he’s never had the nerve to speak to his secret crush. When Sam accidentally hits Harper with his car, Harper’s bike is destroyed and he’s injured seriously enough that he won’t be delivering packages for a while. Sam decides Harper needs rescuing, and he moves in with Harper to take care of him. Unfortunately, Sam’s politician dad is convinced Harper’s a con-artist and he’ll do whatever it takes to get him away from his son.

Book Bubbles from Crashing Upwards

Gay Romance

In this age-old love story, boy meets boy, boys fall in love. But this typical romance has an atypical beginning. Harper, a bike courier, is hit by the Senator’s son, Sam Foster. When Harper is unable to continue work because of his injuries, Sam takes it upon himself to nurse Harper back to health. Can the boys make their new-found love last between Harper’s trust issues and the Senator’s insistence that Harper is nothing but a con-artist out for their family’s money?

Lambda Award Winner

My Lambda Award winning book is only 99 cents right now and the audio is live today!

Gay Son Of Conservative Senator Falls for Bike Mes

I liked the dynamic of the gay son of a conservative senator kept in the closet because of his father's political aspirations. He's frustrated and wants to live his life, but until he falls in love, he lacks the courage to stand up for himself. Sometimes that's true in life, we need something other than ourselves to motivate us to make a change.

Forced Proximity Romance

If you enjoy gay romance with heat and emotion, you might like my latest release.

Damaged Heart

Gay & Lesbian

Cory Johnson fled Bayville as an eighteen-year-old following the suicide of his father. He’s estranged from his abusive mother and has made a life for himself as a successful lawyer in Los Angeles. While Cory’s career is rewarding, he’s unable to connect to people because of his upbringing. When Cory’s mother dies he grudgingly returns to his hometown to handle the estate. Rhys Tucker owns the construction company that is going to renovate Cory’s childhood home. Rhys has harbored a crush for Cory since they were in high school. When Cory comes home, Rhys takes that opportunity to get close to Cory. Or at least try to. Their physical chemistry is undeniable, but will Cory ever be able to have a real relationship with Rhys after being so emotionally scarred by his past? Can a heart as damaged as Cory’s every really come home?

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Married To Murder

Gay & Lesbian

The last thing Seth ever expected was to be involved in a marriage of convenience. After all, he’s not some trembling Victorian heroine. He’s just a guy who loves to surf and spend his days in search of simple pleasures. Life hasn’t always been easy for Seth, but he prefers to focus on the future and forget his dark past. But when he spends the night with sexy millionaire Tanner Trenton, their connection is powerful. When the sexy bachelor explains a secret dilemma he has, Seth can’t help but feel empathy. When Tanner picked Seth up for the night, he didn’t intend on proposing. But he’s oddly drawn to Seth’s quiet energy and, most importantly, he’s got a deadline to meet; if he doesn’t get married by the time he turns thirty, he’s out of his inheritance. Unfortunately, he’s already twenty-nine and still not ready to get hitched. Seth doesn’t want to be tied down any more than Tanner does, so he seems like the perfect person for the job. They can marry but still maintain their independence. Their marriage should be the perfect solution, and it should be smooth sailing, right? Unfortunately for the new couple, when Tanner’s father is murdered on the day of their wedding, things become exponentially complicated. It’s hard for Tanner to imagine that his quiet, serene new husband could possibly be connected to his dad’s death.

Book Bubbles from Married To Murder

Guarding My Heart

Gay & Lesbian

Liam Carlington is a spoiled rich kid. He’s been acting out since his childhood love, Paul devastated him by marrying a woman. Liam drops out of college and is drinking and partying way too much. When his current bodyguard is injured in a bar fight, a new bodyguard replaces him. His new protector, Scott Jackson is gorgeous, and tough. He’s back after a break from the job after losing a client. He’s attracted to his new charge, and Liam is aggressive about how much he would love to get Scott in bed. But Scott is worried Liam is just a using him for a sexual fling. As the two men grow closer, it becomes obvious the threats against Liam's life are horribly real. Both men can't help but wonder if they'll even live long enough to figure out their feelings toward each other.

Book Bubbles from Guarding My Heart

Doctor in the Desert

Gay & Lesbian

Trace Bennett is a successful ER doctor in the small town of Bisbee, AZ, but small town life leaves something to be desired. His career is great, but his love life is tragically dull. Logan Drury is a cop who just transferred to Bisbee. He's stuck living with his sister until his rental is ready, and as he settles into the small town, boredom sets in. One day in the ER, A deranged drug addict brings the two men together, and suddenly life in Bisbee doesn't seem so boring after all.

Book Bubbles from Doctor in the Desert

Falling Into Love

Gay & Lesbian

Chris Lambrough is having a run of bad luck. He's lost his job and his boyfriend and is feeling depressed. His best friend Jenny tells him about an ad she's noticed where The Muddy Mountain Ski Resort is looking for waiters. Chris has restaurant experience and since his New Years Resolution is to learn to ski it seems like a nice opportunity to jump start his life. Trevor Brown is a ski instructor at the resort. He befriends Chris right away and the have undeniable chemistry. But Trevor has guilt over the death of his lover, Lane two years earlier. Can the two of them learn to trust each other and move forward and forget the past?

Book Bubbles from Falling Into Love

Mistletoe Omega

Gay & Lesbian

Sam Styles is having a horrible holiday season. He’s just found out he’s pregnant, and his alpha has bolted, leaving him stranded. Sam hides his pregnancy because a pregnant omega without an alpha isn’t popular in his omega/alpha society. Graham Peters is an alpha who is fifteen years older than Sam. While Graham doesn’t realize Sam is pregnant, something about the younger omega tugs at his heart. He wants to help the down on his luck omega. The two men grow close when Graham opens his home to Sam. But Sam is guarded and afraid of what might happen if Graham discovers he’s is pregnant with another alpha’s baby. This is a 28,000 word Christmas Mpreg story with a guaranteed HEA.

Book Bubbles from Mistletoe Omega

Gay May-December Mpreg

This is a fun little holiday story about a young, pregnant omega and the older alpha who takes him in and helps him turn his luck around. And along the way the two men fall in love.

Manny's Surprise Baby

Gay & Lesbian

Pierce MacPherson is a solar eclipse omega with a chip on his shoulder. He was in a horrible relationship where his alpha sold him to other alphas for their pleasure, and now that he's free, he definitely has a thing against alphas. Seth Rider works for Shield and he's an alpha with no desire to settle down with one woman. But when he discovers that a one night stand eight years ago produced a daughter he'd never heard of, he steps up to the challenge. The problem is, Seth doesn't know the first thing about raising a kid. Pierce has some experience working with kids and when they meet, Pierce is guilted in to helping out for a week. It's only supposed to be one week. But when Seth starts having unusual sexual feelings toward Pierce, things get a little complicated. And when the two men give into their urges, and Pierce gets pregnant, things get even more muddled.

Book Bubbles from Manny's Surprise Baby

Rockstar Baby

Gay & Lesbian

Riley West is an alpha whose music career is exploding. While he has millions of adoring fans, he also has a secret that makes it impossible to live his life how he’d like; he’s still reluctantly in the closet at the urging of his longtime manager. Three years of a grueling tour schedule have made him lonely and yearning for something more than just stolen one night stands. He wants to come out and take a chance that his fans will still support him. Colin Robinson is a solar eclipse omega and also a bodyguard for Shield. He doesn’t really know anything about Riley when they first meet, but sparks fly and the two men enjoy a passionate night together. When Colin realizes Riley is in the closet, he makes it clear he’d never have been with him if he’d known. It’s a hard decision because he truly feels a connection to Riley and he wants more.

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My Omega's Baby

Gay & Lesbian

Enemies to Lovers. Blade Carr and Wyatt Smith are bodyguards from rival agencies who can’t stand each other. Blade is a younger omega who thinks, Wyatt, a slightly older alpha, is arrogant and disrespectful. Wyatt believes Blade is nothing but a cocky punk. But when Wyatt receives a death threat, his boss decides the last place anyone will look for him is at Blade’s house. Both men dread spending time together and are shocked when, despite their dislike of one another, they are suddenly physically attracted to each other. When they give into their lust one night, Blade just wants to pretend the perplexing night of passion never happened, but when the younger omega discovers he’s pregnant, the two men are forced to form a closer bond as they try to find a way to come together for the child. This is a heartwarming, but steamy, 55,000 word story featuring a non-shifter Alpha/Omega world and contains mpreg (male pregnancy). This is a standalone fated-mate, gay for you story and Book One in the: Bodyguards and Babies mpreg series.

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Enemies to Lovers

This is my first Mpreg romance. It's a non-shifter fated mate story set in the contemporary world.

Memories Follow

Gay & Lesbian

Scottie Kinland works as the Kennel Manager for the Paws For Care veterinary clinic. Spending his days with animals is the only way he can feel safe. He has first-hand knowledge of how cold and calculating humans can be. How could he ever forget? He wears the scars on his face and his heart. Lance Franklin likes to play the field. Still reeling from a lying cheating fiancée, he’s plowing through men like aspirin; only the pain of betrayal still stings. When he takes his mom’s dog in to the Paws For Care clinic, he’s immediately drawn to the quiet loner Scottie. But Scottie wants nothing to do with Lance. Lance persists and he manages to forge a fragile relationship with Scottie. But just as both men begin to believe perhaps fate has something beautiful in store for them; the past collides with their future in a shocking way.

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Heartwarming gay romance

This story was written for the first ever MM romance Kindle World by Felice Stevens. I was honored to be asked to write a story for her Memories of the Breakfast Club Kindle World. My story is about a guy who's scared inside and out and learning to trust again.

Hard-Ass Is Here

Gay & Lesbian

Senior Analyst Taylor Williams knows there’s a embezzler at Peterton Financial, and he’s been doing everything he can to catch the crook. Unfortunately the numbers keep pointing to him being the thief. When corporate sends in Regional Manager, Phillip Daniels to catch the crook, it’s obvious he suspects Taylor right off the bat. Phillip is gorgeous, sexy as hell and a hard ass. But when it comes to sexual attraction logic can’t compete. Even though he suspects Taylor might be the thief, he can’t keep himself from bringing him into his bed, time and time again. Will the numbers add up to a happy ending for these two?

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Hard-Ass Vacation

Gay & Lesbian

Getting involved with your boss is always tricky. But the heat between Taylor and his boss Phillip is off the charts and they can't keep their hands off each other. Taylor's skittish about getting too close to people, but Phillip is determined to break through his walls. When Phillip drags his new lover to Big Bear for the holidays, you would think they'd be in for a stress free weekend. But when you throw in ex-boyfriends, snow storms and rogue bears things are anything but relaxing.

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Trusting someone

This is the second book in my Hard-Ass Series. This book follows Taylor and his boss Phillip's blossoming relationship. It started out mainly as a physical attraction, but now there's a deeper connection between the two men. Phillip is older and ready for something deeper, but Taylor is terrified of letting anyone in too close. Just in case they don't like what they find. But even scared, he can't deny he wants anything Phillip is willing to give him.

The Cowboy and the Pencil-Pusher

Gay & Lesbian

Paul Smith prefers his calculator to people. People are annoying and demanding, but numbers will never let you down. He works tirelessly for his dad’s mortgage firm, foreclosing when it makes financial sense, and not losing any sleep over it either. Paul’s dad has always been a demanding taskmaster. But when he has a major health scare, Paul’s dad see’s the error of his ways. He decides he wants to change to a more benevolent business model. After having decades of harsh business practices drilled into him, Paul is not a fan of his dad’s new idea. Cort Callahan lives and has worked on his granddad’s ranch most of his life. But times are hard and they’ve fallen behind on their mortgage. When Paul’s dad decides he wants to offer them a way out of debt, if they’ll just go along with his unorthodox idea of turning the spread into a dude ranch, it’s hard to tell who thinks it’s a worse idea: Paul or Cort. But when Cort and his granddad take the deal, Paul is forced to work closely with Cort. The two men are surprised to realize they share an intense attraction that only grows stronger the more they’re around each other. The problem is Paul has spent his life trusting numbers and calculations. No matter how much he wants Cort, when he looks at how different they are from each other, the two of them just don’t add up.

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Cowboys and Nerds

I love throwing different types of people together; tough cowboys and nervous, uptight city boys. I like what they bring out in one another. They bring out character traits they might keep hidden unless faced with someone so different from themselves. And when you throw romance in, well it just gets even better!

Starting New

Gay & Lesbian

Life hasn’t been good to Francis Murphy. He’s survived twenty-one years of homelessness by hooking and taking handouts where he can find them. When the local shelter is vandalized, he’s forced to seek food at the Grace and Light Church, where he runs into the pastor’s son, Randy. Randy Wright believes the best in others. He's immediately drawn to Francis, even though Francis is hardened and wary. When Francis is attacked by one of his johns, Randy and his family take him in and offer him temporary work. Randy always thought he was straight, but something about Francis has him yearning for more than just friendship, and realizing he might be bisexual. Francis is attracted to Randy too, and Randy and his parents say they’ve always believed in gay rights. But talk is cheap. What are the odds that these Christian parents will remain open-minded when it's their own son in a relationship with another man?

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Learning to Trust

Francis Murphy was born on the streets and has lived there his whole life, selling his body just like his junkie mom taught him. When he stumbles across a loving, caring Christian family, the Wrights, who run an LGBT friendly church, he is mystified by why they want to help him. He's positive they must have an angle, but he can't figure out what it is. As time passes Randy Wright, the son of the LGBT friendly pastor, gradually realizes he has romantic/sexual feelings for Francis. I wanted to show the struggle this well meaning family is faced with when their own son might be bi-sexual. Would they still practice what they preach?

Unleashing Love

Gay & Lesbian

Depressed and at a crossroads following the death of his boyfriend, Drew Lawson dropped out of the cutthroat corporate world and started his own dog walking business. Pups and Leashes is off to a running start when Drew meets Kyle Bradley. Rich and successful, Kyle is everything Drew rejected after Steven's death. But suddenly saddled with his five-year old nephew as well as a rambunctious new puppy, Kyle is floundering. And Drew can't resist coming to the rescue. Before long, friendship turns to passion, but Drew is still guilty over Steven's death and afraid to embark on a relationship with someone who comes from the shallow world he rejected and left behind.

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MM Romance

I write a lot of angsty, emotional stories. So every now and then it's really nice to just create a fun, light romance with just a touch of angst. This is the story of a man who is saddled with his sick sister's dog and his five year old nephew, temporarily. When he hires Drew to walk the dog, an unlikely friendship, and then romance blossoms. It brings up the question, can we change if we're with the right people? Or are we forever set in our ways? I think we can change. I guess I'm a romantic optimist. Or perhaps that other side of us was always there, but hidden, until the right person came to us. What do you think?

Kiss and Tell

Gay & Lesbian

eau Dexter is a male escort with zero belief in love. He had a rough beginning in life, and he's not looking for anything other than a full roster of satisfied clients. Seth Fontaine is blind and grieving the loss of his lover five years ago. But even a broken-hearted man has needs, and that's where Beau comes in. Neither one of them is looking for anything other than a little superficial fun. But when these two damaged men connect on a much deeper level than expected, Beau's extreme fear of emotional intimacy almost derails them before they even begin.

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The Fire Underneath

Gay & Lesbian

Firefighter Joe Allegretti has some flames that need putting out the minute he meets sexy fellow firefighter, Dallas Williams. But the heat he's feeling has nothing to do with the burning buildings nearby. Not counting one curious kiss with another guy in college, Joe has always dated women. But as soon as Dallas appears Joe can't seem to ignore the scorching fire underneath that rages for the other man. But Joe struggles with what others might think of him if he dates Dallas openly, and Dallas isn’t interested in hiding what he feels for Joe. Joe’s a brave man, but is he brave enough to fight for what he wants?

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The Cowboy and the Barista

Gay & Lesbian

Thomas Lexington decides that what his small town in Colorado needs is a high end coffeehouse whether they know it or not. Opening day is a hit as all the penny pinchers come out of the woodwork for their free coffee. He also gets a visit from a gorgeous cowboy named Asher Jones. Asher is intrigued by the name of the shop The Coffee Corral. Since his usual gas station coffee haunt is closed for renovations he decides to give The Coffee Corral a try. There is an immediate attraction between the two of them but Thomas is already out, and Asher isn’t even willing to consider that. It seems as if it will never work out between them, but when fate has something brewing the possibilities are endless.

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Cowboys and Love

Love is a funny thing. Valentine's Day has me thinking about love. Naturally. Have you ever fallen for someone who seemed like the complete wrong fit, but it worked out really well? I think the heart is drawn to things completely different from the brain. The brain can make a list of all the reasons someone would be a bad choice, and yet the heart will still go full force ahead for that person. I think love shouldn't be too logical. Let your heart lead you, especially on Valentine's Day.

The New Boss

Gay & Lesbian

Griffen Rogers has a fulfilling career he loves, and a partnership with a man who makes him happy. Still, despite a life most people only dream of, Griffen is convinced that monogamy is for fools. And it’s forced his lover of three years, Leandro, to question their commitment. A sexy new boss, Ryker Sloan, arrives on the job and things get a little more complicated for Griffen. Will Griffen’s attraction to the new boss lead him down a road of temptation and regret, or will it reinforce his bond with Leandro—the man he may just want to spend the rest of his life with?

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Christmas Crush

Gay & Lesbian

Book worm Peter Harris isn't really in the Christmas Spirit, so his sister convinces him to give a blind date a try on Christmas Eve. Peter finds himself at The Fuzzy Palace fending off drunks. There's one patron who catches his eye, Chase Bennett, son of the club owner. Chase is sexy, smart, and drawn to Peter. Peter can't imagine what Chase wants with a nerdy bookworm like him, but only a fool would turn down a gorgeous cool kid like Chase.

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Until The Morning

Gay & Lesbian

When Peter Thompson’s best buddy, Brandon Ray discovers there’s a fraternity in town willing to pay two hundred dollars to anyone who spends Halloween night in old Scarborough Manor, he drags Peter and dorm oddball, Creepy Connor along to keep him company. It isn’t long before the boys figure out why no one has ever lasted the entire night in the terrifying place. Peter and his pals can only hope they’ll live to regret their decision.

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Creepy stories work year round

I decided to put this story on sale for only 99 cents because scary stories are fun any time of the year. I certainly love to watch creepy movies and read ghost stories all year round. Not just at Halloween. Until Morning is a story about some college age boys who decide to stay in an old, supposedly, haunted house on Halloween night so they can win some money. Let's just say, things definitely go bump in the night.

Up In Flames

Gay & Lesbian

Avery Syracuse is a New York transplant with the Skeenville Fire Department. He’s a little rough around the edges, but loveable and loyal. Down on his luck in the romance department, he could use some help with the bills and is looking for a roommate when Luke Turner arrives. Luke is one of the best firemen Avery has ever seen, and it doesn’t make sense for Luke to be wasting his time in Skeenville. The two men have an instant connection both men know is worth exploring. As they set about igniting the fire between them, at home, at the station, up against the engine—it really doesn’t seem to matter—a connection far deeper than physical begins to emerge. However, these two men are going to have to trust each other enough to move beyond old hurts and buried secrets if they want to maintain a partnership—both at the station and at home.

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Dr. Feelgood

Gay & Lesbian

Whether they’re paramedics, nurses, therapists, doctors, or even actors who play them on TV, the men in the medical profession must contend with job stress and long hours that can make finding love a challenge. These dedicated professionals aid patients from the severely injured to those just needing some help with a bath, and along the way find creative ways to release some tension, reconnect with past partners, and even forge something that might last a lifetime. Injuries, huge workloads, dedication to duty, self-doubt, and fear of coming out of the closet are only some of the obstacles standing in the way of the men committed to easing pain and those in need of treatment. But with hard work, some humor, some steamy on- and off-the-job trysts, plenty of patience, and open hearts, doctors and patients alike can find the healing they need, whether it comes from a lifelong commitment or a quickie in the staff room. The men in this anthology are looking for relief, and they’re in luck—the doctor is in.

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