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Kat Biggie Press publishes books written by women that provide inspiration and hope, encouragement and light into the world. Two imprints include Purple Butterfly Press and Chrysalis Press. www.katbiggiepress.com to learn more.


A Big Change for Daisy

A Big Change for Daisy

Children's Books

English Bulldog Daisy's quiet, charmed life with her doting owners is upended one fateful day when a new family member is introduced. Daisy is not sure what she thinks of this new companion, a Chihuahua-Daschund mix named Lilly Rosa with lots of puppy energy! Learn coping skills along with Daisy as she accepts and comes to love her new live-in friend.

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Queen of her own castle

This book is a great story about learning how to adapt to change in your life. The book opens with Daisy - a happy dog who has been all on her own for SEVEN years... until another puppy shows up...

A New Course


Shortly after Teresa gave birth to her second son, Nick, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Early infant and child intervention helped Nick reach developmental milestones in his own time. But there was more to come when Nick hit third grade. A wave of fire alarm-pulling along with other serious and dangerous behaviors signaled that this was something more than just Down syndrome. At last, a book that takes a deep dive into the complexities that families face raising a child with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism (DS-ASD) and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. A New Course is a hybrid of a memoir combined with valuable lessons following each chapter and in the appendix. It’s a must read for families, school faculty, therapists, physicians, and support groups wanting to understand a parent’s perspective and looking for answers about: Early intervention, Individual education plans (IEPs) and transition meetings, Speech, physical, and occupational therapies, Behavior support and applied behavior analysis (ABA), Toilet training and puberty issues, Wandering and elopement, Meltdowns, and Augmentative and alternative communication. Author Teresa Unnerstall provides guidance and hope steeped in more than 25 years of experience. She is a parent turned educational speaker, writer, advocate, and consultant. Her determination to find resources, support, and specialists helped her son to reach his full potential.

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Meltdown inducing Winter of 2006 in Chicago

My son Nick has a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and autism and was in the throes of puberty. We were stuck inside a lot and he would get very frustrated. Nick could only express his feelings through his actions as his speech deficits kept him from telling us how he was feeling. He couldn’t settle down and we didn't know how to help him. For the first time, I was afraid of my own son. I didn’t understand the brain wiring and how to support him. As we stay at home during this Coronavirus Pandemic, I am seeing flashes of these behaviors resurface and some days we are taking it hour by hour. Objects are going airborne again, he yells and hits himself; the concept of shelter in place is lost on him. He packs his lunch every day and puts it in his backpack at the door. Nick just wants to go out as we all do. His actions both in 2006 and now are expressions of frustration and fear. I’ve learned to recognize the triggers and signs of distress, so I can cut it off at the pass before things escalate to a meltdown. It’s still very challenging, but now I have much more patience and empathy. This helps me to cope and navigate the difficult days.

Scared & alone wondering what happened...

In the blink of an eye, my feelings of joy and excitement dissipated, when they took my baby out of the delivery room. You never know how long a minute (or in this instance 10 minutes) can be, unless you are doing a plank or waiting to hear back from the doctor. Twenty-six years later, I can vividly recall how quiet and empty the room became. I can still taste the staleness of the air in my mouth. I shiver thinking about that bone chilling stiffness in my body. It’s still hard to shake that feeling of being completely alone and terrified. I suppose it’s human nature to avoid making eye contact, when we feel uncomfortable. It’s easy to keep your eyes forward and skirt around such unpleasantness. I drive down the same road each day. There is one particular corner where homeless individuals stand, holding their tattered cardboard signs. Sometimes I act like I’m on my phone or keep my gaze on the road, because I feel sorry for them, and it makes me sad. Then, I think back to that day at the hospital and how I was completely ignored-it’s a gentle reminder of how important it is to show compassion. Nobody likes to feel invisible. Download the free ARC https://dl.bookfunnel.com/a75i6m07ai

After December

Literature & Fiction

Tony is dead. He killed himself Monday night. Three thousand miles away. Brian Listo is going home. Five days. Four best friends who don’t forgive him. Three women who can’t stand him. Two parents who don’t trust him. One unforgivable sin he can’t hide from anymore. Brian is back in Virginia despite the craters he left at New Year’s. Back to eat crow. To beg forgiveness. To explain himself to anyone who will listen. Except for the one person who can no longer hear him. Growing up, Tony always covered for Brian, made even his most heinous sins seem like minor infractions. But without Tony to play defense, Brian must learn to apologize. It’s time to come clean. Can he earn forgiveness? Does he deserve it? Or does he just need a clean break?

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Friday afternoon with Brian and his Dad

I love this moment between Brian and his father. There are things about Brian that are like his father and his reluctance to admit them is as much about age as it is about stage. When we’re desperate to make our own way in the world, we deny the influence of our parents as a means of establishing our own independence. There’s a great juxtaposition in college when you’re on your own, but not really because your parents are still paying for things. That’s where Brian is right now and it’s frustrating him. Second, there are stages in life where we’re certain we know ourselves better than our parents do and in those stages we deny the things they say about us. Brian doesn’t need to fight with his dad about the baseball game score, but he does anyway; he denies knowing it so he won’t admit his dad knows him well enough to ask. I looked up the Orioles schedule from that time and selected an actual date and a real score.

Anger at Tony for taking his life...

I love this scene because we see, for the first time, one of the friends being angry with Tony for what he’s done. Kacie’s grief manifests in anger with Tony for being a coward, for choosing death, for leaving them behind. For 139 pages we’ve been with Brian who talks about how much he loved Tony and in this scene we see Tony through Kacie’s eyes. She’s unforgiving of him. Her anger with Tony is mixed up with her anger with Brian and he listens to it as if she’s blaming Brian for Tony’s suicide. The miscommunication is fantastic and so real. I wanted this seen to be raw enough to make you cry with Kacie. Have empathy for her and realize the relationship she had with Tony rivaled Brian’s for closeness and interdependence. The resolution of this scene is all the more powerful for the conflict that opens it.

Behind the Secret Garden Door

Children's Books

Fall in love with cuddly Teddy MacDougal, an inquisitive West Highland white terrier on his mischievous adventure behind the Secret Garden Door. Once inside the garden, Teddy learns about the perils of the garden specifically, the Red Fox of Kennelworth. Meet all the woodland creatures from the author's garden like the three yellow finches, Farrel the Frog, King Elliot, a monarch butterfly and even Teddy's human little sister Charlotte. As an outspoken westie, Teddy finds himself struggling to fit in with his new friends and discovers a life lesson along the way that will leave you longing for the next book.

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The Birth of Magdalena


The journey of becoming a mother takes a different path for every woman. In this book, M. B. Antevasin walks the road of a modern-day pioneer as she forges her own way through the perils of the American birth culture. As a firm believer in natural birth, she is shocked to find herself another victim of the medical system. To make sense of her traumatic birth, she is forced to reexamine her entire life and the circumstances that brought her to this point. This memoir verbalizes the spiritual and physical transformation of a victim into a woman with her own power and her own voice. M.B. Antevasin lives at the intersection between science and spirituality, incorporating what she has learned from both to live authentically and bring more love, joy and healing to the world.

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The Conception

MB Antevasin opened the book with this story because she wanted to show the point that we carry our birth stories with us throughout our entire lives, often without realizing or appreciating the full impact of childbirth on our mental and emotional well-being, and even physical well-being.

How our secrets impact us

You don't have to stay in pain... We can escape the secrets and the lies that have shaped our past... I wrote this book for mothers, women who want to heal, women who are survivors of incest and rape and childhood sexual abuse, and healers who work with All of the above.

The Other F-Word: When Faith Fills the Gap

Religion & Spirituality

Life is hard to control. One day you're picking up your kids from preschool and the next day you're learning your four-year-old has brain cancer. Where do you turn when your worst nightmare becomes your reality? When life is good, faith is easy. When your perfectly laid plans have been derailed, it's difficult to see the point in believing in anything. How could God allow such a thing to happen if he's really good? Death, divorce, abuse, financial ruin - the difficulties take many forms, but the way out is singular. This book is here to help you remember why you need your faith and how to hang onto it when Faith is NOT the "f-word" you want to use.

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Faith is easy... until it's not

The Other F Word is a beautiful book by Sara Stamp, published by Kat Biggie Press. Sara says about her book: I wanted to start the book with an introduction to my friend Kelly to show that I'm not judging people for struggling with their faith. I didn't understand this struggle until I was tested with my own major life event - the death of my 5-year-old daughter. Once I had this experience, a true test of my faith, I understood Kelly and the struggle she had had a lot better. This isn't a book about judgment or telling you there's something wrong with you if you struggle with faith after a major event in your life. It's about how to hold on when Faith is NOT the "F word" you want to use. You can learn more about Sara on our website, katbiggiepress.com

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