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"A practical and highly relevant leadership book for today's workplace... From college classes to corporate training, this is a great read that provides a relevant framework to help employees grow as leaders and build resiliency when facing adversity." —Steve Denault, Chief Operating Office | COUNTRY Financial ®

"Dr. Jawahar is an expert in the field of management... By reading this book you will find meaningful, time-tested strategies to apply the best of management theory in your real-life experiences. Wish I would have had this book early in my career!" —Dr. Doug Rahn, Healthcare Executive and Educator

"Jim Jawahar provides practical solutions to real-world scenarios that are supported by solid academic research. Whether you're wearing your 'management har' as a business leader, or an 'employee hat' looking for career advancement opportunities, you'll benefit from Thrive!" —Brent D. Bostrom, Vice President and General Counsel (retd) | GROWMARK, Inc.

Although we learn something from every book, most popular management books aren't based on rigorous empirical research. Therefore, while the suggestions made by the author may have worked for some, there is no guarantee that they will work for you.

Professional advice based on rigorously tested theories has a higher likelihood of helping you achieve success. In Thrive! Professor Jim Jawahar asks eight successful individuals to share their career journeys and then explains the theoretical framework underlying the concepts and principles that contributed to their success. Each path shows the way to accomplishing a goal, including: 

  • Reducing work stress
  • Ensuring a fair workplace
  • Enhancing workplace diversity
  • Achieving psychological well-being
  • Modifying a boring job into an exciting and meaningful job
  • Securing an excellent performance evaluation
  • Obtaining a significant pay raise or a promotion
  • Advancing in your career field

Jim gives you the knowledge to choose a path that aligns with your aspirations, outlines steps to achieve your goals, and Thrive!

Book Bubbles from Thrive!

Political skills and career success

Political skill is a personable resource. It is a malleable construct which means one can work toward increasing political skill. It has many benefits and research shows that it is instrumental for achieving career success.

Small Wins

Although a complete overhaul of a system may be necessary, new managers may not have the political capital to successfully implement such a change. In such instances, it is better to make small changes that builds on a previous successful change. Implementing a small change can be considered a small win, and a small win attracts more allies and resources, setting you up to attempt the next small win. This approach to change has substantial research support and if implemented effectively can be used to work toward making a big change, over time.

Quality of Relations with Supervisorvisor

The quality of relationship you have with your supervisor has important consequences. You are likely to receive more resources, higher performance ratings and promotion opportunities when you have a high-quality relationship with your supervisor. On the other hand, if your relationship is poor, you may be excluded from the inner circle and could experience poor outcomes, such as low performance evaluations, and may even be fired!


This book is a must read for professionals and working adults who wish to achieve success in their careers!

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