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Helana  Kline

Before becoming an award-winning author, H.E. (Lainie~) Kline was a former Federal Official Court Reporter who specialized in realtime expert, medical, and scientific testimony. Kline is an RPR, RMR, CRR, and has a Bachelor's in English ... "I write fiction," Kline says, "to creatively intertwine nonfiction into contemporary paranormal romance, crime fiction, mystery, science fiction, and horror in a concerted effort to give a 'voice' to those whose voice may have been forgotten or lost in translation." - Boston.com


Hallowed Halls

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

******2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Gold Medal Winner Legal Thriller****** The halls of justice are paved with good intentions. Newly minted prosecutor Becky Lawrence is tough. She has to be. Her world is filled with murderers, gangsters, and sex offenders. But she harbors a soft spot for the victims and their families and is bound and determined to bring monsters to justice... Becky can't believe her dream job, Assistant U.S. Attorney, is turning into a waking nightmare. She is irresistibly attracted to her new boss, Zach Woods, who not only has become jaded over the years but he's married! But she has an even bigger problem, a ghost -- yes, a real live (or should we say dead) ghost haunts Boston's Federal Courthouse seeking justice. Through Charlie, she is able to gain insight into cases that may not be readily visible... Becky's harrowing odyssey through the hallowed halls of justice plunges her into some of the most heartbreaking and thought-provoking crimes ever tried in federal court. Trials by fire from which no one will emerge unscathed. Warning: This book contains real federal crimes, graphic language, and disturbing testimony. Reader discretion is advised.

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Monsters Are Real

Evil exists. Monsters are real and they walk these Hallowed Halls... Warning: This book is intended for readers 18+. It contains real federal court cases, graphic language, and disturbing testimony that may be upsetting to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

Making Deals With The Devil

“You gave him a plea deal? You offered him immunity? How do you live with yourself? You’re a prosecutor. How do you look in the mirror?” Step inside the United States Attorney's Office behind closed doors into the plea deals and cooperation agreements prosecutors engage in as they trade one life for another, the small fry for the big fish, in their quest for justice….

Sex, corruption, truth, and justice...

Sex, corruption, truth, and justice...blurred lines “On December 7, 2009, Attorney John Gill contacted the FBI and reported that a client, Joanna Clark, who later became a cooperating witness (CW), had been in Lawrence District Court trying to get a prostitution charge dismissed. According to Attorney Gill while they were in court, the CW pointed to the clerk magistrate and said, ‘I blew him in court yesterday.’”

Sex In Prison

“But, your Honor, sex within a prison is simply not the same as sex outside, particularly between a female inmate and her male captors; the relationship between them is inherently unbalanced. A female inmate must rely on her male captors for basic necessities, phone privileges, visits with her children, protection from harm from them or other inmates, health needs. The men in these circumstances have absolute power over women."

Inside a genocide

“As I just told you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this defendant was actually very active politically. She said in her application for a visa seeking asylum that she was not a member of any political party. That was a lie. She said that her husband was not a member of any political party. That was a lie. Then you're going to hear that she said in her application that her husband was not a member of the secret police ... another bold-faced lie. ‘A member of the secret police’ … ladies and gentlemen, he was the director of the secret police during the whole genocide.”

Gay Bashing On Trial #1

America seems to have become obsessed in recent years with court cases and reality courtroom TV. There's Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Milian, and on and on. With all due respect, these shows monopolize television all day long with ridiculous small claims cases of no real import. As a Federal Official Court Reporter I often thought: Imagine a novel involving the kinds of important cases that are tried every day in federal courts across the country, cases involving: murder, corruption, organized crime, hate crimes, sexual and financial predators, lawyers making shady deals, politicians taking bribes, dirty cops stealing evidence and selling drugs on the streets, judges dismissing prostitution charges in exchange for "sexual favors"...

Gay Bashing On Trial #2

Anti-gay violence is, alas, nothing new; and perhaps no case pending is more compelling or illustrative of the issues at hand than U.S. vs. McLaughlin currently pending in Federal Court for the District of Massachusetts before Justice Charles P. Woodbury. The trial is slated to begin with jury empanelment Friday morning. Matthew Thomas McLaughlin was a 19-year-old student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst who was beaten, tortured, and left to die near his dorm on the night of October 6, 2010, and died six days later at Massachusetts General Hospital from severe head injuries as a rock was lodged three-quarters of an inch into the back of his head.”

Horrors Of The Mind: A Paranormal Experience

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

******2019 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards Bronze Medal Winner Horror****** In recent years The Bridgewater Triangle seemed tailor-made for the never-ending array of supermarket tabloid fabrications like The Sun and The National Enquirer boasting dubious headlines such as: "Bizarre Beings Lurk in Devil's Triangle Over New England, Investigators Explore Fearsome Swamp Known As America's Deadly Triangle Terror, What Lurks In The Hockomock Swamp?, Legends and Myths Rise From the Murk." Lacy is a little girl who dreads falling asleep because that's when the horrific nightmares begin. Janie investigates an unexplained outbreak of seizures among young children, but what is uncovered is far from a medical problem and is connected to a significant time in early American history. Doug innocently picks up a hitchhiker, which sets in motion a terrifying ordeal of bloodthirsty killer cats including his own! Terrifying nightmares, Native American shapeshifters, and phantom hitchhikers all meld together to bring you a paranormal trilogy that will have you questioning your beliefs, even your own sanity, as each explores a supernatural theme in a unique way. Three tales of nail-biting horror connected by one common thread. These stories will play on your mind, and you certainly want to read this book with all the lights on and check under the bed. You never know what could be lurking...

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"Good fiction is the truth within the lie."

Have you ever been haunted by the past? Is there a way for past lives or past generations to return in some way? Is there a parallel universe? Are dreams a portal into another dimension? One may not know the answers to these questions, but this book will make you think, look into your soul, and wonder: IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Metacom, King Philip

“‘King Philip,’ Jessie said, ‘who’s that?’ ‘Metacom, kid,’ and Janie winked at Jessie. He closed his eyes seeing the three-headed dragon hovering over his head, a single tear fell from his left eye. ‘Janie,’ and Jessie paused searching for his words, ‘you ever hear of Kiehtan?’ Janie shook her head in the negative, sliding her iPhone out of her pant leg Googling: ‘Kiehtan.’ First hit: ‘Myths of the Americas: Kiehtan, creator of all things; he also created one man and one woman, and through them the whole of humanity.’ Janie handed her iPhone 5S to Jessie. Sarah read over Jessie’s shoulders. As Jessie’s and Janie’s eyes locked, Jessie whispered: ‘God, Kiehtan is God?’” "Mixing real history with storytelling, an intriguing and wholly engaging story about an Indian ghost haunting, a secret message within the horror, and a woman driven to uncover the mystery plaguing a group of young children" ... "A Must Read!" and showcased as "New Favorite Paranormal Read"... Midwest Book Review

Legends & Myths Rise From The Murk

Believe it or not, there are several triangle areas all over our planet. In recent years "The Bridgewater Triangle" seemed tailor-made for the never-ending array of supermarket tabloid fabrications like The Sun and The National Enquirer boasting dubious headlines such as: "Bizarre Beings Lurk in Devil's Triangle Over New England, Investigators Explore Fearsome Swamp Known As America's Deadly Triangle Terror, What Lurks In The Hockomock Swamp?, Bigfoot In Bridgewater?, Legends and Myths Rise From the Murk."

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