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Ginger Sharp resides in New Jersey. For many years she worked in the information technology field. She has a love for traveling to other countries. Ginger is an avid supporter of animal welfare. Her first book, "Lost Her," made its debut in 2013 on Amazon which is followed by many other steamy adult romance novels. For a listing of her current works in progress, please visit her at


Five Hole


He knew it was goalie interference…but she still scored. What’s that old saying,

Book Bubbles from Five Hole

Admittance to Brook's Theory

In this excerpt of Five Hole, Remy starts to listen to Brook's advice in regards to his playing technique.

Designed Addiction


Cali Mathers is not your typical girl. She is feisty, athletic, but young and naïve. She has dreams that she is striving to attain. She meets Zack when she first starts high school at the age of fourteen. Zack, with his small close-knit group of senior friends takes the freshman, Cali, under their wing to protect her from the other jealous girls. Zack becomes overly protective of Cali and he chases off all the other guys who are trying to pursue her. Zack and Cali’s friendship grows and they become romantically involved. Zack shapes Cali into the woman she is becoming and for what he desires. Zack loses control when his plans for his and Cali’s future go astray. Cali suffers from losing her dreams when their issues destroy her life.

Book Bubbles from Designed Addiction

Cali's Punishment

Zack leaves Cali behind in an extremely awkward position.

Cali's Confession

Cali explains to Zack as to why her mother has issues with the relationship between Cali and Zack.

Meek Beauty


When Lily makes a life decision to pursue a golden modeling opportunity that could change her lonely life, her strict military father disapproves. He then forces Lily from her childhood home and disowns her from his life. While traveling for a photo shoot on a small charter boat, Lily meets Ramiro, an attractive young, tall deckhand, where she transforms his also desolate existence. He desires her and this unique sensual life, for what he expects to be forever. These two misfits bond in ways that most people dream of for their own reality, but to the point where envy becomes cruel and darkens these two lovers realm.

Book Bubbles from Meek Beauty

Beach Party

Ramiro has difficulty staying away from Lily. He does not want to get attached to her since she will be leaving the Dominican Republic soon. Lily has invited him to a beach party, but Ramiro is unsure if he should attend.

Young Love

Ramiro and Lily begin to sexually experiment!



Tony Verducci is a single father with a brooding Jersey-sized chip on his shoulder about life, love, and women. Cassi York is a trusting California Girl who expects the best out of everyone and is slowly becoming disillusioned about romance and men. When these two lost neighbors meet, sparks fly, tempers flare, and both learn to deal with the baggage in their mutual lives. Stalemate is a modern day story about how opposites attract regardless of their rocky pasts and present situations. Can Tony and Cassi prove that love can always find a way, or will they lose each other in the rough waters of New Jersey.

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Let the games begin! Beware this section is sexually graphic and for mature 18 years old audience only!

Tony's Tease

At this point of the story, Tony is still on the fence about ruining what he has with Melinda to explore with Cassi.

Tony's Desire

This is the turning point for Tony where he has choices to make about Cassi.

Jaded Legacy


New Zealand heir, Parker Nevil receives much pressure from his parents to settling down. He’s only twenty-five year old and has plenty of time for love and a family, but does he? Parker meets a woman whose image he can't clear from his head. Her stunning American red-haired beauty with a take charge attitude. He instantly falls for Vikki as he is trying to act respectable to get Vikki to commit to him. Distance family member feels that the American woman is no good for him and plot to destroy their relationship.

Book Bubbles from Jaded Legacy

The college annoyance

Vikki cannot escape her past.

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