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TINA M. ZION is a fourth generation psychic medium, specializing in teaching medical intuition. Tina wants you to succeed as a medical intuitive practitioner and focuses her workshop on you. She teaches medical intuition in the UK, Wales, Canada, Portugal, Romania, New Zealand, Australia and throughout the US. She is a registered nurse, a Gestalt trained mental health counselor and a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Tina is the authority for medical intuition and is the author of Become a Medical Intuitive: The Complete Developmental Course, and her new book, Advanced Medical Intuition: 6 Underlying Causes of Illness and Unique Healing Methods, is now available. Tina has also written, The Reiki Teacher’s Manual. She is a contributing author in Michael Newton’s latest book, Memories of the Afterlife. Tina’s true love and passion is teaching people how to do medical intuition for others. She individually mentors individuals to discover and excel as intuitives and mediums. Contact her at www.livingawareinc.com tz@hughes.net


Become a Medical Intuitive


This book provides a complete training experience to become a medical intuitive. Each chapter advances you, step-by-step, to intensify your psychic abilities and develop your x-ray perception. A medical background is not necessary to excel as a medical intutitive. "Become a Medical Intuitive" provides you with the following: How to physically see like an x-ray machine; How to take charge of your energy field; How imagination and intuition work together; Develop inner sight for the deeper cause of illness; See, feel, and sense the entire person on all levels; Understand the electromagnetic energy of thought and emotion; Receive the pure essence of someone's life story; How to use medical intuition as a healing technique; Understand and use the "knowing" you have; Inform without diagnosing; Identify general areas and organs of the human body; Assess auric colors for vibrational accuracy; Actual case studies and assessments to learn from. You are already intuitive. It is only a matter of noticing all of the information you are receiving in a different way. The medical intuitive's life is feeling, sensing, knowing, and perceiving on multiple levels with all of your senses. When you have completed the course contained in this book, you will have truly developed x-ray vision. Contact Tina Zion at www.livingawareinc.com

Book Bubbles from Become a Medical Intuitive

Successful Meditation

I was sitting on the floor in the living room of an elderly man from India. It was my first time there and he was about to teach me how to meditate. This man gave the first step to me. He said. “Now close your eyes and meditate.” In my mind I was screaming, “What! This is my first training step from a man who grew up in an ashram in India!” I, however, quietly and respectfully closed my eyes and began to see bright colors, images like a movie. All the while I was also thinking – This man, my great teacher from India, will be so proud of me!” He finally asked me to open my eyes and tell him about my meditation. Delightfully, I described all the details of my “technicolor movie” that went on inside of my head. He quietly and respectfully listened to every word. Then he said, “I do not know what you do but it is NOT meditation!” I am still giggling about that moment that happened over 30 years ago.

A Person's Eternal Soul

I was sitting quietly in my sunroom sort of in a meditative place but mostly watching the birds at the feeder. Ever so gently one of my guides stepped into the sunroom with me and stated, “When you see someone’s aura you are truly seeing that person’s eternal soul.” I had never thought of it before. So that moment sent me into a deeper understanding of my perceptions and the profound meaning within each detail of a human’s auric field.

Each Person is a Soul

When a dear, dear friend of mine became extremely angry with me. As intuitive as I am, I had no idea that those emotions were rumbling and about to blow. When he did blow I was shocked. When my shock subsided I decided to go past the event and the emotion of that person so that I could notice his soul. I looked for what he must be going through and also what he might be trying to learn. It was calming for me and I had a deeper sense of the other person.

It's in the details

Students who take my workshop are receiving intuitive information but it is often very general. For example they might say they intuitively saw a tree and then go on to say they received an image of a ladder etc. I then ask for details such as what type of tree, what season was it in, what surrounded it, what size is it. I would ask for details regarding the ladder. Was it propped against something, what is it, is it metal or wood, if it is wood is it new or old and weathered. As a medical intuitive our accuracy is in the tiniest of details.

Beyond Belief

I was doing a Reiki session with a woman who seemed quite ill. I suddenly had waves of love that only could be considered as coming from the Divine. I had never experienced it before and have never experienced it since. That’s how beyond belief it was for her and for me.

Your First Chakra

At first I was really mystified about chakras. The more I studied them the more fascinated I became. As a medical intuitive, I do not perceive them as spinning funnels or tornado forms like they are always shown in drawings. I perceive them as concentrated areas of energy that expand outward in all directions. I find so many issues with the health of the first chakra. So many times it is dim, dark without a flow. We cannot have physical health without a bright red vibrant first chakra!

Wondering About Auras

I was at my uncle's house the first time I heard the word aura. He said, "You just got angry did't you?" I responded, "Yes, how did you know?" My uncle said, "A maroon red just shot out of your head!" We both laughed and I began to read about auras.

Healers Getting Sick

Over and over again professional healers tell me that they cannot get their clients out of their mind and they worry about them all the time. They wonder if they are doing better, or if they are working to improve their diet. etc When a person walks out of my office or we hang up the phone, I release them. I do not try to remember their session or their sorrows. Esther Hicks, channeling Abraham says it the best!!!

Imagination or Intuition?

As I travel all over the world now teaching medical intuition, I have noticed a theme that often comes up from students. They will say: "I just perceived something but I think it is just my imagination. What I got probably isn't right." It will ALWAYS feel like you imagined intuition because it is information coming from the non-physical realms. Whatever you get has some level of truth no matter what. Often our clients will not be able to connect with it at the time. Trust and trust and trust some more!

Are You Working too Hard?

Time and time again people approach me stating that they are working so hard to receive intuitive information and working so hard to bring healing to their clients or friends. Be on the alert to the sense and feel of working so darn hard at this. It should ALWAYS be a red flag that you are not working with your spirit guides. They do most of the work!

We must honor the soul’s path

People in my workshops sometimes become very emotional and quite upset when I talk about children having the right to say no to an adult’s energetic and intuitive help. Each child is a small form of their eternal soul. We must honor the soul’s path even if the soul is a one day old tiny human.

Practice with a Study Buddy

I worked with a study buddy nearly every week for about two years. We did not meet in person since we lived over two hours from each other. Our study sessions were over the phone and we made appointments in our hectic schedules for our study sessions. We: -Studied notes from classes that we took. -We assigned ourselves different books regarding intuition. -We assigned ourselves a chapter or a few pages at a time. -We created out own assignments . -We discussed our similarities but also how different our intuitive techniques are from each other.

Terrified To Teach

I adore and love to teach groups of people in my workshops. The moments that people exclaim or even mutter WOW or AHA fill and expand my heart. I want people to realize and deeply know just how incredible they really are; I want people to know powerful they are: I want people to feel the sensitivities that they already have but are unrecognized. My greatest surprise after all these years is how comfortable I am in front of a large group. I dropped out of college in my freshman year, because at that time, a speech class was mandatory. I signed up but when it came time for me to do a speech I ran out of the room sick to my stomach and immediately dropped the class. It was a few years before I could go back to college. Now I make my living standing before large crowds of people teaching about the non-physical realm and the abilities we have to connect in with the non-physical realm. I love the “aha’s” because only moments ago, those people were convinced they could not become intuitives or mediums. Push yourself past those boundaries and blocks. They are self-created and we can un-create them too.

Medical intuition works alongside traditional medi

My clients sometimes ask me if they should cancel an appointment with their physicians and they have even asked me if they should cancel their surgeries hearing the medical intuitive information that I received for them. “NO!” I respond. Medical intuition works alongside traditional medicine and not against it. When the two modalities of intuition and traditional medicine come together, healing on a mental, emotional and physical level is even more possible.

Go With The Flow

As a mental health counselor I have witnessed an immense amount of grief, guilt and even horror in people’s lives. I began to see patterns within the struggles people have. I also began to see patterns in my own struggles. The more I went with the flow the more my life became smoother and less bumpy. The less I tried to get people to act the way I thought they should, the more peaceful I became. the key is to become fascinated with the world around you and that includes becoming fascinated with family and friends too.

You're not odd. You are You!

I used to hide my abilities when I found out that the majority of people do not pay attention to the non-physical world around them. I stopped hiding it. I became proud of it but do not push that awareness onto others. Many people just are not ready to go where you can go. They are not ready to include the wisdom of the universe into their daily life.

Fighting: An Energetic Wave

I noticed that people talk about fighting against everything. Even TV commercials announce that we need to fight against abuse, against cancer, against hunger. All these words and thoughts about fighting create an enormous energetic wave that appears dense and thick. Intuitively I perceive the “fighting against wave of energy” hit against the issue and sit there pushing and pushing in a checkmate. Nothing ever moves. It only continues to push and the issue pushes back in equal resistance.


When I stepped back from reacting to people in my life I began to notice something else. I noticed a soul. I noticed that each person is functioning at the level of awareness they have achieved so far. Each person is more than a personality or clothes or career. I stepped back and began to see a much larger more complicated story. I no longer reacted but became fascinated.


Beware of anyone who says they are the only one who can be a medical intuitive. This is simply not true. I travel all over the globe teaching people the specific steps to do this for others. I live for the moments when people in my workshops POP OPEN with intuitive awareness for their "practice client" during an experiential practice session. The practice partners give such endearing validation to each other that their medical intuitive awareness is so accurate. This is a learned skill that you can accomplish to assist many others in the world.

Is it My Imagination?

We are all wired to naturally receive intuitive information! I grew up in an intuitively aware family. I thought everyone accepted their intuition until I began to teach my workshop, Become a Medical Intuitive. I immediately found out that people constantly blow off their intuition as just their imagination. Make this leap right now....It will ALWAYS feel like you just imagined it. In fact - you cannot be intuitive unless you are able to access that frequency! That vibration contains the creative essence of the cosmos. It is filled with information for us to receive.

Just Like An X-Ray

This is actually how my medical intuitive abilities began. Many people tell me that they cannot do this and do not have this ability, What I want you to notice right now is that I was not trying to make an intuitive moment happen. It began naturally and completely spontaneous. I was not working hard to accomplish medical intuition.. In my weekend workshop I ask that each of you to not work at this skill. Working hard is a constricting energy. True intuition is a very passive receiving of information.

I Can't Stop Teaching!

I am teaching medical intuition all over the US and now in countries throughout the world and yet people keep telling me that I have got to stop teaching the workshops. They keep telling me that I am creating my own competition. There is NO such thing as competition because there are enough people for all of us to help. People are yearning for the depth of understanding that a medical intuitive can bring. I cannot stop! My heart pops open every single time a student pops open with new skills and insights. So I will keep on teaching!!!

We are naturally wired to be intuitive

Be wary of someone stating that they are the only one who can do something. Just yesterday I came across a website regarding medical intuition. This person stated on their site that they are the only one who can do medical intuition! It is simply not true because I am doing it and so can you. We are naturally wired to be intuitive. It is our right to utilize this level of awareness.in our own life and to assist the lives of others around us. If you are drawn to learn about medical intuition and feel a yearning then please know that you too can learn and hone those skills. The premise of my entire life's work is that anyone who feels this interest and feels the pull toward medical intuition can learn and excel with this skill. So not buy into someone saying that they are the only one!

Western Medicine is Catching Up

Lately medical research is finding that our thoughts and emotions really can lead to an illness in our body. I want people now to take that to the next step: If our thoughts and emotions can create illness then they can also create health in our bodies as well. Energy follows thought. What are your thoughts creating right now? What have your thoughts been creating for years? Please look at this larger concept and begin to discover the underlying cause of your own illness.

The Reiki Teacher’s Manual: A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Practitioners


This book is designed for students, practitioners, and teachers. It will enrich the classes that current teachers are giving and gives the new teacher confidence and pride when providing that very first class. Practitioners will have a greater understanding of how to apply Reiki and what is actually happening during a session. You will never again be afraid or even worried about teaching a Reiki class or giving the attunement. You will be pleased and your students will be grateful for the rich content in your classes. "The Reiki Teacher's Manual" is a precise step-by-step guide to instruct all three levels or degrees of Reiki. This manual and its format provide you with: A concise manual that is user friendly; A quick reference to answer student's questions; Consecutive steps with time approximations to make sure you teach all the information and still have plenty of time for the hands on practice sessions. How to get the most for your students during their hands on practice; How to increase the power of your attunement; How to teach the attunement to others; Goals for different segments of each class; Detailed descriptions and uses for the symbols; 15 handouts that are concise, informative, and can be copied from the book; Complete written explanations for each handout; A list of supplies for each level and suggestions for your classroom environment; Guidelines in opening your own Reiki practice; Information regarding state licensing needs; How to avoid issues with physicians and the medical community.

Book Bubbles from The Reiki Teacher’s Manual: A Guide for Teachers, Students, and Practitioners

Attunements are Not Enough

I wrote The Reiki Teacher's Manual because people were receiving attunements without receiving a class. But do you know what else I was hearing? They paid large amounts of money for the attunement and never received a class. As a result people were not offering the Reiki energy to people who could benefit from that energy. The Reiki student had no idea how to proceed to help anyone! I had to speak out.

No Secrets

When I teach any topic regarding intuition or Reiki I make sure that I share every single thing that I can about the topic. I do not hold anything back. I have come to realize, however, that some teachers do not share some of the key tips about their subject. I need to function with integrity and a big part of that is to give all I have to my class. This is what lies beneath the purpose of writing this book about Reiki. I wanted potential teachers to have a structure to teach Reiki and I wanted students to have the information about Reiki. No secrets left behind.

Lots of Rules

In this excerpt from my book, The Reiki Teacher's Manual, I talk about all the rules that have been created by people over the years. It did not begin with rules. Mikao Usui did not have rules but he did teach it and he gave guidelines in utilizing it to assist others. Reiki has spread across the globe at an amazing rate because the energy of Reiki flows through with the energy of the Universe. Does it need to be controlled by humans? My latest teaching about Reiki is that it is "the ultimate door opener" for life. I give Reiki all the credit for opening my medical intuitive abilities. Do not close the door with so many rules. Allow Reiki to open the doorways in your life.

Ask for Permission

I once posted a comment on my Reiki Facebook page that created a FIRESTORM of angry comments. This is what I said: Before you begin to give Reiki to an individual, in person or through distant Reiki, please ask them for permission first. You can ask the person directly or you can ask them intuitively for permission. You must accept a no if that is what you get. People went wild with comments that it is not necessary to ask permission. What is your opinion?

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