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Stu  Duncan

I live in the forest of Ontario, Canada, on the edge of a lake. I was never able to decide what I wanted to do when I grew up and it is getting a little late to make that decision. I have been a skydiver, barefoot water-skier, paramedic, college teacher, software developer, chemist, fisherman, pilot, aircraft builder, and an author. Those are the things I remember.
I studied at Niagara College, Waterloo University, McMasterUniversity, Brock University, and the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico.
I have flown the plane I built, a two-seater STOL (Short Take Off Landing) aircraft, from coast to coast in Canada. In 2020 I added floats to my plane.
I am currently working on a novel tentatively called "Robot Wife".


Rosa and the Prion - Native Without a Tribe

Working Title: Rosa and the Prion - Native Without a Tribe

This Book Is In Development

Rosa and the Prion - Native Without a Tribe

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Left on a white couple's doorstep.
Raped by 5 white boys at her highschool prom.
Abused by a political appointee boss.
Yet she works to save the world?

A newborn is left on a white-man's doorstep. The childless couple raise her. She becomes a world famous medical researcher. In trying to save the world from a 100% fatal disease she is kidnapped by people who plan on killing her. Saved by an Indian, she discovers her tribe and her people. Finally true love blossoms in her life.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Rosa and the Prion - Native Without a Tribe

eBook or Audiobook

Rosa doesn't know that she is on a road to discovery of her roots. She is rich, successful, famous, holds two doctorates, and is lonely. She has a hole in her life that she tries to fill with loser boyfriends. Sitting on a lab stool solving problems for a bigoted ungrateful humanity is the only time she is happy. She doesn't know that her world is about to be turned upside down and her life will be put at great risk by people she has never met. Rosa is a native Canadian who has never been on a reserve and knows nothing about her roots. Available from my website. Introductory pricing for the unabridged audiobook version, 99 cents.

Audiobook 99 cents

Please go to my website and listen to a multivoice excerpt from Rosa and the Prion - Native Without a Tribe. If you can find a better deal than 99 cents for 5 hours of quality entertainment, buy it. This audiobook is available for immediate download after purchase in the form of an mp3 file. These are almost universal and will play on all modern devices. Rosa, the heroine, has problems with her boyfriend and her boss. She doesn't know that these issues will soon be minor irritants compared to what she will have to use her brilliance to survive.

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