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LIFE EXPERIENCES: Stu Duncan lives in the forest of Ontario Canada on the edge of a lake. He has been a skydiver, barefoot water-skier, paramedic, college teacher, software developer, chemist, fisherman, pilot, aircraft builder, and an author. EDUCATION: He studied at Niagara College, Waterloo University, McMaster University, Brock University, and the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara in Mexico. FUTURE PLANS: He has flown the plane he built, a two-seater STOL (Short Take Off Landing) aircraft, from coast to coast in Canada. In 2020 he added floats to his plane and plans on visiting some of the thousands of lakes in Ontario.



Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Would you murder your brother to save your country?  Hitler's scientists knew about the potential of a nuclear bomb.  They knew the theory for the creation of the bomb.  Why didn't the Nazis have a bomb?  A brilliant female physicist working on the bomb in America leaves her job against orders. She struggles to get to Europe where, for personal reasons, she volunteers for a suicide mission to stop Hitler's atomic bomb.

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Which is better?

Which is better, a single voice audiobook or a multi-voice audiobook. Once you have heard a multi-voice audiobook, you will realize that there is no contest. A multi-voice audiobook brings the characters to life. After a couple of months of hard work, I have finished the unabridged multi-voice audiobook of Zwillinge. Go to my website and listen to the 5 minute demo of the book. The attached excerpt from the novel shows one of the separated twins having endless problems attempting to thwart Hitler’s goal of producing a nuclear bomb. His twin sister, meanwhile, is working in America to accomplish the same thing. Neither twin is aware of their relationship.

Where did Hitler go?

I wrapped my story around historical facts. In August 1917, a wounded Lance Corporal, Adolph Hitler, returned from the front to Berlin for 18 days. History does not tell us where he stayed or who he saw. I provided a totally unverified possibility. This home is where the switched Jewish male twin is growing up. The husband, Egon, is a soldier and unaware that his son is Jewish and that he is not his biological father. The best part of the home scene is when Hitler holds the 7-year-old boy on his lap. His anti-Jewish rhetoric does not include the ability to identify Jews. The wife and midwife are appalled by Hitler and concerned about the husband hanging on every word of the future evil dictator. As they return to the front, the midwife, who switched the babies, hopes in vain that neither will live through the war.

Can she murder her twin to save her country.

There are endless true stories of twins separated at birth and finding each other as adults. Like many of you, I am fascinated by these stories. In a previous novel, “Twogether” I tell the tale of identical twins separated at birth who grow up on different continents speaking different languages. In “Zwillinge” I separate fraternal twins at birth, a boy and a girl. But the separation is fraught with serious potential problems since the twin Jewish boy ends up in a German military family. There is a strong historical bent in this novel as it moves from pre-WW1 through the end of WW2 and the development of the atomic bomb. Both twins become physicists and are working on the development of the bomb, one in Germany and one in the USA. For personal reasons, the female twin volunteers to enter warring Germany, find their leading physicist, extract all the information she can and then kill him. Unknown to her, the man she is to kill is her twin brother.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Would you mutilate your rapist knowing he would immediately kill you? Would you become a full-time criminal after a huge lottery win? Would you seek a sibling you only think exists if it would expose the parents you love as criminals? They have had an empty feeling in their hearts since birth. Someone is missing in their lives. Speaking different languages, and growing up on different continents, identical twin sisters are seeking to find each other, not knowing that it will put their lives in extreme danger.

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How to make an audiobook better

Since I heard my first multi-voice audiobook, I have been in love with the concept. It has taken a lot of effort, but finally I can release Twogether as an unabridged multi-voice audiobook. If you have never heard a multi-voice audiobook, go to my website and listen to the 6 minute demo taken from Twogether, the story of twins separated at birth. I am sure you will agree that hearing the characters speak in their own voices is superior to a single narrator for an entire book.

Parental Molestation

It is going on right now in your child’s classroom. Some child is being molested routinely. I have an extensive background in health care and have dealt with this firsthand. Perhaps you expect this only happens in the homes of people on the unfortunate end of society. Wrong! You can’t look at a parent and know that person is a child molester. You must look at the child. There is lots of info on-line about what to watch for. Go find out and then be a parent to all children who you come in contact with. You must make it easy for children to talk to you because the perpetrator has carefully schooled the child to believe that what is happening is their fault. Sadly, you also need to look at your own children. Molesters are very good at hiding what they do. In this excerpt from ‘Twogether’ one of the two heroines discovers a classmate is being molested by her father. Read the excerpt to see a very composed young woman deal with an exceptional circumstance.

The Last Date

I had a college student who confided she wanted to break up with the only boyfriend she had ever known. They had been dating for seven years. Her problem was that everyone in her family loved him. She tried to discuss it with her mom, who was not supportive. A discussion with her dad was equally unhelpful. She didn’t have a reason for wanting to part except that she didn’t think she would enjoy a future with him. There was nothing wrong, but also there was nothing right. I told her that a difficult break up was going to be a lot shorter than to live the rest of her life unhappy. The next day, she told me she had done the deed and now everybody hated her, but she was relieved and thanked me. I received a letter years later with a picture of her husband and their new baby. She said I had given her the best advice she had gotten in school. In this excerpt, Dean, a police detective with almost no dating experience, is returning home from a date. His two teenage daughters are pushing him to move on after the death of his wife. He is learning that dating is not always fun.

Finding Your Twin

Do you have a twin that you don’t know about? Did something catch your attention that made you wonder about your biological relationship with your parents? Did you, in a genetics class, suddenly discover that your blue-eyed parents can’t have a brown-eyed you? Or did you discover that your “O negative” parents can’t have an “A positive” child. In my youth, I worked full time as a paramedic while studying at university. I was explaining genetics to my younger female partner. She told me I didn’t have it right because her parents were blood type A and she was blood type AB. I quickly said that maybe I still didn’t have it right, knowing that I did. The next day she came in all smiles to tell me, “My dad isn’t my dad. My mom’s doctor is my dad.” That was probably an interesting dinner time conversation. If you are parents keeping an adoption secret to protect your child, you are making a mistake. Tell them young. Tell them often. Tell them you picked them. This will turn it into a non-event. In this excerpt from “Twogether” Lindsey has an empty feeling that she can’t explain. She doesn’t know that a young girl in France, exactly her age, is experiencing the same emptiness.

When Lives Collide

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Could you walk away from your perfect mate because you loved her? Would you leave if she was in danger? Would you stay if it put your life at risk? Middle East terrorists want this military surgeon dead. Mustered out and running for her life, she moves to the forests of Canada. At this inconvenient time she meets the perfect man, except he is twice her age. Unknown to them, a brilliant rookie cop is tracking the terrorist hit-man. Who will survive when their lives collide?

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What is a multi-voice audiobook?

A narrated audiobook usually has one voice, that of the narrator. In a multi-voice audiobook, the dialog is spoken by different actors. While single voice audiobooks can be quite engaging, the addition of the multiple voices is spectacularly superior. Why aren’t all audiobooks done in this manner? It is simply a matter of cost of production. Producing a multi-voice audiobook is much more costly than its single narrator cousin. I have been so impressed by the multi-voice option that I have upgraded “When Lives Collide” from a single narrator to a multi-voice audiobook. Go to my website to hear a six-minute demo of “When Lives Collide”.


We are all suckers for romance. It is hard wired into our genes. Although “When Lives Collide” is in the mystery, thriller, suspense category, it is rife with romance. Frank, the late late middle-aged, wealthy retiree has a new neighbour, April, who is in fear for her life and carrying a dark secret. They interact frequently and a romance, that neither would have thought possible blossoms. But is not to be and April moves on looking for a mate. Frank and April will interact much later and their lives will become dangerously entwined with Spud, a very young police detective. Before becoming a cop, Spud meets Julie, the dean’s secretary, while at university. He is 18 and has no experience with women. Julie is gorgeous but disillusioned with men. When Spud walks into the dean’s office, Julie immediately knows that he differs totally from the men she has known and is immediately smitten. She takes the lead in getting their romance off the ground. Jake, the bad guy, doesn’t get a romantic partner. But he interacts in a major way with all the lover’s lives.


In developing stories, and plots within stories, I often take an uncommon but normal situation and push on it. Doppelgangers are people who are not genetically related, like identical twins, but who have a close resemblance to each other. In the case in this novel the uncommon but normal situation is the discovery of a doppelganger for the heroine April. The push is that the two ladies do not simply have similar features but their appearances are so close as to be indistinguishable even to a brother. This similarity is a critical aspect of the plot. The excerpt is from the time when April discovers that she has a doppelganger living in New Zealand while she lives in Canada.

Now as an Audiobook.

I have just released the unabridged audiobook version of "When Lives Collide." The audiobook is delivered as an MP3 file which is playable on any modern device. Go to my website and click the "Audiobooks" button for info on how to obtain a copy.

Is the psychotic terrorist real?

Wealthy, athletic, retired, but unhappy and lonely since the passing of his wife, Frank agrees to befriend his new neighbour. She appears young, lonely and claims to be in extreme danger. Frank will find out that she is not exaggerating. I wanted the new neighbour to appear to be cautious in her revelation about the reason for her terror. This was an attempt to mimic real life in which trust is built slowly. The gorgeous new neighbour, in the following chapters, will slowly reveal the inescapable danger that has come into her life. My wife, who does not let her love for me get in the way of severe criticism, said she could spare an hour a day to read this book. I knew I was on the right track when she read it nonstop from beginning to end. Her main criticism was the terrible things done by the terrorist. She was appalled to learn that I had researched every evil action that occurs. I modified the circumstances but the evil really exists in our world and Jake, the psychotic terrorist, is real. While working in a psychiatric department, I met several Jakes. What is truly scary is how normal they appear until you push one of their triggers. Then you see the monster beneath the skin.

What level of evil?

How evil should the bad guy be in a novel? I struggled with this concern in my first novel and still I am uncertain about how much truth the reading public will tolerate. My varied background has included seeing and meeting with evil. I have decided, in my writing, to draw from real life in giving characteristics to my bad guys. So, mostly, the evil things that these individuals do have already occurred in the real world. What you read is not over-the-top fabrication but rather a blending of fact with my bad guy's evil character. My wife says she is shocked at the “stuff” that comes out of my brain. She doesn’t know that it comes from life itself.

Should I Write a Sequel?

I need your help. I have had a few requests to write a sequel about Frank and Nancy who meet in this chapter and I need to gauge the interest before I make the enormous commitment of time involved in writing a book. I have no way of knowing who purchases my books so if you have read "When Lives Collide" please go to my website, click the "Contact" button and send me an email saying yes or no to a sequel. Thank you.

A Hero Develops

Spud is the final character we meet who will be engaged in the collision of lives that this narrative is building up to. In Chapter 1, there is the mysterious woman, fearing for her life and Frank, a pilot and her older neighbour. From Chapter 2 there is Jake, the future terrorist. Spud’s love interest, Julie, is introduced. Julie is a happy young lady who has an instant attraction to Spud, two years her junior. She is humorous and Spud will frequently be the butt of her humour. But Spud is a psychology student accused of cheating on his exams. He must finish school and become a detective before he will be ready to be part of the collision of lives.

Damaged Beyond Hope

The protagonist has a pitiful collection of issues that have contributed to the evolution of evil. Too often facets of this chapter are gathered from actual life. Jake is beyond redemption. Readers have inquired specifically what is wrong with him. They are seeking a tidy diagnosis but when dealing with mental issues we are roaming through darkness with failing batteries in our flashlight. I have a background in the biological sciences and human anatomy and physiology. Health care specialists can provide a precise explanation of how your heart functions and an exact diagnosis if something is amiss. Concerning your brain, we are repeatedly uncertain, stumbling from one questionable diagnosis to another. Jake is a combination of problems I saw during my years studying and working in hospitals and clinics.

Fearing for her life.

The two central characters could not be more distinct in where they are in their lives. A young woman who is under an anonymous menace to her survival has come to the Canadian forest in Ontario to hide. She has been prosperous enough to purchase a lakefront home, but she has acquired this home as a refuge. What does she fear? Her neighbour is a successful retired gentleman who cherishes the tranquility that can be part of residing in the forest. He is lonely having experienced two important losses recently in his life. Little does he know that his new neighbour will bring tenderness and peril to his doorstep. This opening chapter does not display the terror that will become part of their lives in the following chapters.

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