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When Lives Collide

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When a military surgeon is mustered out and running for her life from Middle Eastern terrorists, the last place she expects to find a new home is the deep forests of Canada. There she meets the perfect man, a rugged outdoorsman twice her age. Little do they know, however, that a brilliant rookie cop is hot on the trail of a terrorist hitman. Who will make it out alive when their lives collide? If you enjoyed books like Dan Brown's 'The DaVinci Code', you'll love this action-packed adventure!

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Are the dangers of A.I. being exaggerated?

Join me on a mind-bending journey into the future with my novel “Robot Wife.” While some may agree with the violent “Doom and Death” Armageddon conspiracy, what if the real threat is something creeping up on us unnoticed, disguised as progress? In the 18 months since I completed this science fiction thriller, it has become more science and less fiction, as AI has seamlessly integrated into our daily lives, whether we realize it or not. Don’t miss the chance to explore a not-so-far-fetched future through the lens of my novel. Now as an eBook or Audiobook in both English and Spanish on and as an eBook on Are you ready to discover a gripping and thought-provoking vision?

English, español, français, 、日本語

Sleeping with Neanderthals is available in English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. Dormir con Neandertales está disponible en inglés, español, francés y japonés. Dormir avec les Néandertaliens est disponible en anglais, espagnol, français et japonais. ネアンデルタール人と一緒に眠る は英語、スペイン語、フランス語、日本語でご利用いただけます。

I Don't Understand!

I could use some assistance in understanding a puzzling phenomenon. My novels seem to sell four times more copies in Spain than in other countries worldwide. Although English is my mother tongue, I am able to get by in Spanish, but I wouldn't claim to be fluent. All of my novels have been translated into Spanish. These books are written in Latin American Spanish, while in Spain they speak Castilian Spanish. While I occasionally sell books in Mexico, my novels in Latin American Spanish sell four times more in Spain than in the rest of the world. What do you think could be the reason for this trend? If you have any insights, I would be interested to hear them. Please contact me via my website. Appreciate it.

Audiobook FREE in English y Español

Escape into the heart-pounding world of "When Lives Collide" - a gripping tale of survival, courage, and unexpected alliances. If you find yourself craving the thrill of a compelling story but prefer to listen rather than read, you're in luck! You can now download the audiobook version for FREE from Immerse yourself in the suspenseful narrative as it unfolds in crystal-clear mp3 format, compatible with any device of your choosing. But if you'd rather dive into the pages of this gripping story, fear not - the ebook version is also available for free download on my website or through For our Spanish-speaking audience: Todas mis novelas, incluida "Cuando Las Vidas Chocan", están disponibles en formato de libro electrónico y audiolibro en español. Sumérgete en la misma acción trepidante y fascinantes giros argumentales, ahora en el idioma que elijas. Join our brave female protagonist as she races against time, fleeing the clutches of ISIS while seeking refuge in the safety of Canada. Unexpected twists and unforeseen allies will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure - download your free audiobook copy of "When Lives Collide" today!

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Have you recently found pleasure in a book or audiobook? Help support the talented author behind the words with a simple yet impactful gesture. Recommend their work to a friend - it’s a quick and effortless way for you to make a significant difference in the author’s livelihood. Despite their dedication and passion, most authors earn less than $100 monthly from their creative endeavors. Your recommendation could truly make a world of difference in their journey as creators. Experience the power of marvelous stories crafted by passionate authors who put their hearts into their work. Every kind comment you give them is a priceless reward for their dedication. These authors eagerly await your words of praise. Take a moment to uplift the author of the last book you read by sharing positive feedback with a friend, leaving an online comment, or supporting them in any way you can. Your encouragement could make a world of difference to them. Sending a heartfelt email to the author expressing your gratitude for the joy their work brought you can truly make their day. Your words have the power to uplift the author and keep them inspired for days to come. Your appreciation can create a lasting impact that fuels their creativity and passion. So reach out and let them know how much their work means to you - it could be the spark that ignites their creativity and brings even more amazing content into the world.

Their first adult steps

Julie and Spud are embarking on their journey into adulthood, with exciting new paths ahead. Spud is at the dawn of his career as a police officer, while Julie is deeply immersed in preparing for their wedding day. Julie has explored her sexuality, whereas Spud is still discovering his. In this captivating chapter, they engage in a heartfelt conversation about their upcoming wedding night, a momentous occasion filled with anticipation and shared intimacy. As they discuss their hopes and desires, they deepen their emotional bond, laying the foundation for a vibrant and fulfilling marriage. From a professional standpoint, Spud's keen instincts lead him to uncover a crucial piece of evidence that went unnoticed by experienced detectives. Surprisingly, he cracks his first case even before officially becoming a rookie cop. This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to Spud's innate talent and sets the stage for a remarkable future in law enforcement. Experience the enchantment of rediscovering those cherished moments that had slipped away into the recesses of your mind, when you embarked upon the exhilarating journey into adulthood. To make this journey even more irresistible, I am thrilled to announce that my book is available for free! Yes, you heard it right – absolutely no cost to you. You can access this captivating novel either through my website or from the reputable online platform, Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to relive those significant milestones that have shaped your life, at no expense.

Jake likes killing people

ISIS proved to be an ill-fated choice for Jake's encounter. As a writer, I aimed to create an antagonist reminiscent of a heartless Terminator, and this objective was indeed achieved. Much like the remorseless murderers depicted in various online videos, he lacks compassion. Despite societal disapproval, his singular focus lies solely on his own desires, which remain unyielding. He likes to experience the exhilaration of ending the lives of his comrades. How far will he go before facing the consequences? Will he ever be apprehended or will this tale be akin to movies that leave us hanging, unfinished? Discover the fate of Jake by visiting my website or, where you can grab a complimentary copy of When Lives Collide.

Friend or Lover

April is a young woman in her early twenties, with an air of strength and resilience that emanates from her every move. Her frame is petite, yet there is a fierce determination in her eyes that reveals a depth of character far beyond her years. Hiding out from ISIS, amidst the serenity of the Canadian wilderness, April finds herself forging an unexpected bond with her neighbor, Frank. Despite his age - twice hers - he bears a weathered countenance that tells a tale of life's hardships. His silver-streaked hair and crinkled lines etched across his face contrast with his deep, kind eyes, mirroring the warmth of his gentle soul. As April and Frank spend more time together, their connection grows - a bittersweet blend of friendship and untapped romance. Frank becomes a pillar of strength for April, providing comfort and reassurance through his unwavering support. His wisdom and life experience serve as a source of guidance amidst the chaos that envelopes them both, providing a much-needed beacon of stability in her otherwise tumultuous existence. April's journey, fraught with danger and uncertainty, is interlaced with the unexpected discovery of a soul mate in Frank. Their bond, tested by age difference and the specter of a more suitable life partner for her, blossoms against the odds as they navigate the treacherous path laid before them. Theirs is a story of love, courage, and the indomitable spirit that refuses to let circumstances define their destiny.

Newest version has pictures.

Whether Spud should become a cop or a farmer is currently being contemplated. Julie, in this case, believes that the less perilous path lies in farming, while Spud, armed with his knowledge of statistics, acknowledges that farming carries a significantly higher risk factor - 20 times greater, to be precise - compared to being a cop. However, Spud conveniently leaves out the fact that the danger levels change when a cop is engaged in tracking a psychopathic terrorist.The updated version of this novel now includes accompanying pictures to enhance the reader’s imagination. To access a free copy, you can download it from Alternatively, if you prefer the previous version, it is still available on my website. Regardless of your choice, both versions are offered at the same low price of free. The novel is also available as a free audio-book and in a Spanish version. Once you’ve finished reading this, please email me to let me know at which chapter you anticipated the ending while reading the novel.

Assignment to Murder

Jake has become involved with a terrorist organization and receives his first job in this chapter. It is an assassination but the victim is a complete shock. You can download "When Lives Collide" free from or from my website. You will find other free books available as well as free audio-books on my website. There are also free books in Spanish, French, and Japanese. If you have young people in your family group there are biology books which would help them with biology courses they may be taking. All of the biology books are in 3D and 2D. If you need a set of 3D glasses I will send you a pair absolutely free.

What is Better Than Free

More for free is better than one item for free, so here you go. Go to my website or to download the following totally free. In English: When Lives Collide, a novel; Twogether, a novel: A Walk in the Forest 3D Spring - A photo book. If you don’t have Red/Blue 3D glasses, I will send you a free pair. A Walk in the Forest 3D Summer; A Walk in the Forest 3D Autumn; A Walk in the Forest 3D Winter: Crayfish Dissection 3D: In Spanish, En Español; Cuando Las Vidas Chocan; Juntos; Durmiendo con Neandertales; Esposa Robótica; Rosa y el Prion; La Misión del Gemelo Perdido: In French, En français; Dormir avec les Néandertaliens: In Japanese, 日本語で ; ネアンデルタール人と寝る: If you don’t like the prices of my ‘pay for’ books, send me an email. We can talk.

A Walk in the Forest 3D FREE

Today I will not talk about my novel “When Lives Collide”. In a previous life I was an educator in biology. If you go to you can download free copies of my 3D books, “A Walk in the Forest 3D”, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Free is a good deal, but I will make it even better. Email a request to the contact info in the ebooks and I will send you a complimentary pair of red/blue 3D glasses. If you have grandkids, they will love the pictures. How about a snapping turtle laying eggs, or a white-tailed deer fawn hiding in the tall grass, all in 3D? Season’s greetings from Stu Duncan at

Jake the Ripper

Contrary to what you may think, the title is correct. The antagonist in "When Lives Collide" seeks to imitate Jack the Ripper, but on a larger scale. Jake is truly evil. I offer this novel for free on my website, available for download. The audiobook version is also offered at no cost. I have just released the French, Japanese and Spanish versions of “Sleeping with Neanderthals”. If you have French, Japanese, or Spanish friends, tell them to stop by my website and grab a free copy of "Sleeping with Neanderthals" in their native tongue. “Dormir avec les Neandertaliens” and “ネアンデルタール人と寝る” and “Durmiendo con Neandertales”.

A Chapter each Week

I have been adding a chapter from “When Lives Collide” each week. If you don’t enjoy being left in suspense, you can download the entire novel for free from my website or from The audiobook version is also available for no charge exclusively from my website, https:\\ If you are on my website, look at “Sleeping with Neanderthals.” The Spanish version is very popular in Spain. I don’t understand why it is not more popular in English. If you have any thoughts on that dilemma, please drop me a line. You can find my contact info on my website. Thanks.

Spud sees a murder victim

Spud is thinking well below his capabilities for a career. He wants to be a cop. After 7 hours of boredom in a ride-along with an officer he is suddenly thrown into the deep dark end of policing when they are first to arrive at a homicide. Spud shocks the cop with all the things he sees that the cop missed. You can get a free copy of “When Lives Collide” from my website or The Japanese version of “Sleeping with Neanderthals” is now available on, also free. ネアンデルタール人と寝る

A Serial Killer in Training

I wanted Jake to be the epitome of badness. He is a composite of the patients I encountered while working in psychiatric wards. It's frightening that some of these individuals seem normal until the right button is pushed. While Jake does not feel emotions like compassion, he feels emotions like joy. Regrettably, this chapter illustrates what brings Jake joy. Similar to a sociopath, his pleasure comes from the pain of others. However, Jake has long surpassed being a sociopath. "When Lives Collide" can be downloaded for free from my website or You can also find the book as a free audiobook on my website. For the 488 million Spanish speakers out there, "Cuando las Vidas Chocan" is available as a free download on or my website,

May December Romance?

Frank and Nancy have discovered that they are both lonely people. There is some enormous secret that she is keeping from Frank. I wanted the potential for a romance to exist between them, but if it is to occur, I didn’t want it to be immediate. He is twice her age, and she is a lady with a serious problem. They get to know each other better in this chapter, but by the end he still knows nothing about the problem, except that it exists. Will a romance blossom or will he be the kindly grandfather who is loved by his new found pseudo granddaughter? If you can’t wait to know, as I add a chapter bubble each week, you can download a free copy of “When Lives Collide” from my website or from Kobo. If you download and read my novel, it would thrill me to hear your opinion, good or bad. My email is on the contact page of my website.

Spud's First Romance

In the midst of the distressing events that unfold in this novel, I made a conscious effort to weave heartwarming chapters into the narrative. In this chapter, the romance between Spud and Julie blossoms, as he is warmly embraced by her parents, who wholeheartedly express their approval. It’s a moment of pure joy and acceptance, a stark contrast to the harsh realities of life. However, as the story progresses towards its conclusion, the stakes are raised even higher. The protagonists and antagonists find themselves on a collision course, leading to a gripping and life-threatening encounter. The outcome of this clash will determine Spud’s fate, hanging in the balance. The impending crash is a pivotal moment, where danger looms and the characters’ lives hang by a thread. As the novel hurtles towards its climax, the readers are left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating the resolution of these high-stakes events. Will Spud survive the crash? Will he emerge victorious against the antagonists? Only time will tell, as the final chapters of the novel unfold, revealing the fate of our beloved characters.

Audiolibros disponibles en español.

Todas mis novelas están disponibles en español de forma gratuita. Estamos trabajando duro para convertirlos en audiolibros en español que también serán gratuitos. Si desea que le envíe un correo electrónico cuando estén disponibles para descargar, envíeme un correo electrónico a la dirección de correo electrónico que se encuentra en la página de Contacto de mi sitio web.

Evil crossed your path without you knowing.

Some people can be evil beyond your wildest imaginings. Having worked in psychiatric wards, I can tell you that these people look... normal. That is the truly scary part. Until the medical specialist pushes the right buttons, these people hide their evil well. I wish I could give you some sage advice, but experts in the field often have difficulty identifying the truly bad ones. Jake, the protagonist in my novel, “When Lives Collide” is an amalgamation of some of the screwed up dangerous people I have met professionally but all of his characteristics come from personal interactions that I have had in the somewhat safe environment of the psych wards. You can pick up a free copy of “When Lives Collide” from my website or from I would truly appreciate your feedback. You can send your comments to my email address found on the contact page of my website.

He's 60, she's 30. Is romance possible?

Frank is not looking for romance nor is his new neighbour, who he meets unexpectedly. She is hiding something important, and Frank knows it. She is beautiful, educated, and Frank can tell she is lonely. But why? This free novel is available from my website or in English, Spanish, and as an English audiobook. Get a complimentary copy to find out what she is hiding.

Attention Fellow Authors

If you are an author, you are also a voracious reader. Would you be interested in partnering with me for mutual critiques? My relatives and friends say wonderful things about my books. They are all very nice, biased, and frankly, their comments are pretty much useless. What I need is a complete stranger who doesn’t know what a wonderful person I am and will tell me the unvarnished truth. I will read your book and supply a thorough, honest review. In return, you will select one of my books and do the same. I would suggest working a chapter at a time as we get to know each other. You can reach me by going to my website and using the email on the Contact page. Read Chapter 6, attached, where Julie and Spud go on their first date. Besides being interesting, it will give you an idea of what my writing style is like. New authors, please do not feel intimidated. We can work together even if you only have a few chapters. It would be a fantastic time to get an honest review before you invest more time in your work.


Jake has found someone he doesn’t hate. But is that person found by Jake trustworthy? "When Lives Collide" is available for free. Please visit my website: and find out what happens to Jake and the people he hates. That includes just about everyone. “When Lives Collide” is available free as an English ePub, an English audiobook, and a Spanish ebook.

Does Free Really Mean Free

In our world of slick politicians and slick advertising, we have become jaded about the word free. So often free is not truly free. But my novel, “When Lives Collide” truly is free. No Strings attached. Go to my website and download your copy as an English eBook or Audiobook or as an eBook in Spanish. No credit card required. No email needed. Just click on download and the book is yours. If you hate it, I would be thankful if you sent me an email to tell me why. If you love it, it would give me a warm fuzzy feeling if you let me know. I’ll try not to get a swollen head. BUT no obligation to respond. Free means free. In chapter 4, we learn more about Frank, the neighbour of the new suspicious neighbour who has moved in next door. Frank is quietly wealthy, living a lonely life after losing his wife to cancer. Is there potential for a romance with the questionable new neighbour? Get your free copy to find out.

Spud is brilliant but naive.

You can read about Spud for free. Get a complimentary copy of "When Lives Collide" in English or Spanish as an eBook or as an English audiobook, from my website at Do you have a budding biologist in your household, faced with a dissection at school and a moral dilemma? On my site you will find eBooks with 3D photos of dissected animals. No fumes, no mess, no moral dilemma. If you don’t have anaglyph (red/blue) glasses, I will send you a pair for free. The animals available are the Fetal Pig, Frog, Perch, Rat, Earthworm, and Crayfish. Available from my website or

Free Audiobook

When Lives Collide is also available as an audioBook. Go to my website, to pick up your complimentary copy. It would be wonderful if you sent me an email to tell me your thoughts on When Lives Collide. The email address is on the contact page of my website. If you like science fiction but not too heavy on the magic, you will find 2 novels on my website. Robot Wife explores the dystopian consequences of perfect female robots. Sleeping With Neanderthals delves into the life of Dr. Joe Brown. He is a bachelor and a Kingston, Ontario, ER physician who suddenly wakes up in a Neanderthal cave with a wife and family. Back and forth, he travels, against his will, between his two lives. Which life will be his future? If you’re thrilled by history, you will like Zwillinge, which examines the lives of twins separated at birth who become physicists on opposite sides of WW2. One is raised in a Jewish home and the other in a Nazi home. If you like tales of aboriginals, you will love the story of Rosa and the Prion - Native without a tribe. Found as a newborn on a white couple's doorstep she becomes a world famous biologist. She is raised white but will she discover her roots?

Free eBook, audioBook, or Spanish Translation

She was serving her country as a military surgeon when the enemy put a price on her head for an imagined wrong. The military mustered her out and sent her home to safe Canada. But CSIS told her she wasn't safe even in Canada and she ran to the forest in a house next to an older retired gentleman. Will her past catch up to her? Go to my website to receive a complimentary copy of this novel as an eBook, audioBook, or in Spanish.

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