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Sarah  Wallin-Huff

Violinist, composer, and author Sarah Wallin Huff has been playing the violin since 1990 and composing since 1993. Sarah’s music compositional style is what she calls "stream-of-consciousness" composition. She is currently a professor of music at Cal Poly Pomona and published her first textbook, "History of Technology in Music," in 2019 with Great River Learning. Throughout the course of her exploits, Sarah's literary writing has been a regular part of her creative life, beginning seriously in 1992. As she enjoys exploiting the abstract and the philosophical as a backdrop to everything she does, it is no surprise, then, how influential both her literary and music composition are to each other.


Pursuit of Truth (Ultimate Edition)

Literature & Fiction

This Ultimate Edition includes an Artemisian Language Guide, brand-new chapter titles, and original artwork! It is 2,241 years after the human race resumed counting. America has undergone a prior century of tyranny. The country is slowly finding its way again under the leadership of President Schulberhe. While no one doubts the good he has already brought the nation, others question his motives. He is a foreigner, after all, hailing from the war-torn island of Artemisia. When Janice Smith's mother is suddenly targeted as a national threat and attacked in their home, the twelve-year-old girl escapes. While evading the agents who pursue her, Janice stumbles upon an underground society living outside the System's absolute control. They have been watching the influx of Artemisians for years and stand ready to resist the President's unfolding plans.

Book Bubbles from Pursuit of Truth (Ultimate Edition)

The Lesson of Artemisia

Here we get our first introduction to the creation of the island of Artemisia, a lush paradise with a troubled founding…

The Gospel According to Rachel

Literature & Fiction

Set in the universe of The Kesher Chronicles, stories from The Kesher Archives are brief, introspective looks at the universe from a character's point of view as they are directly impacted by the machinations of rival deities Kol-Kesher and Bezrah. In The Gospel According to Rachel, Rachel Rifadoft is torn from her hope for a peaceful afterlife when she finds herself face to face with Kol-Kesher himself. As he strives to make her see and understand his past actions, done on behalf of a doomed humanity, she wrestles with the realization that her entire universe has been a lie all along. Now she must summon the courage to reject all she has been taught and work toward preserving the whole of existence when she realizes how high the stakes really are.

Book Bubbles from The Gospel According to Rachel

Kesher's Story

Even the omnipresent deity Kol-Kesher has an origin story. His decisions made when he was human have since gone on to affect humanity and the Universe in unforeseen ways...

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