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Hi, I'm Ronda Del Boccio, a blind, award-winning Missouri author, artist, and speaker. My stories, poems and articles have appeared on five continents. My new paranormal suspense novel They All Died Smiling (tells the story of a reluctant demon hunter, My previous books include The Peace Seed, Trust Your Heart: Building Relationships that Build Your Business, The Story of Impact, and I’ll Push You Steer: Download free stories and find out where we can meet at


Diva's Tail: Love in the Lead

Working Title: Diva's Tail: Love in the Lead

This Book Is In Development

Diva's Tail: Love in the Lead


Diva's Tail shares the journey I am taking with my Leader Dog, Diva. Come with me as I go to school to get my dog, bring her home, and begin our life together.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Diva's Tail: Love in the Lead

Just out of Reach - from my Memoir Diva's Tai

Can you remember being a kid and getting so excited for your birthday, or a trip to the ice cream parlor, or a holiday? I sure can. And I get just as excited as an adult when something I REEEEEEEEALLY want is just out of reach. Once I decided I was going to school to get my guide dog, I was ready to jump on the plane, like yesterday. I can pack in 15 minutes if I have to...just let me get my new dog. Obviously, going to a guide dog school doesn't work that way. There's an application and interview and all sort of falderal. Then once you get there, it's more waiting for 2 days before you meet your new companion in all things. The trainers were annoyingly closed-mouthed about everything about our dogs. We didn't know thee breed, color, name, or anything. This is what happened at dinner the night before "Dog Issue Day," which is what they call getting your dog. I hope you enjoy this excerpt of my memoir in progress. I invite you to connect with me on Twitter, FB, Insta, or my website, and to follow me on Amazon so you know when my books come out. Cheers to your blissful life! Ronda

Have you Ever Met an Animal Communicator?

Those of you who know me have indeed met an animal communicator. It's one of my numerous "psychic" abilities. I put that in quotes because I don';t love the term. To me, it's just as natural and everyday as having a heartbeat or a spleen. I'm also an empath (Think Deanna Troi from Star Trek Next Gen). That means if I'm with someone (or talking over phone/zoom/Skype) I feel their emotions and physical pain. It's not fun, let me tell you. Why bring this up? Surely, it's not to brag. To me, it's like saying that I have auburn hair or freckles, but it matters in the context of this book excerpt from my work in progress. I'm still working on the book and plan to have it done by my birthday, July 4. Meanwhile, I'll consider finding a publisher or agent, but most likely, I'll self-publish. B sure to FOLLOW me here on Bublish and also on That way you'll know about all my future excerpts in the first case and new releases in the latter. If you're a publisher or agent - Contact me if you're interested. I'm easy to find all over social. Thanks for reading, and as always...Cheers to your #BlissfulLife! Ronda

Learning to park...the DOG???

Here's another book excerpt from Diva's Tail, in which I, a blind person, learn how to park. I've never driven a car, though I think of cars when hearing about parking. This is a whole new take on the word. In this book, I take you keep into my feelings and our experience as Diva and I got to know each other. I hope you enjoy this bubble.You can find my other books on Amazon while waiting for me to finish this one and get a publisher.

What's involved in getting a guide dog?

Blind and visually impaired people are lucky when it comes to getting a service dog. Our dogs are free or nearly free, whereas those with other disabilities have to find a way to fundraise $10,000 or more unless they're veterans. Considering where to go is important. You want to consider the school's reputation and how to get yourself to and from the school. Leader Dogs pays for everything through their fundraising efforts, including airfare or other travel to and from the school. I had to leave at 3 AM for a super early flight. Here's what my travel day was like. I hope you enjoy this book bubble/excerpt. I'm still working on Diva's Tail, but you can get other of my books on Amazon or wherever you get yyour books, including your local library.

How strong is the bond between blind Enjoy th

Those who don't have service dogs can't truly comprehend the depth of the human-canine bond that forms between us. This poem and "Meeting My Juno" are published in the new book Walk in My Paws: An Anthology: Working Service Dogs, available in print and ebook on Amazon. You can see my Amazon profile for details about that and all my other books. I'm working on this memoir about me and my dog, and having fun with it. Thanks for reading! Ronda

Learning to Handle the Harness

I trained my first 2 guide dogs myself but went to Leader Dogs for the Blind for my third, due to living too rural to have the right training environments. Going to guide dog school challenged me in many ways. The trainee trainer was to black-and-white for me. She couldn't fathom working with a student who had significant dog experience. If you've ever wondered what it's like getting a dog and learning how to handle the handle (ha!) of the harness, this bubble will open your eyes. If you're an agent or publisher, I'm shopping this memoir!

What Info Does a Guide Dog Harness Provide?

The guide harness handle connects the dog with me. through that U-shaped device, I get loads of data about the world around me. As a guide dog handler, I get an amazing amount of information through the handle and the movement of my dog. I know if the ground is smooth or bumpy, rising or falling. One advantage of being blind is that I learn to use my other senses better than sighted people typically do. This book chronicles our first months together, as we got to know each other and began building a bond of love and trust. I hope you enjoy this book bubble. I'm still working on Diva's Tail. I'll post another chapter in the next week. If you're an agent or publisher, and this book appeals to you, reach out to me and we'll talk You can read my published books on Amazon or wherever you prefer to buy your next read. Thank you so much for the gift of your time and attention. Diva's Facebook page is called Leader Dog Diva's Adventures, and she's also on Insta as @LeaderDogDiva.

Waiting to Meet My Juno

At Leader Dogs for the Blind, Juno is the nom de paw they give symbolizing the generic dog, before you know the name of YOUR guide dog. This chapter, which will also appear in Walk in My Paws anthology, res the excitement nad angst of going to school for my leader dog.

Working Title: "Meeting My Juno" - Featured in an anthology

This Book Is In Development

"Meeting My Juno" - Featured in an anthology


Juno is the generic guide dog name Leader Dogs for the Blind uses with students before they get their own dog. My trainer said, "Your Juno loves kids." This story shares what it was like getting to Leader Dogs and going through the 2.5 agonizing days before meeting my dog, whose name is Diva.

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from "Meeting My Juno" - Featured in an anthology

Finally, I was about to meet my new guide dog

I knew I had a dog with a cool name - but not much else. Now, after all the anticipation, I was about to meet my Diva Dog. This is a work in progress. I'm hoping to interest a publisher or agent as well as readers!

Guide Dogs Make Tough Situations Less Scary

Guide dogs and other service dogs are not just there so we can have our favorite furry companion by our side all day. The work they do truly makes a difference in our lives. As a guide dog handler myself, I can say there are situations I avoid without my dog. Traveling through airports is hard for everyone. Security, crowds, imagine doing it with no/little eesight and a long cane to hep you. It's harder to "stash" a guide dog out of the way, but much easier to navigate the airport. Check out this book bubble!

4 Years Ago, I Met My Guide Dog

Did you vr think about what it might be like for a blind person to travel through airports? July 14, French Independence Day, marks my anniversary of meeting my gorgeous guide dog from Leader Dogs for the Blind or the first time. Diva is dog #3. I trained the first 2 myself, but living rural meant I needed a pre-trained dog. Full of hope and a little anxiety, I made the trip to Michigan. This book excerpt from my chapter of Walk In My Paws is about travel. Plase be sure to follow our FB page and join the Brinks Brigade to help us spread the w rd about this harity book. 100% of thee profits go to a service dog school. thanks for rading! Cheers, Ronda

What Makes a Service Dog a REAL Service Dog?

Walk In My Paws includes stories AND info about the Americans with Disabilities Act. A clerk may only ask 2 questions. Find out what those are in today's excerpt. All the fake service dogs give those of us with REAL ones trouble.

Guide Dogs Mean Independence

Mine is one of many stories in Walk In My Paws, which is an anthology about working service dogs. I marvel at everyone's different interests and ways of benefiting from their dog. One guy is a deaf-blind runner! I only run off at the mouth. I'm mostly blind, and I adore my Diva. The authors are deaf-blind, blind, mobility-challenged,, and much more. Please enjoy this excerpt!

Guide Dogs Work Around the World

Chances are good that you've seen a guide dog in harness helping a blind person go shopping or cross a street. These dogs are trained and working all over the world! they are a true blessing for those with no or little eyesight. I'm blessed to have Leader Dog Diva at my side. Dogs are trained in places like Spain, Israel and Australia, too. Enjoy this excerpt from my chapter in the Walk In My Paws anthology, coming fall 2019.

The Power of the Human-Canine Bond

The bond that forms between blind handler and guide dog begins the moment they meet. Like any relationship, it takes time for this connection to grow strong and healthy, but it's worth the effort! BEFORE meeting the dog, whether the two times I trained my own or the current dog from a school, anticipation builds before eve meeting the dog. You wonder what the dog will be like, who you'll get, what their personality will be like...and so much more. I hope you enjoy this excerpt from my story in Walk in My Paws, which has over 3-dozen stories by people who use service dogs - guide, mobility, hearing, PTSD, and more. Our book will officially launch this fall.

Service Dogs Do So Much for us!

For many people who don't need the help of a service dog, it might be hard to imagine how much they do for us. You may think it's "cool" to have our "pet" with us, but these dogs work hard. Here's a sippet from my chapter about going to guide dog school.

Service Dogs

Service dogs do a wide varieth of jobs.

About Going to Guide Dog School - Snippet from my

People often wonder what it's like going to guide dog school. It's an adventure, for sure! Having trained my first 2 guide dogs myself, I was really anxious about having a dog I didn't pick delivered. "Here's your do. I was accustomed to meeting, temperament testing, and selecting my own dog. While I trusted in the universe to deliver me a great dog, I still couldn't help feeling a little out of sorts. I'd cried so many tears since Molly passed, and I simply couldn't fathom life without a dog anymore. Yearning for a dog ached deep inside me. I could hardly wait to meet my new companion. I've been with Diva almost 4 years now! So hard to believe. Walk in My Paws: An Anthology of Service Dog Stories showcases people with disabilities sharing about our dogs. Our disabilities vary widely. A few of the authorsare veterans. The book comes out in Fall with ALL profits going to Freedom Fidos, which trains (mostly) shelter dogs for veterans. Their website is I hope you enjoy this snippet from my chapter. Please ciick through to the website link for our Faceook page. Follow us and watch for new stories.

anticipation...Makin Me Wait to Meet My Dog

Waiting to hear back from Leader Dogs to know whether I as accepted for a dog...waiting for class to start...waiting 2 more days to meet my dog...all part of the story.

They All Died Smiling

Science Fiction & Fantasy

* * * AMAZON BESTSELLER! * * * A reviled gift. A hypnotic deception. A supernatural killing spree. Reporter Kassidy Spence just wants to go home after a busy week, but her intrusive gift awakens and turns her world inside out…again. Her power to see demons living inside people ripped her from all she holds dear once, and she refuses to use it ever again… ...until her power could mean the difference between life and death. When Kassidy borrows the hottest new self-help book for women from a friend, her natural nosiness and her unwanted ability send her on a quest for the truth. Could the minister author have sinister, demonic alliances? Could the charismatic leader be on a diabolical, hypnotic killing spree? They All Died Smiling is the first book in the Reluctant Demon Hunter series, a suspenseful paranormal romance and urban fantasy saga. If you like vivid characters, spine-tingling chills, and sharp humor, then you’ll love best-selling author Ronda Del Boccio’s first installment in this witty and chilling supernatural adventure. Grab your copy of They All Died Smiling now and enter a world of unseen powers and covert alliance. Available EVERYWHERE.

Book Bubbles from They All Died Smiling

Here's Your Sign - from God/The Universe

The brain has astounding capabilities we can only begin to fathom. Did you ever have a song lyric stuck in your head or see a headline that makes something click in your mind? That is no random bit of psychic fluff. It is a message for you. In this book excerpt from my paranormal/urban fantasy novel They All Died Smiling, Kassidy gets one of those nudges from the universe on the train going home from work. She doesn't know it yet, but that newspaper headline is a harbinger for her. It calls to mind her father, with whom she has a difficult past, and will be key to forthcoming action. When you get a nudge from the universe, heed it. If a song is stuck in your head, it most likely has a message for you. You can get They All Died Smiling in ebook and print everywhere you get your books, as well as Audible audio. Just ask for it by name! You can find me all over the web. Happy reading, and cheers to your #BlissfulLife! Ronda

Just When You Think Life's Ordinary - BLAM!

Did you ever do something perfectly ordinary, like commute home from work or borrow a book, and find your world turned upside down? That's whatis about to happen to Kassidy, heroine of They All Died Smiling. She manages a perfectly ordinary trip into the Chicago subway to await her train, when... You can get the book in print, ebook, or audiobook wherever you get your books! COnnect with me all over social. Cheers! Ronda

Do You Talk to Strangers in Public?

Some people greet anyone and everyone, just 'cause. Others avoid eye contact and prefer to stay in their own little world. Which are you? Kassidy in my supernatural novel They All Died Smiling comes from a small town where everyone talks to everyone, whether you know them or not. I hope you enjoy this little snippet and the mental vacation Kass goes on when she sees "Mr. Hottie." You can get all my books from Amazon or wherever you buy your books. It's available in print, ebook, and Audible audio.

It's amazing What our Brains Connect

Isn't it amazing how one thing will cause a whole string of impressions and memories to come up? That's what happens to Kassidy when someone's hairstyle recalls a childhood memory in this week's excerpt. You can get They 'all Died Smiling eerywhere!

What if a demon had hold of a loved one?

Imagine you're a 7-year-old child with a horrible, powerful ability to see demons and other nasty spirits. Now imagine you know your most beloved person has a demon inside. What do ou do? That's what happened to Kassidy, heroine of They All Died Smiling. This turned out to be the worst days of her life. I hope you enjoy this "bubble"/book excerpt. You can get the book everywhere you buy books. Warmly, Ronda

Psychic/Paranormal Abilities Still Considered

They All Died Smiling, my paranormal/urban fantasy novel, is a work of fiction...However, a number of the more woo-woo elements either COULD hapen, or they HAVE happened to me or someone else. Kassidy, my main character, is able to see spirit attachments and demons on people. She is very much the reluctant demon hunter, though, and she begins the book wishing she did not have this "accursed gift," as she calls it. Do you have, or do you know someone who has, an unusual ability that most peope don't understand? I certainly do. I'm a psychic, medium, empath, and animal communicator. I see what most do not, though I'm not at all reluctant about clearing people of nasty attachments and infestations. If this snippet makes you curious about the bok, you can look inside on Amazon. You can buy the book in print, audio, or ebook format frm your favorite onlne or offline bookseller.

When One Moment Will Change Everything

Most life-changing moments happen "out of the blue," as the saying goes. You know certain events, like a marriage or arrival of a new child, will transform your life in unexpected ways, but most world-altering happenings come as if by coincidence or happenstance. Can you think of a time when one phone call, chance meeting, or decision to turn this way instead of that altered your trajectory? Kassidy, heroine of They All Died Smiling, has no idea she is about to experience one such event when her roommate calls her with good news. Later, Julie will loan her something that sends her down a rabbit hole into a world of demonic deception and mysterious deaths... I hope you enjoy this excerpt. You can buy the book on Audible, your favorite ebook platform (Kindle, Kobo, etc.), and in print. Please connect with me on social with any questions. You can also join my Facebook group, Ronda's Readers (Observe that Ronda is spelled WITHOUT AN H).

Can Negative Spirits Attach to People?

In my paranormal / urban fantasy novel They All Died Smiling, Kassidy sees a noncorporeal being snacking on a guy on the train. It freaks her out... Have you ever experienced or seen anything like that? I have. Although this book is a work of fiction and I am not Kassidy (our hero), I see dead people and spirits of various kinds all the time. That's why I teach people how to cleanse and protect themselves from such things! I look forward to connecting with you all over the social web or on my site, where I share stories and guide you through life's multi- dimensional challenges. They All Died Smiling is available in print, ebook or audio everywhere. Just ask for it by name. Thanks for reading! Ronda

That "I know you from somewhere" look

Did you ever meet someone in some random location, like a subway platform, at a festival, or walking down the street? It happened to me over a phone call earlier this year. I knew him from someWHEN - a past life! In this bubble, Kassidy and "Mr. Hottie," as she dubs him, lock eyes in a subway station. As it turns out, they do know each other, but it's been years ago. And if you enjoy this excerpt, you can get your own copy of They All Died Smiling on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Google Play Store, or wherever you buy your books. It's the story of a woman who has a gift that's also a curse, but she must use it in order to stop a supernatural killing spree.

Do you love people watching?

Whenever my Aunt Carol saw something interesting happening, she invented a wild story about what was happening. Like me and my aunt, Kassidy, heroine of They All Died Smiling, loves eavesdropping and people watching. She is from rural America, where people who don't know each other talk all the time. Now, Kass finds herself in Chicago, and she sometimes forgets she isn't back home anymore. Here's her encounter on the subway platform with a woman who sports a hairstyle she admires. They All Died Smiling is available in ebook, print, or audio.

About to Dance with the Devil

Kassidy Spence is a young war widow with an ability to see demons and other nasty "critters" bothering people. In this bubble, she thinks she's just going to have an ordinary commute, but life has other plans in store. As she waits for her "El" train in downtown Chicago, she watches people and has an uncomfortable encounter. I hope you enjoy this bubble. You can buy the book i any format wherever you get your books.

Can a Book Hypnotize You into Mental Illness?

In this supernatural suspense, Kassidy (the point-of-view character) stumbles upon what she fears might be a diabolical serial killer. It all starts when her roommate loans her the hottest new Christian self-help book...but could the author be in league with powers of darkness? Here's an excerpt from They All Died Smiling. I hope you enjoy it! You can buy the book anywhere. Just ask for it by name.

Inner Guidance on Demand

Working Title: Inner Guidance on Demand

This Book Is In Development

Inner Guidance on Demand

No synopsis has been added for this book

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Inner Guidance on Demand

Learning to Trust Your Inner Knowing

Did you ever know something deep inside, then when you act on it, people around you give you all sorts of grief and consternation? Happens a lot, nad not just to the "coming of age" young adults. As a psychic knower and medium, I have all sorts of extra information that many don't. I believe everyone can tap into inner knowing, but society, family, and various institutions have beat it out of us. I decided to add a couple of mystical fiction stories to Inner Guidance on Demand, because stories allow you to get out of your own way and feel through the experience of another character. I hope you enjoy this dolphin story. Please go to for more free stories! Cheersto your B.L.I.S.S.-FULL life, Ronda

We all have guides

Do you feel you have some sort of "divine" or beyond-yourself help? Call it what you wish, but I believe all of us have guides and guardian angels. It's not about religion. It's about the Human experience. This excerpt is from an unpublished short story called "Into the Bubble." I love writing stories that inspire, delight, and empower you to deepen your experience of life by exploring possibilities. You can get all my books on Amazon or most places you enjoy buying books.

The Assassin and the Prince


A Feline Assassin. A Pampered Prince. A Marriage Destined for Disaster. Prince Crispin lives a sheltered life on hole-in-the-wall planet Ridan. He wants to get away from the pomp and circumstance of court life and go on vacation by himself. He's an adult now, after all. Aree is a feisty Feline with a capital F. She is full of spunk and "cattitude"...and she's a well-trained assassin. Answering a help wanted ad a warriors' magazine, she applies for a short-term security job on a quiet little planet. She expects a cush assignment and a nice break from wet work. Aree tries not to swish her tail when she meets the spoiled brat, but she finds it impossible. When the rulers offer her the job and she sees the salary, she takes on the task of protecting Crispin, against her better judgment.

Book Bubbles from The Assassin and the Prince

Can We All Get Along?

Enjoy this excerpt from an affordable novella, which might make for some good CovidStay reading. A pampered prince wants to go on vacation without his overbearing parents. They are now taking applications, and one of the applicants surprises them all! Connect with me all over social. My books are available on Amazon and lots of other places. This book is also available on SMashwords.

How do you respond to cultural faux pas?

Have you ever unintentionally said something that offended someone from another culture? I'm not talking about bigotry...just something you didn't realize would be offensive in the least? Chances are that most of us have done this from time to time. Here's a fun situation like that involving a Feline and some humans. I hope this story brings you some good feels during this touch time. You can get the book on all the usual platforms!

Surprise Job Applicant

Have you ever applied for a job and been looked at as if you have two heads? I have as a blind person. I can feel the "b-b-but you're... BLIND" behind every move the interviewer or secretary makes, with a side helping of, "How could you possibly do this job?". Feline assassin Aree finds herself in a similar predicament when she applies for a job guarding a pampered prince who wants to go on vacation. Enjoy this book excerpt, and you can get the book on Amazon!.

Have cultural misunderstandings given you tro

It's amazing how easily cultural or racial misunderstandings can arise. Clothing that one culture might consider scandalous is perfectly acceptable to another. In this week's bubble, feline Aree applies for a security job on a conservative planet peopled with humans. As you can imagine, issues arise immediately as Aree and the humans navigate troubled waters. Enjoy this book excerpt, and get the book on Amazon.

Did you ever feel out of place?

Crispin , co-heroe of the humorous #YAfantasy novella The Assassin and the Prince, is trying to figure out his place in life. He's a prince with no desire to take on rule, he loves ancient music with real (not electronic) instruments, and he has all the awkwardness of any teen. I've felt like I'm out of place numerous times in my life, even though I know my purpose. Have you?

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