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Robert  Krakoff

Tech fiction author of nine novels. Founder/president of Razer, MindFX and Black Arrow companies. Speaker and guest lecturer globally. Fitness buff and tennis player. Resides in Mexico. Wife Patsi, 2 Maine Coon cats and Molly, the wonder dog. Two children, 6 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.


Time Ball final

Science Fiction & Fantasy

In2020, Aaron Kinsley, a wealthy entrepreneur with an excess of time and money, revisits his boyhood dream of pitching in the major leagues for the St. Louis Cardinals. Time travel has become possible―albeit expensive, dangerous, and illegal―and he decides the risk is worth the adventure. A clandestine time-travel agency arranges for him to be transported across the time and space to the year 1944. He figures that since the all-star players are away at war, he’ll have a better chance to play in the majors. What he doesn’t count on is taking over the body of Albert Hollingsworth, a pitcher for the most losing team ever, the St. Louis Browns. Things get worse when he falls into a strange underground German cult― hell-bent on overthrowing the American war effort. His life, his beliefs, and his love relationships are in jeopardy and he is torn between taking action that would alter history or letting murder and assassination run its predestined course. Author R.M. Krakoff leads us on a bleak ride of action, adventure, alternative history, black humor, and wild conspiracy theories, many of which just may be true.

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Robot Dreams-Carsten final

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Book #2 in the Dream Trilogy Andre, a domestic humanoid living on Earth in the year 2101 becomes abandoned, hunted and distraught over the mysterious disappearance of his owner. He attempts to impersonate a carbon being while searching the treacherous world of corporate cities. Andre lives in fear of being discovered as a human and the ultimate disassembly of his mechanical quintessence. The reader is transported into the mind of a 22nd Century android as he struggles with his understanding of consciousness, self-awareness and will to survive. In his quest to save his owner Andre faces renegade robots, arms dealers, evil oligarchs and their malicious minions while aligning support with many of his old friends from Dream Hackers. This is a story, told from the perspective of a machine, about the future of our planet and how man manages or mismanages his interactions with robots. Today we believe we have mastered machines. In 2101, they may master us.

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The Dream Trilogy

In book one, Dream Hackers, reader’s comments on Andre, the domestic robot, were so positive that I made him the central character in book #2, Robot Dreams. Originally designed as a home service caretaker, Andre finds he must grow to become independent on his own to solve the mysterious disappearance of his owner and mentor, Clem Wellman. Andre's must test is ability to feel, perceive and experience social capacities at every turn as he travels the world masquerading as a human to find his friend and survive. Book #3, Deadly Dreams will be published later this year.

Dream Hackers

Science Fiction & Fantasy

This is a story set in a future of haves versus have-nots. The haves are the Elders, whose lives have been extended through science, own the vast share of the world’s wealth, food and water supplies. The have-nots are the impoverished young adults residing in Squatter Cities who have been organized into a devastating army of computer hackers. Medical, computer and scientific advances began in the first decade of the century extending life expectancy exponentially to the point where long lifespans became the standard. This dystrophic civilization spawns a cold war where the Elders are under constant attack, having their life savings, wills, health records, property and even their dreams hacked by aggressive youths. Brenda and Clem Wellman are 100-something seniors, living in retirement in New Mesa, Arizona when they are financially and psychologically attacked by the hacker army. Brenda is a pampered 99-year old former beauty contestant who is fearful of youths, robots and aging. Clem is a former educator and reluctant leader of the senior defensive movement who have been targeted for dream hacking. André is a domestic robot residing in the Wellman home in New Mesa. Due to his loyalty for Clem he is caught up in the battle between the Elders and the ComGens. André encounters danger, intrigue, robot makeovers, bigotry, and Halloween costumes. This gripping action/adventure story follows four main characters as they seek a peaceful solution to conflict only to learn that there are greater forces of evil behind this worldwide clash.

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Future Tech

I love to think through and project emerging tech into my stories. I dream of how the new tech of today will impact politics, religion, culture and the laws of nature. Future tech is the underlying theme of nearly all of my novels. Is it God-like to attempt to project the future based on sciences of today? One of my central themes is the haves verses the have-nots. Nearly all my novels resonate with the abuse of power, including the malfeasance of governments, dictators, corporations, etc.

Arica Unplugged

Science Fiction & Fantasy

America Unplugged depicts the United States in the last half of the 21st century, after the energy grid has toppled, resulting in government and monetary collapse, anarchy, looting, mayhem and murder. Ezra Singleton, a retired wrestling coach living in California, sets off to find his only son, accompanied by his terrified next-door neighbor, and her teenage daughter. The trio risks their lives to find Scott, now a survivalist whose views radically differ from his humanistic father's. Their encounter is disappointing and sends Ezra off in a different direction. Krakoff's plot allows him to reflect on several current environmental, political and social concerns. The novel sounds a grim warning to the US government to pay attention to climate change before it's too late. If its energy supplies run out, the nation could be plunged into darkness. Characters have different ideologies that drive their response to this crisis. Ezra is a humanitarian. Janet is a devout Christian who looks to God for help. Scott, Ezra’s son, is an armed survivalist. Ezra, Janet and Veronica encounter criminals and cultists, including the Narcosatanicos, who worship Satan and indulge in drugs and sex, and the Neo-Survivalist Assembly, an all-white group who aim for independence by growing their own food. Krakoff creates a believable world plunged into physical and moral darkness. The plot carries the reader along and has a nice, surprise ending.

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This could really happen

The recent disasters highlight the fragility of our nation’s electricity grid. How could it take weeks to months to reboot and restore power to millions of homes and businesses? The reason is that our electric grid is aging, under stress, and suffers from chronic underinvestment.

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