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Rhondda Evans Hartman

Natural Childbirth expert. Author. Exercise & How-To advice and information--over 14,000 moms taught to have successful unmedicated births w/ joy. Has 5 children all by Natural Birth and 9 grandchildren.


Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Do You Want to Have the Best Pregnancy and Birth Ever? Within Natural Childbirth Exercises, you will learn how to prepare yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for your pregnancy and the big event of giving birth. With Rhondda Hartman as your guide, you will lose that fear as you learn how it feels, what to do and where to get help. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are all normal and natural functions of the female body but you have to learn the skills. She will show you how to plan and prepare for the best birth ever!

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Prepare for a Joyful Birth

I am very concerned about the expectations of birthing in our culture. It seems that it is considered a medical event, and that pregnancy is a disease! Certainly it is considered a painful, awful, agonizing experience which the medical professionals can eliminate with the magic of an epidural. NONE of this is true! In my book, I explain what a normal, natural experience pregnancy and birth should be and how to achieve that joyful experience.

Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Award-winning author and natural childbirth expert Rhondda Hartman is back with her latest - a workbook dedicated to her birth-changing exercises. You will discover the ESSENTIAL EXERCISES for having your BEST birth experience. Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials is the companion to her Natural Childbirth Exercises for the Best Birth Ever. Natural Childbirth is preparing your body for the athletic event of a lifetime: BIRTH Rhondda Hartman combines her experience of having 5 natural births, 25 years of pioneering childbirth classes for Dr. Robert Bradley and helping over 14,000 moms to have successful un-medicated births. Both happy moms and happy babies were the result. Within, she outlines her exercises methodically, exercise by exercise, so that you have your body and muscles ready at full-term pregnancy. Don't THINK you can ... KNOW you can! Rhondda Hartman taught classes, supervised and trained other teachers in Dr. Robert A. Bradley s obstetrical medical practice in Denver, Colorado. She designed and presented many of the exercises within Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials.

Book Bubbles from Natural Childbirth Exercise Essentials

Use Yoga Breathing

The breathing and relaxation that are used in Yoga are the same as we need for the first stage of labor in childbirth. Learn how to relax and deep breathe for Birthing and learn it for life!

Keep Good Posture for a Lifetime

This exercise is important during pregnancy but also for life! Do you think aging makes poor posture? No, of course not! It is poor muscle strength that causes your stomach to sag and your spine to curve. Pelvic Rocks will keep the muscles strong and your posture erect . Do this for yourself. It is simple and easy!

Birth Defines Me

"If it is to be, It is up to me" This is true of having 5 natural births and I now realize it is also the way I have lived my life. It has been the right way for me to give birth and it has served me well in every aspect of my life. Try it, I recommend it!!


Learning to relax will be another skill you will use for a lifetime. You will learn to relax yourself and will find you will have many times to need it. You will be able to teach your children to relax and get ready to sleep at bedtime. It is especially useful when children are all excited and hyper. You will use it on anyone who is injured or hurting. Anxiety ineeds to be released at these times. practice t and use it for keeping life calm when things get hectic!

How and Why of Tailor Sitting

It is a mystery to me why a Tailor would sit this way but that is what we call this exercise! It is a useful posture during pregnancy and it is excellent for mothering. So many things can be done with small children by getting on the floor and being on the same level. You can do all manner of chores while a crawling baby feels secure and content having you on the same level. Of course you are saving energy by sitting rather than standing and your baby likes your company on the floor. I hope you find it comfortable and easy to use. I certainly did as a young mother.

Pelvic Rock for Life

This simple exercise is especially important during pregnancy but I have found it to be useful ever since I learned to do it. It became an important routine for me after I no longer was pregnant. Any time you have a backache, do Pelvic Rocks. Do them regularly to prevent a back ache. Amazing but true. I can't live without the Pelvic Rock exercise!

A How-to Book

This is a book to make your preparation for birth easy and simple. If you will prepare your body with these exercises you will be physically prepared for the athletic event of birth. But you need to prepare for the other aspects of birth. You will need to read, ask questions of women who are mothers as well as health care professionals. You need to be knowledgeable about birthing. Beware of the negativity regarding birth. Many mothers love to tell horror stories as though it is their badge of honor. If you do not know how to give birth, that could also be your story. Find a group of natural childbirth moms who LOVED giving birth and will tell you how to prepare for it. Find a class to guide you.

Pelvic Rock for Pregnancy and For Good Posture

This is a Magic Relief for Backache or for a tired back. It also builds strong muscles along your spine so that your posture is improved. Try it as a daily routine and see how it makes you feel. Do it for Pregnancy and for life!

Exercise Essentials

Birth is a normal natural function of the female body. It works because the human race has survived even when it is NOT considered to be a medical event. Sometimes medical intervention is necessary and lives are saved but it does not have to be the normal birth experience. It is too bad to miss the most amazing, exciting and magical experience in the life of a woman.. It is also healthier for the newborn baby to make sure there are no drugs getting into that wee baby's brain and body. Birth is normal and natural but we have to learn how to do it and we have to get our bodies ready for the very athletic event called BIRTH.

History of Natural Childbirth

I am telling you it is simple but Iam not telling you it is easy. I Am telling you it is possible and that you can do it!

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