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I live in the Mile-High City with my wife and dog, where the Rocky Mountain High isn't always achieved with an herbal substance. When not glued to the computer for work and writing, I relax by enjoying the outdoors; doing yard work, and traveling with my wife in our motorhome wherever the wind takes us. My writing delves into genres with gritty investigators exploring mystery, crime, suspense, and thrills, with involved plots and unexpected twists. Featuring former US Marshal Hunter Divine, a dire, determined man searching for salvation in his broken life. While private eye Jarvis Mann is tough and resourceful, with as many faults as virtues. My characters exhibiting traces of my sense of humor, though I'm not nearly as tough and fearless as they are. Though no evil stands a chance against my written word!


The Divine Devils

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Two teenage siblings in peril. A mysterious group with an agenda to abduct them. The mother Paige Hawkins reaching into her past seeking divine intervention. The call going out to former US Marshal, Hunter Divine. An erstwhile lover who broke Paige’s heart. A man whose current existence is leaping from job to job and bed to bed. Hunter taking the case hoping for salvation in his futile life. Can Hunter and his team prevent the kidnapping by an enemy with vast resources? The foe’s endgame to leverage these kids for their own vengeful desires. Hunter and his team toeing the line between virtue and vile. Drawing on wit, brawn, halos and pitchforks the ‘Divine Devils’ will scorch the earth to protect these kids. Even if it costs them…their eternal souls!

Book Bubbles from The Divine Devils

Intro to Hunter Divine

In the second chapter we get a glimpse of the current life of former US Marshal Hunter Divine. Living with little to look forward to other than booze, drugs and sex with nameless partners, with no hope of salvation.

Teenagers in Peril

The opening of my new book, The Divine Devils. Release date of Oct 1st. Get a small taste of this brand new Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. Pre-order price of $3.99. Enjoy!!

Dead Man Code

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Cases come, and cases go But Colorado private eye Jarvis Mann Can't land an easy one these days. The cops are unhappy when Jarvis digs into a murder case they closed Uncovering a crooked tech company Hell-bent on stealing digital bits and bytes Soon Russian mobsters and Chinese government thugs arrive To bribe, threaten, beat, and finally kill Attempting to stop him to safeguard their criminal enterprise. Can Jarvis defend the widow who hired him to find her husband's killer? Will the founder's beautiful and sexy ex-wife Provide the key he needs to crack the case As Jarvis pulls out all the stops Slugging and shooting his way to a pulse-pounding conclusion…

Book Bubbles from Dead Man Code

The First Chapter Setup

This is part of the opening chapter of Dead Man Code. My hope was to set the mood, with the chapters after this going back in time, making the reader wait to find out what happens in this tense situation.

Mann in the Crossfire

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Is this the end for PI Jarvis Mann? A surprising murder of an associate Sends Jarvis on a trip to San Diego to investigate A trail of clues direct him to a gang member who wants him eliminated While a local detective agency is hot on his tail with nefarious plans of their own Battered and beaten, Jarvis battles to forge on, tracking the evidence Directing him to a dangerous discovery that he may not be able to fight his way out of Desperate for backup, with nowhere else to turn He enlists lethal foes to render essential aid Will these illicit associations spell the end of his career and possibly his life… For Jarvis is truly a Mann in the Crossfire.

Book Bubbles from Mann in the Crossfire

Just Having a Drink in a Bar

Jarvis often is sitting at a bar, having a beer. But here it's part of his job, in this opening chapter where he confronts a cheating husband with divorce papers. We get to see Jarvis' snarkiness and his tough side.

Back Against the Wall

A tense scene, leaving private eye Jarvis Mann with few options. Setting the mood for the harrowing chapter to follow.

The Front Range Butcher

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Twenty-two years ago, the slayings began… A new body nearly every month—front page news for all to read. Gruesome in nature, the victims nearly all female The killer terrorizing the residents of Colorado’s biggest cities. Until one day the murders stopped… No one knew who he was, his motive for slaughtering them… …and why the itch to kill suddenly ended. Now, more than two decades later, the urge has resurfaced. Carved remains of loved ones left to be found, lives of families ruined… …the slayings echoing an all too familiar case from a past once forgotten Has the killer resurfaced again? How many more will brutally suffer the same horrendous fate? Hired to find the serial killer, private detective Jarvis Mann digs deep Fighting FBI resistance, with life threatening danger lurking around every corner His cunning leads to a man he must match wits with… …a man the FBI can’t touch! Cold and calculated, intelligent and coy, the man, wheelchair bound… …holds the answers and the secrets. For he is the only one who could be the evil manifestation of… …The Front Range Butcher.

Book Bubbles from The Front Range Butcher

The first glimpse of the Butcher

The initial look at the Butcher and how he operates in this Reader's Favorite Gold Medal winner for 2019. If you like chilling psychological thrillers, this book is for you.

The Psychological Challenge

The first of many meetings between PI Jarvis Mann and the potential serial killer known as The Front Range Butcher. A brutal murderer back after 22 years of silence. These scenes were fun and terrifying at the same time to write.

The Case of the Invisible Souls

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

With Christmas a few weeks away Happy these last few months had been quiet Private Detective Jarvis Mann decides to take on an interesting case A homeless veteran knocks on his door with a story Several of his homeless companions have been bribed Then taxied away never to return. Taking pause to the man’s story at first Jarvis digs deeper learning of plans to clear out the homeless When the man is attacked, and seriously injured Jarvis goes undercover Learning more about life on the streets than he ever knew Becoming one of the Invisible Souls in search of an answer.

Book Bubbles from The Case of the Invisible Souls

Reflection on the life of a Soldier

A quick excerpt where my protagonist, private eye Jarvis Mann reflects on the life of a soldier and all they go through in battle and the consequences they face when they return home.

First Meeting with Sam

Jarvis for the first time meets with Sam, a woman who runs the Invisible Souls Homeless Shelter. It's a fun exchange, and the two over time become good friends.

Life on the Streets

This segment is setting up the plot for this novella, a homeless man asking Jarvis for help. All the while Jarvis fighting the preconceived notions about those who are homeless. A notion I'm sure we've all struggled to overcome in our lives.

Blood Brothers

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Still recovering from painful injuries and heartache Jarvis picks himself up to help family out of a dire situation A call from his sister-in-law Leads him back to where he grew up Big brother, Flynn, has dug himself a hole he can't climb out of One filled with lies and deceit Jarvis is soon caught between Feds and gangsters Leading to peril for all involved. With sharp tongue, nerves of steel, and fierce determination Jarvis comes to his brother’s reluctant assistance But can he save Flynn from the depths to which he has fallen? Coming to terms with his life growing up And how he became who he is Jarvis faces his past, present and future Confronting an evil worse than anything he’s encountered before One that may leave Jarvis, and all those he holds dear…dead.

Book Bubbles from Blood Brothers

Homecoming Memory

In Blood Brothers I had my protagonist, Jarvis Mann heading home to help his brother Flynn out of a complicated situation. There is a lot of backstory in this book, showing how Jarvis became the man he was, both good and bad. When you go home you see sights from the past, which remind you of events in your life that helped shape you. That is a big part of this book, along with the danger Jarvis faces helping his brother.

Brotherly Conflict

The relationship between brothers can be complicated. Jarvis hits a wall or two trying to help his brother, Flynn, out of a jam as you'll see here. This conflict is the meat of the story.

The Chase is On!

In Blood Brothers I wanted to start off the book with a little bit of action and some humor. A change of pace from how the other books in the series started.

Twice as Fatal

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Ray Malone is a promising college football star Whose career is derailed by injuries When an embarrassing video of him arrives With the warning of it going public Threatening his future football career. Case two has landlord Kate Tanner Hiring Jarvis to gather evidence against her cheating husband Soon a connection to a dangerously perverted man is discovered Putting everyone in jeopardy. Trying to balance both cases Each dragging him deeper into different sleazy underworlds With danger and death all around him Jarvis must somehow rescue everyone before these cases Claim his life, as well as the one he is growing to love.

Book Bubbles from Twice as Fatal

Taking a Beating

My protagonist often gets into scrapes, many times ending up on the wrong side of the fight. In this case he is trying to track down the missing son of his client, in a seedy gentlemen's club, the odds against him, which he pays for.

One Beer Too Many!!

This scene was early in the book, Twice As Fatal, my PI trailing the husband of his landlord, who hired Jarvis to find out if the husband was cheating on her. Part of Jarvis' charm, is his ability to blend in to a scene, but still maintain his surveillance. Though you'll see he makes mistakes, showing his faults on the job.

The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Jarvis Mann is a private detective, whose business thrived on the mundane Paying the bills by shadowing cheating spouses Getting in the middle of messy divorces And working for the fat-cat insurance companies running down false claims On a Winter’s Sunday afternoon, a young man graces his office steps His words coaxing with the simple declaration of “Please” Convincing Jarvis to help find a valuable missing Ernie Banks rookie baseball card With a dry sense of humor, Jarvis tours the Denver neighborhood with the lad Door to door, friend to friend, until a clue leads to a surprising discovery A young man’s personal pain revealed Witnessing a friend’s act of self-sacrifice Both teenagers teaching Jarvis a life lesson That will shape him with new hope and resolve

Book Bubbles from The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card

A Private Eye is Born

Written by myself more than 25 years ago, and then updated in 2013, The Case of the Missing Bubble Gum Card was the first Jarvis Mann PI adventure. I enjoyed and even played baseball as a kid, collecting baseball cards, which we called bubble gum cards way back in the day. Oh if I'd saved some of them I could have been a rich man. Though the rigid bubble gum that came with those cards was nasty tasting and usually ended up in the trash.

Tracking A Shadow

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

PI Jarvis Mann was captivated by the sultry tones of his female client… Emily White with girl next door looks and shimmering eyes that begged for help… She is being stalked but isn’t certain by whom… …and this wasn’t the first time Three suspects… An ex-husband who lives to play softball A sexist pig ex-employee who believes he is god’s gift to women And a mystery man who Jarvis encounters with painful results Still Jarvis begins to think it’s all in Emily’s head Until a killing in her home convinces him otherwise When a powerful business man and crime boss becomes involved, things really get complicated Soon Jarvis is the prime suspect in the brutal beating of one of the possible stalkers Threatening to put his PI career on ice!

Book Bubbles from Tracking A Shadow

Meeting a Client

My private eye, Jarvis Mann, is meeting his new client for the first time. A sexy woman with a serious issue, one that becomes more complicated as he investigates.

Tough in a Fight

I love writing snarky banter for my main character, PI Jarvis Mann. This is an early example of the fiery attitude he uses when confronted by two tough guys.

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