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British-born semi-retired Professor of Medicine in Charleston, SC, widely traveled and author of many medical books. I wrote the first story about Fred the snake getting squished (and mended) when my kids were young, to teach them how not to cross the road. When they had their own children, they asked "what happended to Fred-Fred" (so-called because he was in two pieces initially). So, we dusted it off and found a publisher. It seemed popular and fun for me, so I now have five books (beautifully illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire) about Fred the friendly snake. After recovering from squishness, Fred has gone to school, welcomed Jungle Jim and other animals, explored Charleston, and enjoyed the beach. The midwest book review said "Move over for Fred-Fred, Lewis Carroll" And, I was not named after a rabbit.


When Fred the Snake Goes To School

Children's Books

After a happy summer playing together, the boy wants to take Fred the Snake to school! Fred is a friendly snake, but the students were nervous at first. Then Fred earned their trust and affection by playing real nice and twisting into fun things they needed, like a jump rope and soccer goal!

Book Bubbles from When Fred the Snake Goes To School

Fred the Snake at School!

After playing together all summer, the boy wanted to take Fred, the friendly snake, to school. The teacher and students were nervous at first, but Fred became very popular when he studied well and turned himself into fun things the children needed. What's Fred's favorite class? Recess, of course!

When Fred the Snake and Friends Go to the Beach

Children's Books

No synopsis has been added for this book

Book Bubbles from When Fred the Snake and Friends Go to the Beach

Daddy gets back from his trip

When Daddy (with his new beard) got back from a business trip, he invited JP and Perdy to spend the day at the beach. Of course they took Jungle Jim, Fred, Bernadette and their many friends.

On the ferry to Dewees island

Fred and Bernadette went to the beach on Dewees Island,with the boy JP, his sister Perdy and their Mum and Dad. Here they are on the ferry, the Dewees Islander. They had a wonderful time, but JP had to save Bernadette who was washed out to sea on her floaty.

When Jungle Jim Comes to Visit Fred the Snake

Children's Books

Fred the Snake is lonely and misses Jungle Jim and his friends. Jungle Jim finds his old shipping boat and braves the wild seas to visit Fred in South Carolina. He brings a whole animal menagerie, including a lady snake named Bernadette!

Book Bubbles from When Jungle Jim Comes to Visit Fred the Snake

Fred invites Jungle Jim to visit

Jungle Jim had sent Fred the snake to the boy (JP) in South Carolina, where he had a great time, and even went to school. But he began to miss his old jungle friends, so asked Jim to come visit and bring a bunch of them.Jim bravely assembled a small menagerie and set sail.

When Fred The Snake Got Squished, and Mended

Children's Books

Oh, no! Fred the Snake didn't look both ways to see if there were any speeding vehicles coming. Now, he's cut in two! Fred must wait in the hospital for the doctors to sew him back together. But they need a special bendy thread that can only be found in the distant, wild jungle! Can Jungle Jim help?

Book Bubbles from When Fred The Snake Got Squished, and Mended

Meet Jungle Jim!

Fred-Fred gets squished, and there's only one person to help! Thankfully, Fred's new friend got word to Jungle Jim, who lives in the deepest part of the jungle. Now, he must be very brave as he disturbs a huge animal to retrieve the special thread that's needed to mend Fred-Fred.

When Fred the Snake Got Squished

Fred the friendly snake didn't know how to cross the road, and something terrible happened! Don't worry. Jungle Jim helped by sending some special thread that would mend Fred back to new. Get your copy to learn how to NOT cross the street!

Contrite mended Fred

Fred was very grateful to Jungle Jim, for braving the fierce rhino to get the special mendy thread, and wrote a letter of thanks for his efforts, always a nice thing to do. Fred will be more careful crossing the road in future.

When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore Charleston

Children's Books

Fred and his newly arrived friends that Jungle Jim brought go out to explore and enjoy the sights of Charleston, South Carolina

Book Bubbles from When Fred the Snake and Friends Explore Charleston

What's Next for Fred-Fred?

Fred the friendly snake (called Fred-Fred by my kids because he got squished in two in the first book) did well at school and then invited Jungle JIm to come visit with some friends, and to see where Fred lives. Travel restrictions in place now (April 2020) make it impossible for all of us to walk the streets of the beautiful city of Charleston, SC, where I live and work. So, turn the pages and take a fun virtual tour, illustrated perfectly by Bonnie. Y'all come on......

Charleston restaurants

Charleston, SC, has much to offer for both residents and tourists. Over the last 10-15 years it has become a Foodie destination. There are dozens of great restuarants both on and off the peninsula. Fred enjoyed the mussels at Rue de Jean, as I do!

Fred tours Charleston

I am Peter Cotton, the author, living in Charleston, SC, so wanted Fred and friends to see the sights.

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