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LK Hunsaker  Ella M Kaye

LK Hunsaker is the author of a string of intertwined novels centered around the arts and societal issues, combined with romantic and psychological elements. As spouse of a former career soldier, she traveled widely, lived in several states and oversees, raised two children, and earned degrees in psychology and liberal arts. Her short stories, poems, and articles have been published in anthologies and magazines, online and in print. She is now settled in western Pennsylvania and enjoys her growing number of grandchildren in between writing under two author names, LK Hunsaker and Ella M. Kaye.


Off The Moon

Working Title: Off The Moon

This Book Is In Development

Off The Moon

Literature & Fiction

Riveting Ryan Reynauld is immersed in a world of music, parties, and temporary companionship. Having risen to the top of the pop charts, his biggest concern is the way his music is produced. That is, until he finds a young woman standing on a window ledge. Against the advice of family and friends, and through media attacks and fan protests, Ryan determines to care for her himself, making a promise that threatens to destroy his career. Convincing the skittish girl she can learn to trust again comes with a steep price. Sometimes the path to recovery begins by allowing your world to implode.

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Working Through Illness

"Stay home when you're sick." In theory, absolutely on-target advice. In reality, that can't always happen. Luckily, when you work at home, you don't have to go out and risk infecting others. You do often, however, have to work through it in order to meet a deadline, even if a self-imposed deadline. With a bunch of little ones running in out bringing their germs from school, winter means being sick. Almost constantly. Still, there's work to be done, and I've spent many hours barely able to sit up at my desk still working. Because fiction imitates life, or should, I've transferred that to some of my characters. Ryan, as a big pop star with a loaded tour schedule, doesn't have time to be sick. Unwilling to let his fans down, he keeps going, no matter how bad he feels. Until there comes that point... Sometimes, I even let myself not work for the day, because there is no choice. My body simply refuses. I read a quote yesterday that struck a chord: "If you don't schedule rest days, your body will do it for you." We all need time off, whether we're big pop stars in the limelight or nearly anonymous writers hermiting in our homes. There's a time to push and a time to rest.

Long-distance Connections

I've spent most of my adult life out away from my family, and most of my friends are in other states, so I rely heavily on social media to stay connected. When I do get back "home" it's like a breath of fresh air, relaxing, old memories, kind of fresh air. It's restorative, even though I love the place I've chosen to be my adult home. Ryan spends most of his time, when not touring, in NYC away from his Vermont family. Even though he grew up a military brat and moving a lot, Bennington feels like his home base because his family settled there. His best friend is in Massachusetts and, since she's a touring musician, as well, he rarely sees her. Still, their bond is strong and he thinks of her often during his busy days... She guides him even when not together.

New Beginnings

I started the New Year by walking a 5K for a new 100 mile challenge. I like challenges. I'm into self-improvement. So, like Ryan from Off The Moon, I'm constantly working at my craft, trying to step up my game, as I do with my health. First published 10 years ago, this story was in need of a face lift. The last part of 2019 was spent partially in reviewing/re-editing/adding visually sensual passages to fill out the novel. While I was pushing it back out there, I went all the way and made it hardcore ... um, hardcover. Off The Moon is about new starts, pushing off the old and moving forward. It's about life and art and music and friendship and love and family. It's intense and it's soft. It's well-rounded. I hope you'll agree.

Shadows of Blues & Echoes

Working Title: Shadows of Blues & Echoes

This Book Is In Development

Shadows of Blues & Echoes

Literature & Fiction

Gillian Hart is an ambitious reporter for a small circulation paper in Denver, Colorado. When her editor and friend assigns a story about some rich businessman who chucks it all to live in the woods alone outside Durango, she does her best to fight it but gives in for the chance to rise higher and have more choice in future stories. Hank Dennison wants nothing but solitude while he recovers from a life-changing devastation he has managed to hide from the public. The last thing he wants is another nosy journalist badgering him, especially one who knows nothing about survival in the wilderness who taxes his waning strength. He soon notices the darkness of depression weighing her down, despite her attempt to hide it, and determines to keep her off the path that led him to his own illness.

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What does it mean to matter?

At least most of us struggle at times to determine the point of the thing, the reason we're here, and we wonder why it matters. Those with depression can go deeply into that "what's the point" hole, and it can be hard to see the bright light shining on your head at those times. Sometimes, it's a matter of paying attention, of looking at things that seem like knocks differently. Maybe they're not. Maybe they're hidden blessings. Maybe what matters and what makes you feel like you matter is in your own perspective. And maybe, it's someone else's perspective. Someone who needs you badly, whether or not you see it. We all matter. Maybe the "why" doesn't matter. <3

Sometimes Love Means Self-Sacrifice

In today's world of "do what you want 'cause it's your life," we often forget that one of the greatest forms of love means putting yourself aside for someone else's good. Loving ourselves is important, but how do we truly love ourselves if we are willing to harm others for our own interests? Moms stay up rocking their babies when they're asleep on their feet because their babies' needs are more important than their own. Friends go out of their way to help each other, even when it means giving up time/energy they may not be able to easily afford. Soldiers step in front of their fellow soldiers to protect them for the greater good. And romantic partners willingly sacrifice their own needs to give their SO something they need or want. "There is no greater love" than putting someone else's needs above your own.

Protect The Heart

Protect The Heart

Literature & Fiction

Abraham and Cameron leave their Snake River Valley homes to join the war effort while Maura, Cameron's near-betrothed, is left at home holding the pieces together. Over time and letters, she ponders her relationship with Cameron and is drawn to Abraham's artistic and poetic nature. A twist as unpredictable as the Snake itself brings Maura an unexpected ally and swift change of course.

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Many Kinds of Love

So many rebuff Valentine's Day as "only commercial" or because they don't have a valentine of their own. Or do they? There are so many kinds of love to celebrate: parents, children (even if they aren't your own), friends, or your neighbors. No need for flowers and candy, although there's nothing wrong with giving flowers and candy to someone you love. Do something kind for someone. Take care of someone who needs help. Try harder to understand those with whom you disagree. Celebrate the power of love within your own heart. <3

Protect The Heart

"Remember your heart is in the right place and that's what matters." Even as Abe is heading off to a war, into a situation he won't be able to comprehend until he gets there, he is focused on his father. Often, it's much harder to be the one left behind, constantly unknowing, always waiting for word, than the one diving into the action. Abe knows his father's fate largely depends on his own, as the only one left to look after him, as the inheritor of the family farm. The thought gives him courage and resolve. The gifts from his father, first raising Abe to understand what's important, and next, letting go and trusting his son's abilities, become invaluable in his uncertain future... ----------- Find Protect The Heart by LK Hunsaker in both print and e-Book from major retailers and indie bookstores everywhere.

A Charleston Christmas Miracle


Since her move from Connecticut to Charleston, SC, Sandy has squirreled away most of her paychecks from the strip club in order to start a new life in a new state in the new year. When Rose, a young girl with a heart defect and her Uncle Ross, acting as her father between caring for his mentally ill sister, find her dancing on Folly Beach, Sandy's goals shift like the waves.

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Christmas Eve Traditions

When I was young, one of my absolute favorite part of the Christmas season was the candlelight Christmas Eve service at my little hometown church. Toward the end of the short service, we would light our candles - real candles, not battery operated, the lights would be turned out, and we held up our candles to sing Silent Night. It was beautiful, mesmerizing, and on point as a reminder of the meaning of the season. Silence. Stillness. Honor. Remembrance. Peace. Love. In my adult years, having moved far from that church, I've yet to find one the same. At the little local church my husband chose, I went last Christmas Eve to hear a sermon about loss and grief (???) and then we held battery-operated candles for a few seconds of silence. And we left. There was none of the coherence and beauty and peacefulness I'd remembered. Perhaps this year, we'll light candles at home and sing in front of the well-lit tree.

Southern Snow

I grew up in the north where the winds blow heavy snow across the flat fields and suffocate the roads the way hurricanes sweep sand across roads and yards along the coast. That was Christmas season, the time of two pairs of socks with a grocery bag in between to keep our feet dry and warm breath coming from thick scarfs to turn into frozen mist settling on our red noses. After living in the south for 12 years where flurries would shut everything down, we came back north. Of course weather patterns change and last year, I watched the photos of a good snowfall in the southeast. This was the inspiration for the story of a young southern girl who badly wants to build a snowman out of real snow rather than sand. To be officially released in July 2019, A pre-release version of A Charleston Christmas Miracle is free through the end of 2018. Find it on the News page at

Shadows of Greens & Memories

Literature & Fiction

Francis Barrett returns to her hometown of Storm Lake, Iowa to take care of the family holdings after her father passes. While turning his garden shed into a small but livable cottage, she runs into an old flame she admired from afar but never dared speak with during their high school days. Using her secret passion of oil painting to unwind from long days of clearing out the mess, Francis finds her father also had a secret passion and left behind a tale of a man she didn't truly know. George Frederick McKenry never left the Midwest town where he was born other than brief travels with his four children, who he now has custody of since his ex moved into a condo with her new boyfriend. Running into the one girl from school who rebuffed him when he asked her out, G.F. can't help checking on her and making sure she's getting along alright. False assumptions and past resentments fade as Fran and G.F. let down their guards in order to create new memories.

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Returning to High School: Scary or Exciting?

So many of us, at some point in our adult years, wish to be able to go back to our high school days of friends, parties, dances, sports, and more simple days. Others, however, would cringe at the thought of a class reunion. I have yet to get to one of my high school reunions, since I moved out of state and family obligations came first. They still do. I enjoyed seeing the photos from our recent 35 year reunion (yes, I'm showing my age, but it is what it is) a couple months ago. Being three states away and set during the school year, I still didn't make it. My kids are grown, but I now help with my grandkids, two of whom just started their school memories. I suppose I could have made the time at some point, but honestly, I'm not the same person I was then, and my social anxiety makes the idea not terribly welcome. Even without SA, many get nervous about going back again, so to speak. We all change. We all, hopefully, see things differently than we did back then. Trying to balance our previous teenage worlds with our adult worlds all of a sudden can be scary. Some things are best left alone. Others are best revisited for better understanding,

Pieces of Light

Literature & Fiction

When her niece is diagnosed with autism, Emma Turner chooses to support her sister, a single mom, and is served divorce papers by her possessive husband who doesn't actually intend to let her go. Moving from Boston to Provincetown, Massachusetts, Emma teaches fifth grade during the week and takes care of Patty on weekends. That changes abruptly when her sister's health fails and Patty needs more than weekend care. Fillan Reilly has taken a summer job on Cape Cod teaching ballroom dance. A Galway, Ireland native, Fillan uses the change of scenery to try to clear his head and decide his direction after his long-term girlfriend leaves him, unsure whether she'll return. With pressure to enter the family business and push his dancing to the sidelines, he expects an easy relaxed summer to think things over. When fate brings them together, Emma and Fillan must determine whether joining their lifeboats will provide an even keel or throw them further off-balance.

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Against the Tides, and the Odds

Life is a constant detour. You can stand in the batter's box knowing what kind of pitcher you're facing, knowing where you intend to aim that ball you know is coming your way fast. You can brace your feet, make your stance just right, with years of practice ruling your body, well-toned and ready ... and the ball coming right down the pipe can suddenly veer off, hitting the bottom edge of your bat and slamming into your foot, breaking your toe, and taking you out of the game. Life happens. Sometimes it goes as we plan, but mostly it doesn't. Mostly, we have to take whatever's thrown and run with it, or trot behind the best we can. Emma, with all of her best-laid plans, runs into two curve balls on top of each other and is left reeling. Her long-time training that has left her wary, but stronger, makes her turn the reel into a dance. The only question is how far she wants to take the dance.

A Beautiful Dancer

It's amazing, isn't it?, how one thing someone says to us becomes an integral part of who we are, or at least what we think we are, or aren't. Emma has left a bad marriage, but she hasn't shed the effects of his harmful words. Her ex has her somewhat convinced she's motion challenged, which makes it hard for her to let herself take a ballroom class when she gets the opportunity. The truth is, she is not motion challenged. It was only a way of trying to keep her "in her place" below him, in his mind. Fillan has some work to do to convince her that much of how she feels about herself is complete fiction.

Shadowed Lights

Literature & Fiction

Delaney Griffin welcomed her sister’s large family into her small home when they were displaced by Hurricane Sandy. With five noisy kids and an overbearing brother-in-law threatening her sanity, Delaney spends much of her free time cleaning up the wildlife refuge and helping at the local food bank. Still, the lack of privacy, along with having no space to dance, her only passionate release, causes her debilitating social anxiety to escalate.   Eli Forrester has come from small town Indiana to Barnegat, New Jersey with his company to help restore the coast. A high-rise worker who loves new people and new places, he fears nothing, except water. When he accidentally kicks one of the sea critters Delaney is trying to help rescue, Eli is drawn to the quiet New Jersey girl. Unwilling to take her cues to leave her alone, he is alternately put off and turned on by her odd behavior.   Under shadow of devastation, fear, and forced separation, Delaney and Eli search for their own rescue light.

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Fashion is for the Bold

Have you ever looked at a cute outfit in the store, admired it, and thought, "Yeah, but I can't wear that" or "It's not me." I do that too often to count, although I'm not much of a shopper in general. It's too bold or too bright or too stylish, meant to catch attention, which, of course, is the point. But some of us can't stand the thought of that much attention, and so we opt for neutral-like darks, such as navy and dark green, gray, black. And plain styles. Anything to help us fade into the background while in public where we want to be, and yet do not want to be. Meanwhile, our hearts are yelling, "Get that cute outfit and wear it boldly!" Easier said than done when you have social anxiety. At some point, you have to take that plunge and say, "Heck with it. I am wearing that outfit." Or, you live life in the shadows, giving in to the fear. Sometimes hiding from the panic is fine. But sometimes, it's better to face it head on and step into the sun, heat and all. It might burn a bit, but you'll heal.

Lasting Storm Devastation

When we lived on the southeast coast many years ago, a big hurricane headed in and we were told to evacuate. My husband, due to his work, could not, so we stayed and taped windows and such. Luckily, all worked out well, but it did leave a lasting impression. When I started writing my lighthouse books, I knew at least one of them would have to deal with a hurricane. Shadowed Lights uses the setting of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the northeast coast. Delaney, social phobic and nature-centric, helps with the beach cleanup. She does this partly because she's had to take her sister, brother-in-law, and their five kids into her house when theirs was lost. Her house is far too small, but since the sisters both grew up there, the family feels certain rights to it. The hurricane itself was a short-term event, but along with the physical destruction, as they always do, it left plenty of mental destruction. It also makes a good metaphor for the destructive power of social anxiety disorder.

A Bold Move, Social Anxiety Style

I grew up sheltered within the midst of a large close-knit family in a little no-stop-light town and a high school class of 30, give or take 1 or 2 each year. Even with those small numbers of people, my social anxiety disorder took a huge toll. Other than the mandatory school days, which were torturous (not an exaggeration), I remained within my family's security and tried to avoid anything else. That is, until, over the phone, I met the guy I couldn't resist, the one who eventually gave me two kids leading to 6 grandkids. The problem: I was in central Illinois and he was stationed in central Texas. When he invited me to visit, my heart thumped, both in nervous excitement and in ... pure outright fear. Leave my family and go to Texas? Myself? Even now, the thought of it makes my heart speed up. That was over 30 years ago, and yes, I did it. That feeling came to life almost 30 years later with the story of Delaney, when she has to make that choice. Let her severe social anxiety keep her from her love, or bite it back and go.

Social Anxiety is not mere Shyness

Delaney hides away in a job where she hardly has to talk to anyone, but inside, she's caring, intelligent, savvy, and a dancer. Flamenco is an aggressive dance style and she has taught herself, practicing at home when she's sure no one will know, enjoying the stomps and flicks and sharp movements. Social Anxiety Disorder is very much real and it's extremely painful. It constantly conflicts with who the person really is inside, often disguising an abundance of friendliness and a large need to fit in, to be part of the crowd rather than hiding from it using any means possible. It takes a strong person to stand beside someone fighting social anxiety as a full disorder. The right person can be an incredible healing resource...

Pier Lights

Literature & Fiction

Caroline was a relevé away from becoming prima ballerina when, partly due to her own actions, she was injured enough to end her ballet career. With a strong determination, along with some help and hindrance from her antisocial tendencies, Caroline returns to her beloved Folly Beach, finds a grittier dancing job, and makes up her mind to land on top. Due to a disfiguring facial scar, Dio hides away on his South Carolina farm during the day, where keeping watch over his aging and mentally failing mother strains his time and energy. Venturing into Charleston only for his night job in a strip club allows him to keep needed contact with others while maintaining distance.   When the two collide amid the glow of the lights from the pier, their personal scars push them away, and pull them in, like the ebb and flow of the Atlantic.

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A Touch of Real-life Inspiration

I grew up in ballet class. While others were tossing balls around, I was in the dance studio, or practicing at home, strengthening and toning and learning balance and stamina... yes, as those sports people do, but letting it come out as dance. I was one of the studio's first five students to achieve toe shoe status. Let me tell you, it hurts. It doesn't only hurt during class, but at night from charley horses and for the next three days while those muscles try to relax. It didn't matter. I loved it. And then came the fall. During a P.E. class, a sprint, I hit gravel and broke my foot. The End of pointe classes. No more story there. Now, it's in Pier Lights. Caroline got so much further with her ballet career, and I could only imagine it would be so much worse. So... although I'm not from SC and haven't been to Folly Beach (yet), there is plenty of real life inspiration to the first Dancers

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