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Leslie is a daughter, a mother, an ex-wife, female and a human on Earth. She was an actress in the 1980's & 90's, married and became a full-time mom of 2 wonderful (now grown) boys. The family spent 14 years in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho, then moved back to the LA area 10 years ago. Leslie speaks German, being the child of a German immigrant mother, whose posthumous memoir is the subject of Leslie's first book: " Tishi; Refugee,Immigrant,Mother". Leslie hikes wherever and whenever she can, loves movies in a dark theater with popcorn, and likes being stuck in positive, rather than negative loops, although she tries not to get "stuck" at all.


Tishi: Refugee, Immigrant, Mother

Biographies & Memoirs

A daughter finds her mother's story, dating back to hidden truths during World War II. A classic Mother/Daughter tale one can picture on the big screen, from the war in Europe to America in the 60's and 70's, and life as an immigrant wife and mother during that iconic time. A beautiful love and life story of a beautiful woman, who graces the cover on her first day in America. A woman named Tishi.

Book Bubbles from Tishi: Refugee, Immigrant, Mother

Post WWII Virtue Signaling?

This scene took place in 1955, a decade after the end of the war, but only about 5 years into life being somewhat normal for my mom. She was 20 years old, hanging out in a bohemian cafe in Munich with her Jewish friend Hanka. She meant well, but clearly Hanka wasn't having any of it. When they did talk, Hanka told her she was German and could never understand. My mom defended herself and German people saying that they were "aware" now and it could never happen again. Hanka agreed that my mom made sense but said she needed to distance herself and there was nothing my mom could do. This incident resulted in the demise of their friendship and my mom simply realized that was the way it was. Healing comes when It does, and I hope now is finally our time in America.

Current times invoke understanding

WOW. My Mom was a German refugee after WWII, from Czechoslavakia, where her family was kicked out & stripped of all they owned, because they were German. They were just lucky to be alive. Then they encountered prejudice, curfews, empty markets, no schooling, lack of food, goods & services.. and money de-valued. Never, until the last 3 months of our lives(and that includes when I once THOUGHT I could relate: being evacuated for 2 weeks during the 2018 fires),NEVER have I understood until now, even a tiny bit of what she endured at such a young age. Covid and George Floyd made me understand you more, Mom.

Just a memory...

This is just a slice of life from my childhood that was a slice of life from my mother's young adulthood, as a young mom. She wrote about it in her forties, and I came across it in my 50's...long after she was gone. Just a part of both our lives, just a part of this book, just a memory...what our lives are made of.

Women Strong

How inspiring for my mother at age 11, to witness her mother take control and manage a very scary situation. She offered the Russian officers shelter and services(she and her mother cooked for the officers), in exchange for protection. Those Russian troops that occupied German villages after WWII were notoriously brutal. It must have been tension-fraught and dicey, yet with the men gone, the women found a way to survive and keep their children safe.

Is this normal?

I think my answer to the above question is: YES. We all think the grass is greener at some point. Whether it's the bigger, better deal, or a mom that looks more like what I thought a mom should look like, and doesn't speak English with a foreign accent.

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