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In February 1964, two teenagers collide outside Carnegie Hall. The Beatles are playing. The background is Manhattan, the streets, the skyscrapers, an intersection of shadows and light. She is a photographer; he becomes her muse. Across 25 years, she achieves fame and controversy while he reckons with the limits of being there for her. The part of love that is devotion has its own sadness and fulfillment, and it's own price. Their world is Andy Warhol and fashion magazines, the Chelsea Hotel and Greenwich Village. Their hour is a great city in decline and the passing of youth.

Book Bubbles from Flatiron

Why Flatiron?

Like the narrator of this story I was a foot messenger many years ago in Manhattan when I was sixteen. One of the first offices I delivered to was in the Flatiron Building at Broadway and Fifth Avenue. I've never forgotten the shock of seeing it like a ship's prow about to sail uptown. Later on when I saw the Stieglitz photographs of the Flatiron I think my infatuation was complete. Ever since the Flatiron and photography have conjoined for me though it was fifty years before this book came to life.

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