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KA  Turnbull

K.A. Turnbull is a fantasy writer that writes for the New Adult audience. K.A. grew up in Ontario, Canada out in the countryside, seeing everything mystical and wonderful that nature has to offer. Though not everything was so easy for K.A. Turnbull. When she was younger, she had many difficulties with school due to an undiagnosed reading disability, that even to this day can cause some hardship when reading. Though with the help of family and volunteer tutors, she has been able to cope with her disability and strives to follow her dreams. 


Cursed Souls

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Reincarnations. Curses. Magic. Demons. All things that live in legends and folklore, until now. Meet Crystle Nuca and Jay Walden, average college students, until the legends became reality. Her, a reincarnated orphan, and him, a reincarnated Prince of Egypt, both touched by magic. Their souls tethered to the lost kingdom in Egypt, Laquar. Destined to relive their deaths. They must travel across Egypt to a secret pyramid, with the help of a blue cat demon, Cucun, to bestow Jay with his powers, to break the curse placed upon them and Laquar. The only problem, demons are hunting them down and their only chance for survival is for Crystle to master her elemental and shape-shifting powers before disaster strikes! Will this journey vanquish the curse, freeing all their souls, or will the cycle of destruction continue?

Book Bubbles from Cursed Souls

Part of Chapter 18

Most of this scene was a way to get me out of a writing slump. I was stuck and decided to throw in a leopard, and was planning on taking it out. The hard part is I ended up really liking the scene that I figured out how to make it connect with the rest of the book without it seeming too random, so it was sort of an "unexpected/unintentional scene" which was why I had her powers not work quite the way she expected them to.

From Chapter 8

I thought that this would be a different twist on paying for time rendered. Plus it gave the chance to add a bit of dark humor to the scene.

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