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I'm a bohemian spirit with a New York edge. I believe in big romance. Romance with all the feels. My stories are high-octane romance with a ton of angst, heat, and heart. The characters are bitingly real and you'll simultaneously fall in love and shake your head in frustration over their antics. In the end, they earn their happy ending after some emotional and personal grown.


Yuletide Acres


Poppy: I loved Dylan, but he left anyway. He slipped away in the middle of the night without any warning, and he never returned. He didn’t even say goodbye. An abrupt end to the biggest love I’ve ever known. Imagine my surprise when I move to a small Montana village, only to learn the mayor is the same man who ghosted me years earlier. Only one obstacle to our joyous reunion. He hates me. At least that’s what I thought…until he kissed me. The feelings between us still burn hot, but my heart can’t handle another round with Disappearing Dylan. Dylan: My biggest life regret was leaving Poppy ten years ago. I never even told her goodbye. But she was the ultimate free spirit, and I needed to grow up and join the real world. So I left her—and my heart—in the California desert, returning home to my tiny Montana town. Time moved on, and I thought I had as well. Until one fateful morning when I went to greet our town’s newest resident and watched my past collide with my present. Now, she’s under my skin, just like a decade earlier, sexier and feistier than ever before. I want nothing more than to make her mine, but I doubt a single father holds much appeal for a woman like Poppy. There’s only one solution—I can’t let her near my heart again. But I know that idea is moot. Poppy has owned my heart all along.

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Is This How You Woo Women?

Dylan and Poppy are reunited after a decade apart, but Dylan is fighting tooth and nail to keep his heart out of the equation. Seems where Poppy is concerned, that is an impossibility.

I can't stay away from her

Dylan wants to keep his distance from Poppy—not because he doesn't care about her, but because he cares too much. Much like the little boy pulling pigtails on the playground, Dylan is doing everything the wrong way around.

Hook Up: A Driven World Novel


Greer: Ryder Gray is a racing legend with one weak spot—me. At least that’s the line he used on me eight years ago, right before he ghosted me. The worst part? I believed him—every sweet, romantic line. Turns out, that’s all they were. I moved on, or so I thought, until we wind up spending a weekend together in Vegas. We’re there to celebrate my brother’s wedding, but Ryder has a different plan—to reclaim the heart he abandoned years earlier. I’d be a fool to fall for Ryder again, so why can’t my heart tell him no? Do I trust him, or is this another Ryder Gray hook up? Ryder: Since I was ten, I wanted two things from this life—a career as an F1 racer and Greer Hammond. Turns out winning championships was far easier than winning Greer’s heart. But I’m no quitter. When I see something I want, I don’t stop until it’s mine. And Greer is the one thing I’ve wanted for twenty years. She’s the only woman who’s ever set my heart racing, and now that she’s back in my life, I have a plan to keep her in my arms forever. This time, she won’t get away. This time, she’s mine.

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Fall In Love Again

This is when Gigi realizes that, despite her best efforts, she never fell out of love with Ryder Gray. It also shows the other side of Ryder—the side away from the flashbulbs of fame—the side he reserves for her alone.

Let The Games Begin

Greer doesn't want Ryder to know how deep her feelings run, although it's obvious from the start that the feeling is mutual.

Yuletide Acres

Book Bubbles from Yuletide Acres

Yuletide Acres

Book Bubbles from Yuletide Acres

Yuletide Acres

Book Bubbles from Yuletide Acres

Yuletide Acres

Book Bubbles from Yuletide Acres

Make You Stay


Make You Stay is a steamy, contemporary romance that is: ♥ Slow Burn ♥ Friends to Lovers ♥ Single Dad ♥ Feisty Heroine Aidan: I’m perfectly content with my life, until Chloe walks through the door, upending any semblance of balance. * Chloe is one of those fast-talking New Yorkers with an opinion about everything. Never mind that most of them are correct. She also has the greatest ass on the planet, along with a sex kitten smile that threatens to undo me every time we meet. But we want different things from life, and neither of us is willing to compromise. I have to keep my distance, no matter how much my heart wants to make her stay. Chloe: My holiday plans never included a funeral, or the grizzly bear in a suit scowling at me throughout the service, but here I am. Turns out the grizzly is named Aidan, and he’s actually a big softie beneath his shaggy beard. A big softie with rock hard abs. He’s fun, flirty, and dangerously attractive, but we’re strictly friends. There’s no crossing that line, although with each passing night, he’s getting harder to resist. I changed my life for love once before and I won’t do it again, no matter how much my heart wants him to make me stay.

Book Bubbles from Make You Stay

Chloe's Return to North Carolina

Chloe has one intention when she returns to New York—holding Aidan at arm's length. Seems Aidan has an entirely different plan in place. Not so easy to hold out against the man you love.

It's Not A Date

Aidan and Chloe find it more and more difficult to deny their growing attraction...but they're trying.

Breaking Bread Lunch

This is the first time that Aidan truly sees Chloe without the lens of anger...and it's apparent these two are kismet from the start. Not that either one will admit that fact.

Forgot to Tell You Something


Play by the Rules… What do you get when you mix a dive bar, a worn velvet couch, and a discussion about goats? The night I met Owen, obviously. Talk about the unexpected. I sought out my private nook in Wicked Chucks, looking for a good view of the band. Instead, I got a front-row seat to the most delicious man I’ve ever seen. He’s everything I never knew existed but being with him means breaking my own rules. I didn’t invent the rules, but I play by them. Rules maintain order. Rules keep me focused. Okay, rules suck, but they also keep me safe. Now, I have a man who wants to toss out my rule book and create a new one. Together. Some Rules are Meant to be Broken… What do you get when you combine a tiny woman with a mile-wide stubborn streak, unwavering dating rules, and a hard-hitting passion? My current situation. I went to Wicked Chucks for the music, but I met Tally instead, right after she crashed through the balcony door and into my arms. The first thing I realized? She’s a total klutz. The second? I was staring into the face of the woman I’d been eyeing all night, and she was even more beautiful up close. But when she started discussing blood oaths and goats, her coolness factor skyrocketed. No joke, this woman is made for me. She’s gorgeous, funny, and sexy without trying. Only one small problem—she has rules. Two of them are cake. The last one? That might be a problem.

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There's Something About Owen

These two are so hot together, they nearly set the place on fire. Tally knows she's never felt anything remotely similar, but yet, there's something Owen isn't telling her.

Keep Fighting It

They can't help it. When they're in each other's space, they'll always wind up together.

First Kiss

These two are fire together, with a WHOLE lot of angst.

Alchemy Unfolding


I had a plan for my life and it did not include walking in on my boyfriend schtupping his secretary. What’s a girl to do? If you’re saying to relocate across the country, ding-ding-ding—we have a winner. My new plan was no plan at all. Just work and fun in the San Diego sun. I wasn’t looking for love but it found me, regardless—in the form of a gorgeous, golden surfer. The only issue? He’s thirteen years younger. Oh, and his friends hate me. And, because the universe has a warped sense of humor, my ex just transferred to my San Diego hospital, gunning for a second chance after his illicit tryst went south. So many choices, so little time. Do I follow my heart and veer into unknown territory or return to the path I’ve always known?

Book Bubbles from Alchemy Unfolding

How Old Are You?

Addy knows Josh is younger, but she has no idea he's that much younger. It's a battle she continues to fight throughout the story, despite Josh being, by many accounts, the ultimate book boyfriend.

A Knight in Shining Armor

Josh is the ultimate book boyfriend. I dare you to read Alchemy Unfolding and not want to date this man yourself. He's amazing. End of story.

And Then Came You


Lexi: They say you should dress for the job you want. Apparently, ripped jeans and a rock t-shirt is the outfit of choice to land the role of a supermodel’s best friend. No joke. It’s what I was wearing when my world intersected with Samuel Bernard; right before he grabbed my phone and berated my most recent excuse for a boyfriend. In Samuel’s defense, the guy had it coming. Now, I have a new buddy who also happens to be the world’s most famous—and infamous—male model. But we’re just friends. I will not fall for Samuel Bernard is my new mantra. It’s not working.

Book Bubbles from And Then Came You

Intro to Samuel Bernard

Samuel Bernard is used to women drooling over him. Every woman, it seems, but Lexi McMillian. According to him, she's immune, and he doesn't like it one bit.

The Bad Boy is Often the Good Guy

This is one of the first chats where their friendship borders on becoming something more, even if they don't make sense as a couple. Especially since they don't make sense as a couple.

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