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Katherine   Mills

I have a history of poetry & a love of words. A romance with the universe & a desire to be one with each world I create. Pen Names: NB Nicholas & Jupiter Rose


Secrets Beyond The Moon: Strangers from the sky

Science Fiction & Fantasy

(An introduction to the series) Jasper’s from the city. She lives with her best friend and lives life to the fullest. One day she discovered something, and it changed her life, a conspiracy in death. Accidents and murders keep occurring, and people are missing. Some think it’s radicalism others suspect terrorism, but it’s something more sinister. Strangers from the sky are among us, and they claimed the earth as their own. Very few can see them, for they are what we call a shifter. These killers walk the streets and plan to eliminate humankind. Times get desperate when they are forced to live by the light of the moon. Fighting in a dark word to defend humanity against a threat they’re unaware of. A group of young people see the threat and investigate it, only to find out it’s something that can destroy the world. Since they are the only ones who can see this, it is up to them to save it. Leading them to discover the strangers within themselves and secrets never told.

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This book is the introductory book to the entire series. It introduces you to the characters and the situation and when book two begins you're already familiar with everyone. They have learned tricks of the trades, found out who they are and learned to accept what they cannot change. When it comes to the battle that's a different thing, it is the one thing that will keep them on their toes and if they are not careful it will take their lives.

Time to take some action

This introductory book will introduce you to the characters, the situation and how it came about. They are a brave group and thankfully they have each other. They only think they know what they are dealing with or how far this situation will go. Each one s a hero they just don't know it.

Action is Required

Okay so they have come up with a plan. No one knows if it will work or if they will get away with it but at least they are attempting to make a dent in the problem. With everything that's going I don't think it's wise to be out past curfew or to get caught pulling off an assassination.

Safety First

Knowing this threat is out there, they have decided to stay close to one another. If your enemy is a shifter will staying in a group help? Things will get complicated but this group is on top of it and with the love and trust they hold for each other they are ready to face what ever comes their way.

Love and War

This is a mystery science fiction fantasy with a touch of romance.Isabel and Jake are just discovering their love and what a time to do so. They have discovered a secret that is hidden and take it upon themselves to look into. They claim love can get you through everything and that family is something you stand behind at all cost. What if that cost is your life?

The Dead Game

Working Title: The Dead Game

This Book Is In Development

The Dead Game

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

The Dead Game ~ Stranger Within Isadora is the love of his life. It's a love he would give his last breath for. With a new baby's on the way, they prepare for the perfect future. Jack receives a threat from a psycho demanding a game of murder and deception. He's now trapped in a nightmare while living in the shadows. Stalked by a serial killer who loves to play games. A deadly kiss of death rises in his blood, causing an insane lust for murder. Secrets and lies can create a killer; Jack's world goes dark.

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The Cost

Nowadays everything cost, if Jack stops it will cost him. Is the cost worth it, No! His world is falling apart and he refuses to let it go, even if it means destroying someone else.In his heart he cries for the other but he feels desperate and his hands are forced.

Tears of a Cowgirl

Working Title: Tears of a Cowgirl

This Book Is In Development

Tears of a Cowgirl


Entangled in a dangerous web, she does everything she can to free herself and the little man they created. What happens when love takes a wrong turn and turns wicked? Katherine Bell is a beautiful and intelligent woman whose dreams were simple. A family, true love and a perfect Christmas were all she ever wanted. She spent so many years with the man she thought she loved, then one day he changed. Now, her life is in danger, and all she can think about is protecting her son from him. It's a situation she never imagined and the battle she never saw coming. She is a fierce woman, and she is ready for anything, but who is protecting her heart? Katherine sees Michael as just another threat, but he is the one who will save her from herself. Without him, their lives would never be the same, and with him, she finds a love every woman desire and the perfect Christmas.

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It's Real

It is really out there, some are not so lucky and don't escape the nightmare. Thankfully Katie has friends and won't go through this alone. It's a battle worth fighting and one Miss Katherine Bell has no intentions of losing. I love that her charming little boy has no real clue on what's going down, he still holds his innocence even though he has lived through tragedy. She is doing wonderful at raising him, hopefully without the scars.


Sometimes we think back to times we loved but they may not be the most ideal situations. Katie has to get away from hers but it doesn't mean she never loved him it just means she knows she won't survive that kind of love. Some loves are made of poison and anyone can get trapped in a love like that. It doesn't mean life is over or that there isn't a real love for them. Katie may have had a deadly love but love hasn't given up on her and her heart isn't ready to quit just yet.


Katie holds the courage of many. So many in life get trapped in dangerous situations and are too scared to escape. Thankfully she had somewhere to run too and a friend she could count on. Abuse exists out there, somewhere deep inside we pray these women find the courage to get out and find saftey. One thing about a love story you can always count on it to warm your heart, Katie's story will do just that.


Katie needs to gather the strength to break the violent cycle. She knows she can't hide this from her son much longer, each day he asks more questions that she can't answer without drawing him into it. Anxiety has built up, horror fills her mind as she decides its time. There is no tomorrow unless she takes a leap of faith but will this leap of faith bring her to freedom or will it lead her to a place she will find regret. Can love save her?

Life Happens

Life happens, it's how you deal with it that counts. Katie has gotten herself in a real mess and now she needs to get away. Life is precious and is worth fighting for and just when you think it is all over love defeats it all.

Sometimes life begins where it ends

This is it, it's fight or flight. The moment Katie is standing between heaven and hell, wondering which way she will land. It will only take a second for life to decie, will she get caught or will she find freedom? Coming soon

A Thought

Life hands us hard times and though we sometimes think the light will never shine our way again it usually does. Katie is struggling and her life is in the hands of a mad man; her heart feels broken but all she can think about is saving her little boy and finding a way out. It all starts somewhere, this romance involves a country girl and a hero who never saw her coming. Love is magnificent, never stop searching for it.

Love on the run

Author: Jupiter Rose A romance writer with a touch of steam. All usually involve a story line of horror / thriller and tend to lean a bit towards the darker side. ( Not all though) The story lines are full and original, each one different than the next. 'Katie is trapped in a hateful marriage and knows she needs to get out, her life is in grave danger and all she can think about is her son.' This is where it begins, its an emotional story of love and trust. Katie is on the run from her ex and she is ready for the fight but who is protecting her heart?


Working Title: Lorna

This Book Is In Development



Lorna met Max in the eighth grade and they have been together ever since. They were the perfect couple with a love that most folks only dream of, that was until that one tragic day. Lorna is thrown into a world of hell, wondering what happened. A heartbreaking tale of love, loss and miracles.

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A Dream Come True

We all have dreams and sometimes they come true. Do you ever paint a picture of it in your mind? She always dreamt of being a writer, but was the farm itself her dream, I don't think so. Sometimes we let our dreams grow because we are no longer alone, so we add our loved ones dreams to ours and make them our own. That's how we show love to one another. A tire swing on an old oak tree, I think most kids wanted that growing up; I know I did.


We all love tradition and each family has their own. Starting a new marriage can be difficult especially trying to fit in with the in laws. Sometimes we are lucky and it just comes natural, Max was in since day one and Lorna's family is and always will be his family too. Lorna's struggles are real but her faith is strong. Join Lorna on her journey through love, loss, faith and miracles.Don't forget your tissue, as this one is a tear jerker.

Tough Times

We all have them and inside it tears us up, with that we recognise it in others. Lorna is struggling through this point of life, little does she know it will make her so much stronger for what's to come. She has a strong connection to God and lots of faith, she will need both.

A Hearts Colours

He shined like no other in her eyes, He was her one true love. Lorna and Max are a perfect example of how love is in a romantics mind. A picture painted so colourfully that even another artist would stop and amire the sight. His words were something that imrinted on her heart, a letter whispered to her soul that would never be forgotten.

Dreams Come True

Lorna and Max are so in love, nothing or no one can separate them. She grew up dreaming of the perfect wedding and now that she stands there madly in love she doesn't care f they marry on the street corner as long as they are together. This is a story of love, life, loss, faith and miracles. A story that will make you cry and wish it would never end.

Love is

Love can be the perfect reason for the very breath you take, it also can be the reason you lose it. What happens when you find the one who creates the very beat of your heartand then life hit. Do you think you can beat life at it's game and do you believe in miracles?

True Love

Some folks are so blessed and they meet when they're young. They grow up together and learn how each other ticks. Do you believe in love at first sight? These two are inseperatable and together thay take on the world with a love no one can take from them even when fate tries.

Love at first sight

We all dreamt of theat love and some were lucky enough to find it but not everyone. In my eyes there is nothing wrong with enjoying that love through anothers eyes. This book is an emotional roller coaster, one that will take you from one extreme to the other. Lorna, how strong can one woman be? Can faith helpt her? Just when you think there is no hope...

Poetry For the Soul

Literature & Fiction

This book is an emotional rollercoaster, a tortured heart bleeding out onto paper. If you are into deep thinking, this is the book for you. Let your mind sink deeply into the words of a mind coming undone. Experience laughter, tears and maybe even relate to the underlining passion beneath the words. There is a little of everything, for everyone

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Life will hand us stuff we don't like, we still need to deal with it. It's how we deal that creates who we are. Do you have faith? Faith will carry us through almost everything in life, the only other answer to life's woes is nature, my true love.


We alll have choices in life. How do we know we are making the right ones , it's not like thae come with a handbook or are written on blue prints. Sometimes the choices are a shade of grey and withthat you need to search for your inner truth.

Inner thoughts

In this part of the poem It's more about your inner self and how we have that voice that tells us what to do. What happens when that voice is screaming at you? Do you listen? And when it pleads? Someties we feel like the world has abandoned us and life is rolling by without us. Today only #16,793 Free in Kindle Store #242 in Literary Fiction #8 in Women's Poetry Poetry for the Soul by NB Nicholas #free today, grab your copy mybook.to/PoetryFTSoul

Provoking thought

Inspration has hit, a new way to ife that will bring peace of mind is near, probably behind the new door found. New ways never hurt anyone, life s about exploration and finding ones own path. It's not something that is understood but a new learning experience. It will take time to know this and live it. Faith will get you there and lead you in the right direction.

Hard work

It can be hard watching others get what you can only dream of while giving it your best. Sometimes opportunities roll on by and we can do nothing about it.

Hidden Meaning

It is so cool the way poetry can be seen in so many ways. here is how it was meant let's see how close our thoughts were. My soul floats like an angel...I was put here to help others. But I am utterly alone...It keeps being taken out of my hands so I am unable to do much. No I don't see you...I reach for you but you are no where around. I am hidden from the world...when one is poor no one sees them anymore. How close were you to the actual meaning?

Inner thoughts

This book is my very first and will be out later on today...I am so excited! Inner meaning... I breath you in because you are my everything. I watch as you suffer and I try my best to help you but at the moment you don't want my help and all I can do is wait. Don't forget to check out my website and subscribe to get updates.

Genavine's Faith

Working Title: Genavine's Faith

This Book Is In Development

Genavine's Faith

Literature & Fiction

This is a story about a young female leader living in a dystopian world. It's five years after the government has gone to shits and Genavine is left holding her life and the lives of hundreds in the palm of her hands. One wrong move, and they all perish. Her moral compass is on, but it's starting to fade, death has become a reality of the life they lead and murder a close second. In this book, it not only tests her strength, but it shows her devotion to humanity, the dept of her love, and it proves her faith, which she let go of years ago. Will, there be an end to the ruthless war, or is it her destiny? Perhaps the heavens have more in store for this relentless woman than she ever knew. Can she accomplish what she needs to do, or is it too late?

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Genavine's Faith

Life Changes

Sometimes we take life for granted, we see things a certain way and assume that is how life will always be. Each part of life exists within you, you are the carrier of that. Imagine waking up one morning and everything you know is gone. Each breath you take exsists in a hollow world where memories float around where life once was.

A Tale Told

If you enjoy a dramatic story, then check out this one. Gena is a young leader of the revolution who is fighting something she believes is right in her heart. She is a strong woman and sees the world for what it is but what if everything you know is wrong and it's up to you to create change. With new knowledge and love in her heart she fights for what is right and will deal with the consequences later.

Burnt Skies

Working Title: Burnt Skies

This Book Is In Development

Burnt Skies


Maggie Wells is a self-sufficient woman with a determination for success. At night she waitresses at the old diner on highway 80, a favourite destination for truckers. Throughout the day, she studies to get her bachelor's degree in fashion design, with an image of eventually designing gowns for the royal family. For now, Maggie will strive for the city's masquerade ball; this is her ticket into the designing world. She heads in with high hopes and leaves with a one-way ticket to love.

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Night To Remember

It's a night she has been looking forward to for a very long time. Will her dreams come true? Someday she would design gowns for the queen herself but first she had to make it to the ball. With success on her mind she aims high but sometimes love will take over and dreams you never knew you had will appear.

Just an ordinary girl

She is the girl next door, who works hard and is trying to get an education. All she wants is success. The determination is there, her path is mapped all she has to do it follow it. In her eyes there is no time for love but love has different plans.


We all have our dreams the important thing to grab hold of them and make them a goal. Then with every beat of our heart run with it because in the end it's you that will reap the rewards. Maggie feels this with all of her heart and will let nothing get in the way but no one said anything about love and finding more than she ever dreamt of. A tale of love, sometimes life throws you into the battle field . It's how you rise and see the world that makes it count. Love can see through anything and sometimes it knows better than you do.

Woman With Dreams

She has dreams and is chasing them with everythings she has. If anything gets in her way she is ready for it. What if love gets in your way and you don't see it coming? Who is protecting maggies heart while she battles life as she chases destiny?

Meet Maggie

A Contemporary romance that will take hold of your heart. This is Maggie a strong woman with the love of her family and a passion to get ahead and follow her dreams. No time for love, a mind that is driven for success. What do you do when love forces its way into your life and captures your heart, whether you are ready or not?

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