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J Carrell Jones studies people. His major in college was Anthropology before switching over to Computer Science and Information Technology.He worked in the Customer Support Services for many years, which gave him more opportunity in putting his understanding about people to good practical use. As a US Army veteran, he knows how to play hard and work tough. Nowadays, he gets his greatest joys in life by raising his brilliant young daughter, and writing.He lives in Southern California where the weather is mostly great with his wife, daughter, female cat, and three female Guinea pigs.


GRID Traveler Trinity

Science Fiction & Fantasy

After searching the galaxy for centuries, The Most High Goddess found planet Necron, the origin of Magick. They also discovered Captain Sean Blakemore is one of a handful of humans with the ancient alien DNA that can unlock the planet's vast powers. GRID Traveler Trinity is a story of Sean’s redemption, from rock bottom to discovering Humankind’s true origins and possibly its inevitable future.

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You're kidding, right?

This was a fun scene to write. Here are our heroes running for their lives only to be blocked by a magic door. I mean, come on! "Open dammit!" I'm sure many of you can guess the word. :-) One has to wonder how many other words we use in everyday life that had dark beginnings. evil laugh


Have you ever wondered how you would react if you met your great grandchild you never knew you had? Who was only half your age? Who was an impossibility because you never had kids? Well, me neither.

I am relaxed

In this scene, Sean and crew, start to explore Sean's new powers. This scene further establishes Sean's and Collins' (Chief Medical Officer) working relationship. We also start to learn how far Dr. Loggar, Chief Scientist and The Most High Goddess, is willing to go to achieve magick.


In this section, I explored the power dynamics between the leader of the Most High Goddess and the recognized Goddess of the Johnson. Both are strong, powerful women. And both love and respect Sean - which makes them rivals. This entire chapter was a watershed moment. Things lead to one thing and then another thing, which lead to a shift in emotions and feelings. I had fun writing it.


Science Fiction & Fantasy

A creationist would tell you God created the Heaven, Earth, the skies above it, and everything beyond. God created Humans in His image. We are here to serve, not command.An Evolutionist may say the Universe was created with a flash bang and that Earth is a small part of a bigger picture. We are here to ensure the perpetuity of the species. We think, therefore we are.Steve Launse thought it all academic. To him, God was a device that drove Humans to achieve. We advanced because we needed to believe. We had to believe and thus we grew. We created God, who created us. Then, one day, the Government knocked at his door and handed him a blank check. "You can prove your theory," they said. "I don't play with Human emotions," he said. They answered, "We are not talking about Humans."Decisions. A blank check. No restraint. No limits. What does one do?

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There is only one way

In this scene, the main characters are conflicted over the actions of Oscar, Steve's chimp. He's tasked with conveying simple ideas and concepts about God through American Sign Language. Oscar has been wildly successful. So much so he's learned how to "game" the Supply Chief in getting chocolate and using it to his advantage.

Blessed Lands Egypt

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Blessed Lands Egypt - The year is now, but things are very different. Ancient Egypt never became ancient. Libyans, Nubians, and Assyrians never invaded. The Thirtieth Dynasty repelled the Persians in 343 BC. and Egypt entered a long period of expansion. Syria, Greece and all of Africa conquered. Rome fell before it truly began. Most of Europe and Parts of Asia were absorbed. Egypt became the dominant country from the 18th through the 20th century. The Blessed Lands embraced peace after a long bloody war with the Cursed Lands across the Atlantic Ocean. Life for most Egyptians was good. Priest Honute was one of them. With a beautiful intelligent wife, a wonderful job and the horrible war behind him, Honute could finally enjoy his life. That is until his wife asked for a divorce

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That moment

There's always a moment in the story that defines what happens next. It's a word said, a thought, a gesture, something. In this scene, it's Hypatia remembering the past. Nothing good comes when someone says, "It was wonderful when we first married."

Have a nice day

In this scene, Honute and Akila take Ayruyi out to dinner. The dynamics is that Honute, our hero, and his soon to be ex-wife encounter the other's lover. The situation turns tense when Hypatia, Honute's wife, and Akila, Theoris' assistant and Honute's lover, find themselves in the restroom. A jealous Hypatia tries to bully Akila. Mistake number one.


Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

Karen Bechard, UN Agent, thought the flight from the US to Europe was going to be routine. It was in mid flight where everything turned ugly. A man hyped on some highly addictive drug goes zombie flesh eating berserk. People die, people get hurt, and then no one to fly the plane. What is an agent to do? And, that was the easy part of the day, of which was turning out to be a Four Horsemen trampling humanity scenario and Karen had to be on her A-game. If you like fast-paced heroic action dished out by a badass female agent then this book is for you. Bond, Salt? Step aside. This new girl is taking names and kicking butt.

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A good run

You ever long for the days when you read a good car chase scene? Me, too. I love this part because I got to crash cars and cause havoc.

Not looking well

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this section. In the scene before, Karen pushed Reanders' button in a major way. This is part of the consequences.

Eating is eating

In this scene, Karen finds out Ragers (drug induced almost uncontrollable angry mob) has coalesced in Skidrow, downtown Los Angeles. Mary, who helped Karen Land a pilot-less 747 when the pilot and co-pilot were seriously injured from a Rager attack, declares she does not want to be left alone. Most of my stories are dialog/character driven instead of scene/description driven. This scene is no exception. Karen and Mary interact and through this they are drawn closer.

Enemy Me

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Pete Walker died . . . again . . . and again . . . and again . . . The very profitable pharmaceutical behemoth Forever Life, Inc. was ready to start Human trials using a new wonder drug that was going to liberate the world. Every disease known - cured. Every handicap or birth defect - eliminated. You don't like your hair texture? Your eye color? Skin color? Height? One small pill taken at night, a short drug induced coma, and several days later - a new you. The problem was that Pete feared this new pill would lead to the extinction of humankind. He had to stop Forever Life at any cost. Any. Cost. Which, included his life . . . again . . . and again . . . and again . . .

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Stop talking and get out

This scene is with Rick and Barbara - the detectives on the Forever Life case. They are both a delight to work with. Rick is a middle aged divorcee trying to kick a smoking habit. Barbara is his alpha female partner. Both are capable detectives, but she leads more often than follows and Rick is fine with that. Because the two have such a wonderful relationship and interact well together I'll be writing a spin-off novel just for the two.

Gone, but not gone.

If you knew you were going to die, how would you leave your last message? George, Pete five, is dead. He knew it would happen but not when. In a video message, he told Pete six his regrets and to give the special box to Becky. Love can be expressed even when one is long gone.

Do Not Be Startled

In this section, Pete is faced with the dilemma of changing his name. George, an earlier Pete clone who changed his name, urged Pete to do likewise through a video log. Pete woke up to bad news and kept stumbling upon many "first". Then, he met Prax - an Android. His day just kept getting better and better.

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