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Henry  Fisher

While currently employed in the biopharmaceutical industry, Henry spends his down time enjoying many youthful pursuits, such as mountaineering, boogie boarding, and playing the latest video games, giving him a truly authentic voice that resonates with the readers he works hard to connect with. Henry lives in his native upstate New York with his puppy, where he works on expressing his creative side and enjoying life. He is a 2011 graduate of Syracuse University.


A New World

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A grand-scale nuclear war between the U.S. and the United Korean Empire leads to the contamination of Earth’s atmosphere, leaving the planet uninhabitable. Piper, a microbiology intern working under the world-renowned Dr. Landry is surprised when she is selected to join a last-ditch effort to colonize a planet within a nearby solar system in the Goldilocks Zone. 

Leaving behind her peaceful life with her grandmother, Piper and Dr. Landry travel to the far reaches of space to seek out humanity’s last chance at survival. 

Four years after leaving Earth, Piper and the team finally arrive on a planet deemed inhabitable for humans. However, they also discover that they are not alone. 

Unexpected lifeforms pose looming threats just as the team is on the verge of a groundbreaking microbiological discovery that could save Earth.

Book Bubbles from A New World

Alone and on the run

It's the perfect time of year to pick up a new book. Fall right into this thriller and join Piper as she runs for her life!

Surprising audiobook for a cloudy day

Check out the inspired performance by Helen Laser in the audiobook version of A New World. Where she takes you on a journey across space and then adventures through Delta Neraida.

Turkey Day Thriller

Looking for the perfect read to keep you on the edge of your seat this Thanksgiving? -Then check out A New World by, Henry Fisher.


If you're looking for some fiction with a few greenlights and a mermaid or two you've found the right book.

Rules for surviving in the new world

Rule #1: Always look both ways before walking outside

Cool down with this fun new read

In this excerpt from A New World, Piper is sent on an exploratory assignment on a hot day. While searching for new food sources her gang encounters a cool forest pool and decides to jump in.


In this week's bubble the main character, Piper, is having a wound attended to by a mysterious sea-creature. Having previously suspected the oceans on Delta Neraida to contain such intelligent life, Piper's suspicions are finally confirmed.

Adrenal glands

This snip-it gives the frightening reason why the raptors are attacking the New World citizens. It also highlights the exceptional attention to detail the story uses when discussing STEM activities.

The landing

I think this passage is a good representation of the various emotional journeys different characters are experiencing. Not everything in A New World has a happy end.

Things to come

In this excerpt from, A New World, Piper is showing Dr. Landry some interesting new microbes she discovered. Little do they know the potential impact the microorganisms could have for their home world, Earth. This passage also highlights some of the other "projects" Dr. Landry is working on and his moody working relationship with his intern, Piper.

Beach trip

This mid-book segment highlights a trip Piper, an associate from the Biology team, has to make to the coast. Her mission is to untangle nets off of the fishing drones. Along for the ride is her new and close friend Kels, an associate from the communications team. This excerpt puts into the spotlight Kels and Piper's comical friendship dynamic.

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