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Helen R Davis

Helen R. Davis was educated at Ohio Northern University. She has studied the ancient world through the gift of books since a very young age, her passion for this era kindled long ago. She has a passion for strong women who have governed nations from the past to the present.


Cleopatra Unconquered

Literature & Fiction

The first book of a seriesin a richly imagined ancient world where the course of history is altered by one battle. In this world, Antony and Cleopatra triumph at the Battle of Actium, and Cleopatra emerges as a queen, stateswoman, and politician. Those around her come to life as the reader returns to those days to live them with her.

Book Bubbles from Cleopatra Unconquered

The wicked stepmother

The brainy Cleopatra squares off with her coquettish, foolish stepmother.

Caesar and Cleopatra

Caesar and Cleopatra debate Roman and Egyptian culture.

Cleopatra meets Calpurnia

Caesar, in his womanizing ways, is trying to have Calpurnia and Cleopatra at the same time. Naturally, this leads each woman to resent the other.But could their mutual love for Caesar overcome their differences in a time of dire need?

Cleopatra and Caesar's future

Cleopatra has given her virginity to the greatest womanizer on Earth in exchange for her throne. But in spite of his womanizing ways, Caesar appears to actually love her! Do they have a future?

Cleopatra and the Fates

Cleopatra is despised by the fates? Can she defy destiny?

Caesar lives?

Caesar survives the Ides of March assassination for a few hours, changing history forever. What conspires during these fatal hours that would have changed the course of history?

Athena guards Cleopatra

The goddesses Isis and Athena watch Cleopatra.

Cleopatra learns Latin

The great queen of Egypt is rumored to have spoken nine languages, but Latin was not among them. However, she was married to Caesar and Antony. Did she truly omit Latin, or is this a piece of propaganda against her?

Meet Cleopatra

Meet one of the most famous women in world history.

The great rug adventure

How did Cleopatra decide to be delivered in a rug to Caesar? Find out here!

Cleopatra's Sister

Cleopatra is the most talented and fit to be queen of her father's six children. But standing in the way is her elder sister, Berenice. What will Berenice's fate be?

Cleopatra meets Caesar

Cleopatra is challenged by Caesar, the leader of Rome. Will she meet his challenge?

Cleopatra's Childhood

Before she was the legendary queen, she was the favored child of her mother and father.

Cleopatra's Diary?

Cleopatra starts her memoirs

Cleopatra Unconquered

Book Bubbles from Cleopatra Unconquered

Cleopatra's memoirs

Uncover the memoirs of the great queen Cleopatra, the one archaeologists have yet to discover!


Science Fiction & Fantasy

Damlol is a planet located outside the reaches of Earth and the solar system, a peaceful world from which many colonists from Earth left centuries ago, fleeing a worldwide caliphate. But all is not as it seems. Athena, the princess of a country known as Yavdolo, is growing up in a turbulent time. The kingdom of Avodla desires to crush all other nations and cover the world in an oppressive dictatorship—similar to the one the colonists fled from so many centuries ago. This is the story of a girl of great courage and her many adventures, the first in a series.

Book Bubbles from Athena

Athena, queen of Yavdolo

Athena is crowned queen of her country. Who will all be there?

Athena's dilemma

Athena is torn between her legal husband and the man she loves.

Athena visits Gaia

Athena visits the country of Gaia, the land of her husband. What awaits her here?

Athena and Robert

Athena is queen of her country but has to deal with a jealous, possessive husband.

Athena plots

Athena reconnects with her old childhood sweetheart only to discover that the past is never far away...

Athena and her men

Athena is married but is it the union she hoped for?

The most happy An alternate history of Anne Boleyn

Literature & Fiction

Anne Boleyn is known throughout the world as the beheaded wife of King Henry VIII and the mother of Elizabeth I. Taking a twist on a well known story, The Most Happy imagines what 'might have been' in Tudor England had Anne Boleyn survived. Love Anne or hate her, this is a book you won't want to put down.

Book Bubbles from The most happy An alternate history of Anne Boleyn

Queen Anne's ladies

Anne Boleyn has some interesting ladies-in-waiting. How does she interact with the women who would have been Henry's real-life next wives?

Anne grants her rival a favor

Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour are rivals for the affection of the king-- or were. Now that Henry is dead, how does Anne grant Jane's favor?

Anne and Henry's children

Henry VIII, the great tyrant, is dead. How do his children react to this news?

The death of Mary Tudor

Mary Tudor, poor innocent princess, dies young. How does this change history?

Katharine of Aragon's death

The death of Anne's rival, Henry's first queen, will make everything safe for her-- right?

Meet Anne

Meet the woman for whom a nation was torn asunder!

Anne the queen

Anne is a widowed queen regent who must secure the throne for her son.

Queen Anne!

Anne Boleyn is now Regent of England for her young son. But this is the beginning, not the ending, of her troubles. Many still hate her. Can she take on the difficult challenge of ruling England until her son comes of age?

Anne and her son

Anne has just born Henry VIII his child- a girl. But she begins to have pains again. Will it be the son that will secure her marriage and life?

Anne and Henry

Anne and Henry discuss politics and the realm over a game of cards. But does this game point to something more?

Evita, My Life

Literature & Fiction

Eva Peron tells her own story.

Book Bubbles from Evita, My Life

Evita''s memoirs begin

Eva Peron is dying. Did a life of fame and fortune bring her all she wanted?

Evita's rivalry

Evita is now a movie star, but she does not get along with her co-star on or off-screen...

Bright lights, big city

Eva arrives in Buenos Aires. Are her dreams about to come true?

Double standards

Eva's father is dead. For years, Eva's mother was his mistress, and it is she, not the man keeping both families, who receives the blame. Should Eva and her family attend their father's funeral, or forget things and just try to survive?

Evita's Deathbed

Eva Peron is the beloved First Lady of Argentina. She has fame, fortune, jewels and the love of her people. But it cannot save her. Is reaching the top truly what is wanted in life-- or needed?

Isabella Unashamed


Isabella of Castile is known as Europe's first great queen. Renowned for her marriage to Ferdinand of Aragon and birthing of modern day Spain, Isabella is also known as the queen who launched the Inquisition, completed the Reconquista and expelled the Jews from her nation. Not long after her triumph in 1492, her dynasty came apart and unraveled, and it was whispered by many that the Trastamara line was cursed. But, What if Isabella had been wiser and not expelled the Jews, some of the very people who ironically helped put her on the throne of Castile? What if Isabella had had more foresight and had her successor be Catalina, who, although the youngest, was the most like her and the wisest of her children? How would the power balance of 15th and 16th century Europe shifted if Catalina had been the powerful queen regnant of Spain and not one of the 'merry wives' of Windsor? A joint effort, Isabella Unashamed is written by two authors from very different cultural backgrounds who have nonetheless joined together to create a haunting portrait of Spain's most famous queen, as well as a glimpse of what might have been had Isabella been wiser.

Book Bubbles from Isabella Unashamed

The death of Infanta Isabella

Isabella's eldest daughter dies. How does this alter the succession?

Why change history?

Isabella was a very devout woman. What if her faith had compelled her to act in a different way?

Meet Isabella

Meet one of history's most famous- or perhaps infamous-- women.

Isabella's daughters

Isabella's daughters are pondering her actions.

Isabella makes changes

Isabella's only son and eldest daughter are dead. This leaves Juana to be queen of Castile. But can Juana truly take the task on?

Isabella's Triumph

Isabella achieves her goal-- the conquest of Granada and claiming Spain for Christendom. But what comes next?

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