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Gaia  Navid

Author of dark fiction and fantasy that is designed to be a fun weekend read. Find me on Facebook or join me on Patreon ( to be included in author updates and sneak peeks.


Undead Uprising

Working Title: Undead Uprising

This Book Is In Development

Undead Uprising

Science Fiction & Fantasy

A lab unknowingly creates a virus that turns vampires into ground zero for a terrifying creature that is a morph of vampires and zombies. Dracula's daughter teams up with a scrappy survivalist to try to save what is left of humanity. Will they succeed before it's too late?

Rough-Cut Book Bubbles from Undead Uprising

Something weird all right...

This is the chapter where the first non-vampire shows signs of the disease. No one knows what it is yet, or even that it is a thing. The few that have had an experience with it just think it's...weird.

Will Malik Believe Her Now?

Trisha tried to convince Malik that the weird attacks were being committed by vampires, but he blew her off. Now two vampires have died from exposure to the sun while they were in jail after getting caught as the perpetrators of another very strange attack. She still doesn't know what's happening, but she is determined to get to the bottom of it. Will Malik believe her now?

Permission NOT Granted

Trisha needs Malik's permission to act against any of the vampires in his clan. The attack was weird, but she knows the attacker was one of Malik's favorite vampires, Nissa. She needs to convince him though, and he isn't having it. Now what?

Trisha doesn't know what to do

Trisha has been hunting down rogue vampires since her father died, several centuries ago. She is the expert, and all the vampires know to steer clear of her if they want to survive. She is the first to understand what is happening, but even she doesn't get it. She can't do anything without Malik's permission due to an allegiance she swore to uphold years ago.

Chapter Two, The Aftermath

No one would realize how important the events of this evening were until it was too late. It was the first attack and it would take everyone a long time to figure out what was going on. Too long. Because nobody knew vampires were real. Follow Gaia Navid on Twitter or Facebook for more. Or, get access to exclusive material and sneak peeks as a Patron!

What's wrong with the vampires?

A normal night of hunting turns into something else. What's going on with the vampires? Support this book and join the club at or find me on Facebook for updates!

This is where it all begins...

An experimental drug that was designed to cause people to self-cannibalize is a dud. It's creator hoped to gain fame and influence by selling it to the highest bidder as a weapon of torture during war. When his final results come in and he realizes it doesn't work, he loses it and unwittingly releases the drug into the public water supply. But that shouldn't be a problem, right? Stay tuned for more bubble previews from the rough draft of "Undead Uprising" or find me, Gaia Navid, on Patreon and Facebook to learn more.

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