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Mermaid Secrets

Children's Books

Felicity makes a hasty decision to dash into the waves after a glimpsed sighting of what she believes to be a mermaid! A short while later, with an unforeseen and dramatic turn of events, both Felicity and her twin, Sophie, find themselves once more in the thick of the action - with a difference! Their newly acquired Magic Book is urgently needed for the first time outside Serenia, (home to the fairies), but has been left behind, high and dry, back on the beach! Luckily, it has a few surprises left to reveal.

Book Bubbles from Mermaid Secrets

It could happen to any of us

Here in the UK, we’ve just celebrated our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. A week on, and Prince William was spotted on the streets of London, selling The Big Issue and talking to the homeless. The Big Issue is a magazine produced by a charity for the homeless to sell, helping them earn money and begin to rebuild their lives. It’s a charity that is close to Prince William’s heart and is keen to be seen setting an example by treating these unfortunate people with the respect they deserve. The Prince William in my stories goes through a life-changing event, and, in the blink of an eye, finds himself with no more wealth than his subjects. Status and money are no match for nature or other life events out of our control. It can’t shield us from catastrophe. In the end, whatever our race, colour, religion or gender, we are all equal, and we must do what we can to help each other, because it could happen to any of us. It’s heartening that our royal family, along with many others, doesn’t take their social standing for granted.

The kindness of strangers

While I was thinking of what to write for this week’s bubble, this excerpt came to mind; how the merfolk didn’t hesitate to save Sophie and Felicity, even when they didn’t know them, and could have been putting themselves in danger. I’ve found it’s often the same in real life; a crisis can bring the best out in people. It’s the most heartwarming experience midst the hardest of times. Maybe this is why we like to see it echoed in stories.


I've sat on the beach at Eastbourne, here in the UK, gazing out to sea many times. I've often thought I'd seen something other than waves out to sea. Is it a trick of the light? Could it be a mermaid, or some other yet-to-be discovered creature? Sometimes it turns out to be a bobbing Seagull, but there are always the odd times when you're never quite sure! This became my inspiration when Sophie and Felicity asked me for a story while we waited for their father to come back with iced cream. So Mermaid Secrets began as one I told them verbally, before I felt compelled to continue it back home.

Mermaid Secrets and Lies

Children's Books

This is no ordinary mermaid adventure! Felicity and Sophie wish to return home from their first underwater escapade, as told in: ‘Mermaid Secrets’. All that needs to happen is for their mermaid tails to be turned back to legs. Sounds simple, right? After all, all that’s required for the potion are a few shells. Well, it would be, but these are special shells, and can only be found deep in the ocean within the domain of the feared Giant Squid! It’s a job for merman, King Stephan, and his army, but impulsive Felicity can’t wait for them, and makes plans of her own. Only, she doesn’t just lead herself into danger! When she fails to return, King Stephan fears the worst, and even Sophie and Felicity’s beloved Magic Book might not be able to help them this time! But all is not as it seems, as with a ‘twist in the tale’ the past finally catches up with King Stephan. Long held secrets unravel to reveal a life-changing stack of lies, in this fast-paced and nerve-jingling underwater adventure!

Book Bubbles from Mermaid Secrets and Lies

Places still to be explored!

I find nature so inspirational! In fact, as soon as the weather is warm enough, I’ll throw open our patio doors and enjoy the birdsong and fresh air they let in. It gives me a sense of peace, enabling me to access my creative side . As England isn’t the warmest of climates, I often I have a blanket over my legs; I’m not always popular with my family who prefer to the doors shut at such times! In this excerpt, Felicity and her young mermaid friend, Susie, are on an expedition to find shells for a potion. They are only found in the ocean where it drops to depths that humans have yet to fully explore. I enjoyed imagining what it would be like to lounge in the hydrothermal vents that exist deep within our oceans. I know that this wouldn’t actually be possible, even if we could swim at these depths without being crushed to death, as they are far too hot. That’s one reason why I love fiction, it enables us to live the experience in our minds without the health and safety concerns! Where would you love to explore?

Being mindful of other peoples feelings

Prince William, Sophie and Felicity have become good friends, but it doesn’t take much to damage any friendship, especially new ones. In this part of the book, I try to portray how we all need to be extra careful of the feelings of others. All three have just experienced a traumatic time and through a combination of being tired, hungry and homesick, tempers are wearing thin. Felicity’s newfound courage is still fragile, so when Prince William is judgemental of her plans to find the shells that’s needed for the spell to return them home, her vulnerability shows as anger, and William responds with anger. Of course, Felicity isn’t so much angry as she’s desperate to go home, and is trying to disguise her vulnerability; she sees it as a weakness. This misunderstanding triggers a chain of events that lead many into danger. Masking our true feelings is something I think all of us have done. Do you think perhaps it would be better if sometimes we didn’t.

Mystery of the Missing Book

Children's Books

Felicity is really mad with her twin, Sophie, who accidentally left their Magic Book up at the stables and by next morning it’s vanished! Felicity holds Sophie firmly to blame, but is she?Finding one remaining torn page and its special pen, it’s just strong enough to write a poem to help them in their search. But with very little magical power, the words are all jumbled up, and it’s more of a riddle than a poem.Three friends arrive for a sleepover, leaving the girls no choice but to enlist their help as it seems The Book is in grave danger! But it’s clever, and has left a trail of pages and poems for the girls to follow - right through a waterfall, into a concealed land beneath a lake! An amazing discovery, involving their own two ponies and a past acquaintance, means things continue to get even weirder as, together, they enter this murky, unwelcoming world.

Book Bubbles from Mystery of the Missing Book

The healing power of pets

After many years of relentless pestering, mum and dad found a way I could have my own pony. I was coming up to 12 years old, and my transition to junior school and then senior school was tough. Bullying was pretty rife back then and wasn’t taken seriously by schools. Being small, I was an easy target. But animals see beyond the physical appearance. When I was with my mare, Apasha, I forgot about school. And when I rode her, no one could tell how tall I was. And Apasha always drew their attention anyway, with her distinctive piebald markings and dual coloured, flowing mane and tail.  I honestly feel my little horse saved my sanity several times over. She gave me the strength to face another day at school. To this day, no matter what the weather, or what has happened in the day, I always leave Smokey and Redster feeling better than when I arrived. They are amazing creatures with their own real, magical qualities, so I had to include my interpretation of it in this adventure. In this book bubble, we join Alex, who has taken a nasty tumble from Smokey as they tried to outrun some dogs, and Smokey thinks he can help. If you have a special pet, I’d love to hear about them.

True to Life

I love nature, including my pets: Angel, Smokey and Redster. They often inspire aspects of my stories, whether that’s climate change patterns we see with our weather, or comical moments with my ponies. Every day starts with feeding Angel, our cat, and then it’s on to take care of the ponies. It’s during this time that I make plans. That might be what to share here, or figuring out a sticky plot problem. In this book, you meet my two ponies, Smokey and Redster. The part in the story that I’m sharing with you today is something they frequently do when they’re eagerly awaiting their breakfast. And, yes, I talk to them all the time. My non-horsey neighbours probably think I’m bonkers, and as I have to go up there in all weathers, 365 days a year, I have to say they are probably right! But I like to think that being a bit bonkers, makes me a better writer. Well, writing does involve imaginary people having conversations in my head all the time! I rest my case :).

Saving the Fairies of Serenia

Children's Books

When a book isn't just a book and a school isn't just a school, Sophie and Felicity realise this is just the surface of reality. They are drawn into a battle with The Wicked One to save not just Serenia, home to the Fairies, but Earth too, the very place we all call 'home'!

Book Bubbles from Saving the Fairies of Serenia

Lost things can lead to treasure!

The inspiration for this part of the story has come from times when I've been searching everywhere for something, found another thing that I'm just as delighted to find! It's been money down the back of the sofa, a card you kept because of an especially warm message from a friend that, on reading again, makes my day. And to top it all, if it also leads you to find the thing you were actually looking for too, there's no greater feeling of relief and delight! I can't help but wonder whether so called 'lost items' are, in fact, leading you to discover other treasures - just as Sophie and Felicity's toys lead them to The Magic Book.

Reality or Mystical?

I like to mix true elements in with the mystical. With the weather patterns theme in this book, I hint at an alternative explanation of global warming theories. I hasten to add that it's not an attempt to make light of a very serious situation. My hope for this series is to encourage children to see things differently, to look for the mystical in the ordinary. Even their schools could be the epicenter of magic!

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