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Live energized and empowered with inside-out confidence. Be resilient in these intense and unpredictable times. Experience the passion and purpose of Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust. Spirited Leadership is your uplifting real-world toolkit for staying competitive and relevant – to living on purpose and fulfilled. You are far more powerful than you imagine. This best-selling classic will show you how to ignite and harness the power that lies within to navigate the changing world of business and life and learn to skyrocket to success with less stress. Competence alone is not enough to succeed. You need relational capital based on trust. That is your greatest asset, your competitive advantage. People help people they trust and like. Learn to be a magnet for promotions, referrals and good breaks with Ellen’s proven framework for success and success principles.

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Cold Shoulder -- Really?!

Cold is more than an outside temperature; it is the chill of someone's glare. No one deserves it. Grow up... be an adult... be a leader.

What are you teaching?

We are always on stage... always. Our every action communicates loud and clear. Are we the beaming example of credibility, trust and kindness ... leadership? I find it amazing when individuals tell me he/she wants to be promoted because have learned all they can in the role. My question back: Have you helped others and your entire department be better or have you been "all about me"? Do you know the names and something about every person who works for you? In your department? Have you developed bench strength -- called out the greatness in all -- not just your perceived favorites? My question to you reading this: have you? Let's be the beaming example.

Choose wisely!

We are more powerful than we imagine. Our impact is important on others -- we either make individuals feel like super stars or like duds. The choice is ours. I choose calling out the greatness in others especially when I am providing constructive feedback. Please join me.

Embrace Change: Love BIG

Are you feeling overwhelmed as many of my clients are feeling? My sage advice: Go with it! Change is for us in the grand scheme of things. Why suffer through change? It's going to happen anyway LOL. If you are feeling resistant, ask yourself , "What is behind the resistance I am feeling?" Once identified, come up with some solutions. You got this!

Avoid Being Road Kill

Even spirited leaders get thrown under the bus at times. I was this past week. The good news is that when we consistently exhibit integrity and a spirit of excellence, it's hard to be road kill. In fact, the person who threw me under the bus is now the one in question. When we live right we become unshakeable at the core.

Own Your Career

As I coach, people moan and groan that their managers are not helping them advance. My response: What are you doing to make yourself relevant? Spirited professionals and leaders hold themselves accountable. There is no they. They choose to qualify each and every day. The choice is yours!

Are you living your message?

Living your message counts. Many managers give away their credibility by being preachers not doers. They quite don't understand why followers roll their eyes when they speak, yawn at ideas. Reality check: People believe what they see, not hear. Living your message is vital to being believable and credible -- trustworthy.

You Are Pure Potential

We tend to limit our greatness. Why? Society? Limiting beliefs? What if we chose to live from our potential, not our fears? Live joyfully from your potential and you allow others to live from theirs. Joy to the workplace! And world! Live brightly from the inside out.

Be a Stand-Up Person

I get so inspired by the people I coach. I got to go on a tour of Santiago's repair shop this week. Every where we went we were greeted with a smile. Santiago, a supervisor, introduced me to his team. He asked what could he improve so he could work on it with his coach. The guys were like, "we're golden with him." "He's a stand-up guy." "I use to hate coming to work. We were in the darkness. Now I love coming to work and doing my best with him as my supervisor." As I wrote last bubble, the difference of one on many and the ripple effect into eternity. We can be that one! By acting honestly and truthfully, we build trust. The world needs us more than ever. God bless!

Be the Beaming Example

Last night I had the privilege of facilitating a TRUST and Communications workshop. One exercise is for the participants to choose a person they TRUST and list the whys they are trusted and how they make you feel. Two tables chose Ms. Sherry who was there. With joy, both tables excitedly talked about her -- her honesty, her caring, her ability to listen, her competence and list went on. She made them feel more confident, loved, gave them a safe haven and more. Ms. Sherry cried with joy. They applauded with gusto. Are you a Ms. Sherry? If not, you can be. I know it.

What are your truths?

Our truths can make earth heaven or hell for us. My truths years ago created a living hell for me, not necessarily others. As I changed my thoughts, my world changed. Do an audit of your truths? Do they support you having a follower-ship? Leadership is not about position and title, it's about people.

Recognition = YOU Matter

Our roles in this world is to lift others up. Think of individuals you know who are craving to receive recognition. Yesterday a Director of my client said a simple good job would make him feel more engaged and valued. Regardless of level or title, we all have the universal need to feel appreciated and valued. Smile, uplift, recognize! Not only will you make that person feel better, you will, too!

Leading w Love Combats Depression-for others and f

My nervous breakdown at Exxon led me to Harvard and a time of self-reflection and self-discovery. Mental illness was a part of my DNA. By grace and better choices, by living my life differently, I've become who I am today. Happier and more fulfilled, A LOT fewer dark moments. Writing Spirited Leadership is my call-to-action to stay conscious and be the light amidst the competition and comparison in the workplace and life. We can all be the light if we choose. To be someone's miracle.

When you turn around, is anyone following?

I love being an executive coach! I get to provide reality checks as to whether you are perceived as a leader or not. Leadership is not about position and title, it is about your ability to inspire and influence. Do you inspire followers? Take a breath and turn around. Anyone there?

Building a Better Brand

Building a solid brand begins with us -- with everything we do or not do. We are always on stage. Before people know our brand, they know us. How we make people feel makes a difference. Do we make people feel like heroes or zeroes? The emotional noise we create matters. Instill a sense of self-worth in others to build a better brand.

Engagement begins with common courtesy!

Our high tech has made us zombies. We tend to look at our devices, not at people. Looking at others and a simple "hi" can make someone's day. "Please" and "thank you" exhibit respect. With only 33% of US employees engaged at work, it is time to be kind and courteous. People savvy trumps tech savvy in achieving cultures of trust.

Trust is your currency and competitve advantage.

Trust and relational capital are key in today's business environment. There are no short cuts to trust. Every action either builds trust or destroys it. The choice is yours.

Spirited Truths

These truths have changed my life to amazing. Wishing you amazing today and every day!

It's All About TRUST

Everything we do and say communicates. There are no neutral actions. Everything you do either builds trust or destroys it. Trust is the differential in business and life.

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