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Dede Stockton is the red-headed, only child who was always seeking a new friend. The stories about Sammi Jo and her seaside adventures stem from Dede’s imagined adventures when she was a child and living near beaches all over the world as a military brat! Most places did not have television, or at least not American television, and because she is an only child and there were no electronic devices in those days, she read... Anything she could get her hands on! Many of the places she lived were on or near the oceans, so, just like Sammi Jo, she believed that there were magical adventures to be had under the water! Dede began telling stories of Sammi Jo and her sea monster friend to her children as bed time stories. As the stories, and her children, grew, she decided she should write them so other children could enjoy the adventures as well.


Sammi Jo and The Best Day Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 1)

Children's Books

Have you ever had a dream? Do you have a vivid imagination? Then you will love Sammi Jo, who totally believes that if you can dream it, you can make it happen! Sammi Jo is anticipating a very long and boring summer with no one to play with. Strange splashes and unexplained items appearing from the sea prompt her to begin her explorations to find the meaning behind the “clues”. Will she meet a new friend? Join Sammi Jo on her quest and see if you can figure out the mystery before she does!

Book Bubbles from Sammi Jo and The Best Day Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 1)

Good Things CAN Happen!

In this world of chaos and confusion - let's see if you can find the good things. It is easy to get caught up in the news and the craziness that is going on in our country right now - but if you pay attention to Sammi Jo, you can always find something good in every day! Our GREAT news for the day is that the Sammi Jo Adventures is becoming an animated feature film!! Feel free to go to to find out more! Now, this is definitely the BEST NEWS EVER!!

What if.....?

When I do author visits at schools, I always tell the kids to Dream-Imagine-Believe!! What if ... all of our dreams could come true? What if ... our imaginations determined our destinies? What if ... someone like Sammi Jo could help children realize that their dreams are important and they should strive to reach their dreams and desires? Read all about how Sammi Jo always has the Best Day Ever! What if ... the Sammi Jo stories encourage your children to believe and look for the good in every day?

Letter to a friend

Sammi Jo writes her friend Kara every day while searching for her new friend. This is her first letter. Wouldn't your child love to see and do all these things? You can now get them the book on audible!! Use this link to sign up for an audible account and purchase your first Sammi Jo book! Great for car trips or when you just need to entertain your kids for a short time!

Get Started with Sammi Jo

I am so excited to tell you that within the next week or so the first of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series will be available on Audible!! Listen as Ivana brings all the Sammi Jo characters to life! I will post the link to the Audible file next week once the audio book for Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever has officially been launched. The rest of the series will be showing up on audible in the coming months! Yippee!


We all need something to believe in and sometimes our dreams do come true! Start off the Sammi Jo Adventure Series with Book 1 - Sammi Jo always has the best day ever! But, in book one, she follows her dreams of finding a new friend and doesn't let anything stop her as she searches to find the meaning behind the mysterious splashes and strange clues that have been showing up on the beach! There are currently four books in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series! Read them all to prepare for Book 5!!

What do you think?

Strange things are happening as Sammi Jo and her dad begin to build their traditional bonfire. How could a stick simply fly up out of the ocean? Start reading the Sammi Jo Adventure Series and you may find out ...

Talking on a Shell Phone!

Pre-orders are now available!! For any of you that love the Sammi Jo Adventures - book 1 is now available on pre-order on Amazon! Print Books will be available on September 1st. Get ready for a brand new look, with a great new cover and some awesome illustrations! Here is the link to pre-order on Amazon: Thanks so much for your patience - I hope you all enjoy the new look!

Strange Noises

We are getting close now! I am waiting for my "final" print copy and then, at long last, the rewrite and republication of Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever will finally be available! Stay tuned for pre-order information and we shoot for a launch date of September 1, 2017!

Coming Soon

After much reworking - the NEW and improved Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever is on it's way. Waiting for my first proof to arrive! yay!

A Mermaid's Tale

A Mermaid's Tale

Children's Books

Now that Sammi Jo has met Screech, she is excited to meet a whole new world. Read all about Sammi Jo’s new friends and the delightful world in which they live! If you love mermaids, you will be thrilled to meet Princess Kirstin, her majestic friend and the people of her kingdom!

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Mermaids Galore

This is the newest Sammi Jo picture book and we would love to share it with you!! Just think about all of the things you could possibly imagine in the ocean! What creatures can you and your child dream up together? Sammi Jo's dreams of mermaids comes true in A Mermaids Tale! If you would like more information about the Sammi Jo Adventure Series - please feel free to go to to learn all of the great things that are happening!

Dreams Can Come True!

Have you ever had a dream, or imagined another world full of beauty and mystery? I know that I used to imagine an underwater world full of beautiful creatures and adventure - and it turn out - that if you truly believe ... there is tons of magic and adventure you, too, can discover. Coming soon is the new Sammi Jo picture book about her mermaid friends. They have a lovely life, full of love, hope and laughter, and have fully embraced Sammi Jo to be a part of it. Read on my friends! The new picture book will be out soon!

What's That Noise?

Children's Books

Sammi Jo would love it if younger children could enjoy the series of events about how she meets her new best friend, Screech. She was super excited when we came up with the idea of a rhyming picture book to introduce younger children to her adventure series. Enjoy!

Book Bubbles from What's That Noise?

A Christmas Respite!

If you are old enough to remember 1982 and you live in Colorado, you will be able to relate! Christmas Eve day we all awoke to a winter wonderland, the snow was falling and gathering fast. I spent several hours trying to get to work and finally gave it up to head to my parents for Christmas. We gathered up the kids and the presents and set off for the 40 mile drive to Aurora. 4 hours later we finally arrived! We spent a great Christmas building snowmen and having tea parties and telling great stories! It took 3 days before we could get back home, but it was definitely a Christmas to remember!

Imagine ...

What do you dream of? Our imaginations can take us places we never dreamed of going. Without our imaginations many of the wondrous inventions we have today would never have been though of ... Just imagine the possibilities! This Saturday, September 28th, is the book launch for What's That Noise? Come and visit me at the BookBar at 4280 S. Tennyson St. in Denver from 2:00 - 4:00!!


How often do we laugh at our children's imaginations and flights of fancy? Just think of all the inventions we might not have if all of the crazy ideas children have were shot down ...

Do dreams really come true?

Sammi Jo is determined that her theories are right! She knows that the stick and the noises mean something more than just a stick and some noises. Persistence can pay off and Sammi Jo is a great lesson in believing in yourself and following your dreams!

Now for the younger kids, too!

I have had so many comments over the years about my chapter books being to old for the younger kids, so ... Sammi Jo and I put our heads together and came up with a plan ... A Picture Book!! What's That Noise? tells about how Sammi Jo meets Screech in a short, rhyming, picture book style! Hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing!

Scratches: My New Life!

Children's Books

Scratches and Daisy are a real horse and a real goat that live in the mountains of Colorado. The stories of Scratches and Daisy are loosely based upon real life events. Grandma and Kolbie are the people who love and take care of them.

Book Bubbles from Scratches: My New Life!

How Can You Help a Friend in Need?

In our book Scratches: My New LIfe! - a horse becomes injured and is no longer able to watch over his herd and take care of the cattle. Because of some very nice people, his foot finally heals and he gets to make some new friends and create a whole new life! What can you do to help out your furry friends? We will be at the Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton next Saturday, Oct. 26th from 1:00 - 5:00. This is a fundraising event for this amazing rescue ranch. Please come and visit me and LaRae and get a copy of Scratches that will be signed by both of us! A portion of all proceeds go to the ranch to feed all of their amazing rescue animals!

Milestones and Reflections

Writing about Scratches and Daisy while working my friend LaRae was such a fun journey! We are making great strides and, being as Scratches is a rescue horse, are working with the Happy ?Dog Ranch to raise funds to support them. Come out and see us on October 26th for a craft fair and fund raising event! In the meantime, the hardcover is currently available on Amazon for only $6.91!! 10% of all sales proceeds for Scratches books this month will go to the Happy Dog Ranch. Go to: to learn more about how you can donate and help!

Why is Scratches Life Changing?

Scratches is a real horse that has had some set backs. Although there is a bit of author privilege regarding his stories, the story of he and his new friend are 'mostly' true! Head on over to by the end of the day today to see the new book trailer! Books are on pre-order at Amazon and expected to go live on July ! Enjoy!

Scratches is now available for pre-order!

LaRae and Dede have been collaborating on this fun picture book for 3 - 5 year olds. It is about her horse and goat and the adventures leading them up to being good friends. We are so excited that it is now available for pre-orders and our expected release date is July 1, 2019. All of the pre-order links are available here on my Bublish Dashboard! Enjoy!

Meet Daisy

Scratches finally gets to meet Daisy and is a bit put-off at her behavior! Look forward to reading all about how Daisy and Scratches become friends! Illustrations are complete, so look for the pre-order announcements coming soon!

Scratches Saves the Day!

LaRae and I are so excited about the progress on our new book about Scratches and his new life! We can't wait for the day we can put this new book in YOUR hands!

Who is Scratches?

We all have our dreams and sometimes life is scary when things begin to change. Read about Scratches and how his life changes and how he deals with all the changes coming his way! LaRae and I are excited to tell you Scratches' story. Look forward to more info coming soon as we get all the illustrations in place!

Our first Picture Book!

I am so excited to tell you that there will soon be a new picture book for your young children! This story is about a horse and a goat and their burgeoning friendship! I am co-authoring this book with my good friend LaRae Musselman who gets to play with Scratches and Daisy on a daily basis! Lucky her! Stay tuned for more to come as our illustrator, Gaspar Sabater, helps us to bring our characters to life - on paper that is!

Sammi Jo and the Best Christmas Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 4)

Children's Books

Book 4 in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series has everyone wondering what kind of adventures they will be able to have during the winter months when it is too cold for humans to swim in the ocean. Sammi Jo has returned to boarding school with her new family and dog! How in the world are they going to be able to keep in touch with Screech and all their friends in Edenlandia. Are they going to have to wait a whole year until next summer or are there new adventures coming their way soon ...?

Book Bubbles from Sammi Jo and the Best Christmas Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 4)


What are some of your traditions? I know that among all of the regular items, such as trimming the tree, making cookies, wrapping presents ... one of our favorite traditions is to watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve. Even though our kids are all grown up now, we still sit down to watch the Polar Express before hanging our stockings by the chimney with care! Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas is a'coming!

What would you do if your best friends lived in the ocean and you couldn't visit them over Christmas as the water is too cold? Well, you could go the other side of the world where the water is warm ... couldn't you? Let's see what kind of Christmas Adventures Sammi Jo and her family can find 'down under'!!


What is happening with the Meriwether's now? And what is going to happen to Sammi Jo and Mrs. Meriwether? Kindle book is now available at Amazon with a print release date of December 1!! So excited to final get this in my hands!!

Sailing Adventure

What will happen on the Meriwether's first day in Australia? Guess you will have to read the book to find out! If all goes well, the kindle version will be available for pre-sales by November 1 for an official release on December 1!!

Christmas Down Under!

Sammi Jo and family are so excited to be going to Australia for Christmas! This way they will be able to see Screech and their underwater friends BEFORE next summer!

Book 4 is coming

Sammi Jo and her new siblings are exploring New York City at the start of their newest adventures. What could possibly be in store for them as they prepare for their Christmas down under?

What will happen in Australia?

What kind of excitement will the Meriwether kids find in Australia? You and they will learn all sorts of exciting facts about Australia and the animals and sea life that life on and around Australia. Stay tuned for more info coming soon!


Who is Peppah and what is his urgent news? Book 4 of the Sammi Jo Adventure series is on it's way.. more to come - the plan is to have Sammi Jo's exciting new adventure out by fall! Fingers crossed!

Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 3)

Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 3)

Children's Books

Sammi Jo's third underwater adventure. Ghosts? Sunken ships? Treasure? And an epic battle to save the land of Edenlandia. Hang on to your seats and prepare for an amazing adventure!

Book Bubbles from Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 3)

Revenge? Banishment? What does this mean?

There are more new characters in Book 3 of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series - and not all of them are as nice as everyone they have met before. How will Sammi Jo work this all out and what actually happened to make everyone so unhappy -- get started on your Sammi Adventures and before long you will get to Book 3 - Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever!

Who are Jase and Riley?

Sammi Jo's family has grown larger! Read all about the additions to her family in the 3rd book in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series!

Whatever will they find?

Sammi Jo and the Best Adventure Ever! will be in your hands soon! Some final edits and your child can have the third book of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series for Christmas this year! Keep an eye out for more updates coming soon!

Who is Drakon?

I know that many of you probably thought this would NEVER happen, but now that the rewrites of books 1 and 2 are finally complete -- it IS finally happening. Get ready for a new Sammi Jo adventure and a whole slew of new underwater adventures as I shoot for a launch date of October 1 - 15, 2017... stay tuned for more news coming soon!

Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 2)

Children's Books

Dive into adventure with Sammi Jo and her cousin, Jake, as they embark on a wild adventure full of legendary and mysterious underwater creatures! Sammi Jo finds another “clue” on the beach and is totally confused about what it could mean. The clue is a flyer to a rodeo in town. Watching the parade and the rodeo, she begins to imagine the possibilities of the clue and becomes certain that Screech left it for her to find! But what could it be? Jake, Sammi Jo’s cousin, arrives unexpectedly and joins her in discovering a whole new hidden world full of the creatures of mystery and legends. They join in on an amazing event and prove to themselves that all things are possible if you believe in yourself!

Book Bubbles from Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever! (Sammi Jo Adventure Series, Book 2)

Is it really a legend?

Being a military brat, I got to travel and live in many exciting places as a child! I am also an only child, similar to my main character, Sammi Jo. In the days of little TV and no electronic devices, we learned to create our own magic. Sammi Jo's travels through the deep and her love for the unknown, reflect my dreams and imaginations throughout the oceans of the world. What really could be down there? I always knew that there were hidden worlds under the sea and books and movies about the deep have always held me mesmerized! Sammi Jo has brought these fantasies to life and I can't wait to see what else she may discover!

Rodeo Horses? Really?

What is the world do rodeo horses have to do with Sammi Jo's new friend? Who is this awesome new friend? And who is Beau? So many questions, so little time! Book 2 of the Sammi Jo Adventure Series will introduce your child to many more new friends and underwater adventures! Get started today!

PreOrders Now Available

At long last... The rework of Book 2 - Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever! is now available on Amazon!! Please use this link for now:

Total Shock!

Sammi Jo and the Best Rodeo Ever! is so close to being re-released! I am currently waiting for the final copy so that we can get this published and ready for pre-orders! Keep an eye out for more information as I shoot for a launch date of September 1, 2017 for the "new and improved" Book 2 in the Sammi Jo Adventure Series!

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