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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

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Craig  Hollenbeck

It's always nice when you can create an original idea on paper and create a story that makes people fear, laugh, cry, etc.


Johnny's Soul

Working Title: Johnny's Soul

This Book Is In Development

Johnny's Soul

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

If you kill five people and receive the death penalty is that real justice? If you receive five death sentences you should pay for all the lives you have taken. Johnny Strong learns that you do in fact have to answer for all the crimes you have committed. We also see how the crimes of one person blinded by love have an effect on so many lives. Brent Bonner lets hate lead him down a path of destruction. When Brent has Johnny help him burn down a church its Johnny who pays the ultimate price. It’s the dreams of would be mothers that hold Johnny’s fate. When Johnny is given life again he learns the meaning of real punishment. Can all this end in redemption?

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Ch V PeeKnuckle

Such a cute cat hate to see it get hit buy a car

Daddy's Little Girl

We see a man who has had complete control over his life having to become a father and let his little girl become her own person

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