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Losing Love: A Novel

Literature & Fiction

Still struggling from a broken past, lawyer Faith Shields is stronger and braver than the girl who left home 15 years ago. After years of therapy, Faith recognizes that change is hard and must be embraced in order to grow. But when her beloved grandmother, the woman who supported and encouraged her in life, suffers a tragedy, she is thrust back into the environment that left her scarred and bleeding. Facing the demanding family that damaged her, Faith must find the courage to confront the demons of her past once and for all. Along with her husband Nicholi Shields, a neurosurgeon who’s dedicated to saving lives and his wife, she returns to her hometown on the South Side of Chicago, where murky waters of family and pain await and where she learns at last what it means to grow, what it takes to heal, and, most importantly, what it means to love.

Book Bubbles from Losing Love: A Novel

Seeing is Believing

Oftentimes, we're fools in love. Many of us see things from the perspective of what we want to happen instead of what's actually happening. We overlook the red flags. The broken promises. The empty boxes, and so much more. The answer is always in front of us. We just have to be willing to see it. In this scene, Faith (main character) talks with her Granny, great aunt Shirley, and cousin Shanice about love and relationships and what it takes to make them work. #losinglove #peace #healing

A Choice to Love

There are foreshadowings that people are reaching their breaking point. In this chapter, we have a wife who feels that she's reaching the end of a long road and a husband with patience that's growing thin. Nicholi knows nothing of the deep scars his wife is hiding; Faith knows nothing about her husband's strength. Relationships are often scary because we don't know the outcome. We don't know if the other person is going to leap. We don't know if the other person is going to hurt us. However, relationships can survive these fears with love, trust, and acceptance. We all have a choice -- we just have to be willing. #losinglove #healing #peace

Don't Take It Personal

I get it. It’s hard to forgive someone who's wronged you. It's even harder when they're your parent. But holding on to all that anger and bitterness will bring you even more harm. We must let it go. In this scene, protagonist Faith Shields, acknowledges some hard truths and reminisces about the good times with her mother, Cat. #losinglove #peace #healing

On Change & Growth

Everything is the same when Faith Shields returns home to the South Suburbs of Chicago. Everyone is the same. A girl constantly seeks a boy's love. Children seek their mother’s approval. Siblings want to be seen and loved. Buried emotions rear their ugly heads and leave a beautiful mess. If you’re trying to change, can you grow in the environment that left you scarred and bleeding? Faith will soon find out. #losinglove #peace #healing #selflove

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