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Bethel Barr is a teacher, healer, spiritual counselor, and an oracle of The Ancient Wisdom. She is incarnated on Earth at this time to pass her knowledge onto others and to work with healing energy that is sourced from a deep, ancient part of the Universe. Her heartfelt connection to the higher dimensions is the result of meditation, self-study, life coaching, mentoring, and trusting her personal guidance. Through dedication and determination, she has acquired a wide perspective of the infinite knowledge that is available to everyone.


Crystal Corridor of Light

Religion & Spirituality

Have you ever felt like you were missing something and didn't know what it was, or have a dream that was confusing? Perhaps you met someone for the first time and took an instant liking to them or felt that you had known them before but did not know when or where. Many of us have experienced situations like these or similar ones and have no one close that we are able to share with.

This book will provide answers and explanations regarding these topics and others, such as the Enigma of Karma, the Ego, Kundalini, Past lives, Crystal Energy, the Secret to Life, and the mysteries of the great Unknown. The contents will demonstrate how to navigate the many twists and turns that appear along the Path to Enlightenment.

As you wend your way through the pages, you will learn how to unravel the mysteries surrounding the paranormal, you will become more aware of your outer world and the many methods that are at your disposal to connect with the Beings in the higher dimensions, and once there, you will discover the great love and support that is available to each and every one of us. The way to move forward along the Starseed Highway is through the heart for that is where your truth and power lies.

Book Bubbles from Crystal Corridor of Light

Why I have written this book

The Starseed Highway is a most remarkable road - a road of adventure - and contained within that one great adventure are numerous other adventures and experiences. Our journeys are designed to enhance our Spiritual evolution and while navigating the various pathways we have chosen, we learn and grow spiritually. This book will explain how we can ease our way as we travel that amazing Highway!

Clarification vs Confusion

We are all going through stressful times during this great global clean-up and those times can be very confusing. The information contained within the pages of my book will help a traveller understand what is really happening and how to navigate the hurdles that we all encounter along our life journey. From my perspective, understanding a situation enables me to work through it and arrive at a satisfactory conclusion, it is a feeling of freedom and power.

One major connection to the higher dimensions

The world of an incarnated soul is an amazing one! My book is written using my own experiences as I walk this path through life. The situations that a consciously awakened seeker encounters are exciting and contribute greatly to soul growth. I often remember the various cycles I have gone through after I heeded the call of my Soul - my Higher Self - the love and support that we all have access to when we make the decision to connect with that greater part of Self is truly "out of this world".

Visits from our loved ones who have passed.

There is much curiosity from those who have "lost" a loved one, and this excerpt was chosen to prove that we can indeed occasionally expect a visit from those souls! It is drawn from my own life experience and when it happened, it was an amazing gift! The pain of having to say goodbye to a dear family member is often severe even when we know the truth of where they have gone. My goal in writing this book has always been to assist others along their path, hopefully these few paragraphs will do just that.

The magical, mystical world of a Starseed.

My journey through this lifetime have been ongoing for nigh onto 50 years. I have faced numerous situations where my Higher Self has presented me with the opportunity to explore and experience the fascinating world of the Spiritual Seeker. Contained within my book are the truths I have learned along the way to be presented to the reader to assist those souls other own path of life. This excerpt is just one of many.

The mystery surrounding Kundalini

During my many years of being an active Seeker, I have realized the mystery, intrigue and interest regarding the force within us all known as Kundalini. Since my book is based on my own spiritual life experiences, I wish to share these words of wisdom with you, the reader.

The weight of fear upon the Soul

Those who travel the spiritual path can encounter many obstacles. Difficult choices and situations arise that may slow down the forward movement in evolution, and often those situations create fear. Fear is a huge impediment to an aspiring Seeker and that is when courage and strength are needed to weather the storms of life. It's important to remember that we are not alone, many souls experience fear, the goal is to learn how to overcome the fear and move ever forward.

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