Partnership reinvigorates the literature learning experience

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  • The award-winning publishing technology platform, Bublish, today announced a partnership with Edmodo, the leading K-12 social learning platform, to create Author Connect. 
  • This new app, which will be available this fall, reinvigorates the way literature is experienced in classrooms around the world.
  • Offering educators and students a virtual interactive opportunity, Bublish’s Author Connect app allows teachers to schedule live virtual classroom visits with authors. 
  • The author-classroom discussions take place on Edmodo where students are able to share their thoughts and ideas with their peers, teachers and the guest authors.  

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Kathy Meis, Bublish Founder & CEO: “Students have been highly engaged in each scheduled author event, learning about the craft and business of writing through real-time conversations with professional authors from around the world. By partnering with Edmodo to bring our technology and authors into the classroom, we’ve been able to enrich the students’ learning environment with a powerful new experiential activity.”  Connect with Kathy: LinkedIn, @BublishMe @katmeis

Laura Murphy, fifth grade classroom teacher: “These author events have changed the culture in our classroom. Not only are my students learning about how authors construct characters, plots and settings, they are also exposed to different countries and cultures. We’ve live chatted with authors from South Africa, the UK and Canada. My students have been inspired and are sharing more of their creative writing with the authors and each other. Time devoted to author events is the highlight of our day!” Connect with Laura: @LauraRBell

Manish Kothari, General Manager of Platform at Edmodo: Learning is about being inspired in different ways, whether it’s through the discovery of new content or through social connections. Through Bublish's Author Connect app, we’re introducing a collaborative environment for students to interact with and learn from great authors, and we’re excited to see the various ways this will positively impact student learning.” Connect with Manish: LinkedIn, @edmodo

Richard Vobes, children's author: "I thoroughly enjoyed engaging with the students. I was more than happy to release a full copy of my first book Splidge the Cragflinger for the students. It was fabulous to have their feedback and also discover their reading habits. I found the students extremely responsive to my questions and I was surprised by the amount of books they read. All very encouraging.I enjoyed setting the polls and quizzes, which apart from being fun, were very enlightening." Connect with Richard: LinkedIn, @Vobes, Bublish Author Profile

Angela Myron, children's author: "Bublish and Edmodo's author program is opening amazing opportunities for school visits, expanding the reach of children's authors to a national and international level. I loved my experience in the program." Connect with Angela: @AngelaMyron, Bublish Book Bubble

Fiona Ingram, children’s author: "My experience with Edmodo and interacting with the kids via author chat was wonderful, the kind that children's authors long for – communication with target readers and finding out from them what interests them. Their questions and comments were sometimes surprising, and I was amazed at what caught their interest. The kids’ enthusiasm showed me that directly communicating with authors is something kids really enjoy . The whole concept of Edmodo is a fantastic tool for author/reader interaction, bringing reading and creative writing right into the classroom." Connect with Fiona: LinkedIn, @FionaRobynBublish Author Profile

Chris Francis, children's author: "The author program engages students in reading and writing at a richer and deeper level. From a writing perspective, I am able to get feedback and ideas for my stories straight from the target audience. There is a natural 'connection' that forms between the author and the reader as the platform facilitates open discussions and file sharing. I look forward to jumping online each day to read the thoughts and ideas of so many curious and excited students." Connect with Chris: @chrisifrancisBublish Author Profile

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