LauraMurphy_devices_1Bublish partner Edmodo asked teacher Laura Murphy to share about her experience conducting Author Chats in her classroom with the assistance of Bublish and Edmodo. Here's an excerpt:

As an experiment, I started implementing Author Chats, an educational app created by Bublish, to reinvigorate the way they experience literature. Essentially, it’s a virtual, interactive experience with book authors and creates an authentic learning opportunity—one that’s collaborative and sometimes international! With Author Chats, I’ve introduced my students to authors from South Africa, Canada, England, California, and Colorado.

Guest authors tell students how they get motivated to write their novels and describe their writing process, their inspiration behind key characters, and how they came up with the plot, among other things. After interacting with the author, I usually ask students to pose thoughtful questions. These questions vary in nature, but I usually try to tie it into an area of focus in our own writing, such as editing, creating a suspenseful plot, how dynamic characters are created, etc. They also may ask the author for book recommendations or to share a bit more about the genre they typically feature. Students receive authentic, live feedback from authors—something that usually isn’t possible in the classroom. (Read the entire article…)