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Hi. I’m Warren Cargal, husband, father of an incredible young man, avid cyclist, board-certified Acupuncturist with 20+ years of experience, and author of two books: Your Mitochondria Key to Health & Longevity The Reality We Create The Influence of Beliefs And Consciousness on Our Health And Longevity. I believe that all of us deserve a healthy, vital life and that we have the potential to create that for ourselves. My fundamental approach for helping you achieve a healthy creative life is to support you in questioning long-held beliefs about the root causes of chronic disease or aging. There is ample evidence which shows that the greatest health transformations unfold when you address the root cause. What you may not realize is how vital a role you play in your health and in improving it.


The Reality We Create: The Influence of Beliefs and Consciousness on Our Health and Longevity

Religion & Spirituality

The Reality We Create is a hands-on guide that will help you to become more present and aware of your thought patterns and beliefs which can actually change many of the factors of health in your body. Simply put, we begin to observe thru a meditative practice those areas where our knowledge is disconnected from love, from a genuine concern for others, and from simple kindness, which has a revitalizing on our health and the vitality of our life.

Book Bubbles from The Reality We Create: The Influence of Beliefs and Consciousness on Our Health and Longevity

Compassion & Deep Caring

This book is about extending one’s lifespan and, during that extended lifespan, living a healthy life that’s reflective of your true nature—that which is real and unconditioned by our beliefs and misconceptions. The approach presented in this book is based on the latest quantum physics research coupled with Buddhist meditation techniques that have been practiced and refined for over 2500 years. It’s not only remarkable but timely that two of the most powerful avenues for exploring the nature of reality—quantum physics and meditation—lead to the same ground, and that ground is emptiness. But this is an emptiness filled with compassion and a deep caring for all sentient life and the world we inhabit.

Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity

Health, Fitness & Dieting

Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity is a must read for anyone who wants a healthier lifestyle. The book provides a deep dive into the relationship between mitochondrial health and cardiovascular diseases; cardiometabolic syndrome; neurodegenerative diseases; arthritis; cancer; and the aging effects on the skin, eyes, and muscles. Want to live longer and live better? Want to stave off age-related diseases? Want to look younger and maintain vitality? Read Your Mitochondria – Start Living Better.

Book Bubbles from Your Mitochondria: Key to Health and Longevity

Extending Your Lifespan

We all want to have a long AND healthy life. How we take our health back in our own hands and live a long healthy life is the subject of this book. The book introduces you to the Mitochondria, little organelles which live in your cells and produce most of the energy to move your muscles, to expand and contract your heart and to move all of the nerve impulse in your brain and nerve system. Without your mitochondria "you" would not be here.

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