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Get my FREE Eve devotional Bible study here: Hello! I'm Joanna. A little about me: I get excited about God! I love to write and am often awake in the night with a million ideas for my next book or project. I blog at and, where it's my heart to encourage and equip women to love their families and meet with God. I'm author of 'Forever Loved: Eve’s Story', a creative retelling of the Bible story of Eve, and a #1 Amazon UK bestseller. I live near London with my husband, 4 teens, dog and 2 cats! I'd love to get to know you:


Joanna May Chee

Working Title: Forever Loved: Eve's Story: The Devotional Bible Study

This Book Is In Development

Forever Loved: Eve's Story: The Devotional Bible Study

Christian Books & Bibles

The Companion Guide to 'Forever Loved: Eve’s Story' 30 days of Bible study and application. For personal or group use. Explore the story of Eve anew. Discover just how loved you are!

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God has better than fig leaves for you!

I sat down last week, for the first time in months, to continue writing my next book, the devotional Bible study that accompanies 'Forever Loved: Eve's Story'. I was thinking of when Adam and Eve sinned, tried to cover their shame with fig leaves, and hid. God sought them out, called them to himself, shed blood for them, and covered what they could not cover with beautiful new clothing. What a picture of God's mercy and grace, and all that Jesus has done for us on the cross. I am amazed again at the gospel hidden within Genesis, and of the depths of God's love. I pray these thoughts minister to you today, too. God seeks you out. He wants to minister to you whatever you have need of right now. (His answers are better than fig leaves!) He is tender. He is gentle. His love for you is unfailing. (Want to read more of my next book before it's published: you can download the first 3 chapters here: )

Forever Loved: Eve's Story

Christian Books & Bibles

Eve. First woman. First to be tempted. First to sin. But what if there were more to her story than that? 'Forever Loved: Eve’s Story' is the story of Father and daughter, as told by Eve. It is a story of preciousness and beauty, of tender love and grace. Through Eve, God reveals his Father heart of love for you, his treasured daughter. He whispers to you now, and calls you closer. Includes: • My Story: The author’s personal story of encountering God as Father. • Eve's Story: A beautifully creative retelling of the Bible story of Eve. • Your Story: Encouragement and prayers to take you deeper into God’s presence. Experience Eve’s story anew. Discover just how loved you are!

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Eve Waking To The Love of Her Father

The Bible tells us God brings Eve to Adam (Genesis 2:22). This must mean Eve was with God first. Imagine Eve waking to new life, waking to the presence of God, waking to see the face of her Father smiling upon her! Of course, we don’t know how long God spent with Eve before bringing her to Adam. I like to think He spent at least a little time delighting in her, loving her, thrilling at His beautiful creation. Imagine how amazing it must have been for God to hold His first daughter in His arms!

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