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Orrin Jason  Bradford

Orrin Jason Bradford is the pen name for speculative fiction author W. Bradford Swift. It's also where Swift allows his freaky imagination to take wing through his series of science fiction thrillers often with a genetic engineering theme. OJB also writes fantasy for adults who want to be entertained and engaged while also being inspired. He's the author of the genetic engineering science fiction thriller FreeForm series.


Dominion Over All

Science Fiction & Fantasy

When the last living magic cat and her flying canine companion shows up on your doorstep with an offer you can’t refuse, it can sure throw a wrench into an otherwise normal teenage life. Dominion Over All is book one of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series —Young Adult novels intended for animal lovers of all ages. Buy this book to start your exciting adventures with Zak and his friends as they take on the environmental challenges that threaten to devastate our world.

Book Bubbles from Dominion Over All

It's All about Love

Love of a boy for his dog, a dog for his boy, and their love for all animals. Dominion Over All has a special place in my heart. Not only is it my wife's favorite book by me (and she has excellent taste when it comes to books and authors), it's also one of my purest books of 'visionary fiction.' What is 'visionary fiction?" It's stories that first and foremost entertain while also inspiring readers while generating insights, and possibility for them. Dominion Over All does all that and more. It's a perfect read for Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter.

Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Volume Two (Fantastic Fables Series, #2)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Enter into Orrin Jason Bradford's imagination with these brilliant short stories. Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat returns to the mysterious town of Foster Flat with eight of Bradford's best short stories. While some of the stories are lighthearted and fun, others are hauntingly on the edge of horror. There is a curio in these pages for every reader--a burned-out writer waiting for her muse to strike, a curious museum of masks where things are not as they seem and a Chinese restauranteur with a head-scratching dilemma are just a few of what you're going to discover in this collection.

Book Bubbles from Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat Volume Two (Fantastic Fables Series, #2)

Meet Mimi...

...and the other residents of Foster Flat whose stories are chronicled in the second volume of Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat. Mimi is one of my favorite characters which is probably why she not only shares the story from her hometown of Foster Flat but also shows up in the later books of the FreeForm SF thriller series which is due for a major relaunch in February. After all, she's the best friend of Kendra who was the babysitter of TJ/Todd who is a major player of the FreeForm series. The connections go on from there.

3 Loves Come Together

My most recent book, Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat, Volume 2 is filled with love: my love of the North Carolina mountains where the mystical and mysterious (and fictional) town of Foster Flat can be found, also my love for the stories of Ray Bradbury, and last but not least, my love for the old TV series, The Twilight Zone. Both short story anthologies are my homage to these two great sources of imaginative stories, and my home base NC mountains just seemed to be a natural setting. I hope you enjoy this excerpt, Bearfooting, from volume two. By the way, the inspiration for this particular story is an annual event that takes place in Hendersonville NC where each year dozens of bears magically appear on Main St, decorated by many of the local businesses. These life-size bears are eventually sold to raise money for local charities.

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