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Tess  Morrison

Tess Morrison weaves her stories from her northern Wisconsin home surrounded by gardens and forest on an antique table she found in the back of her barn. When not writing she can be found in the garden or cooking in the kitchen, dancing to the classic rock channel, or wandering around her beautiful state.


Finding Lucy


Certain things annoy Ian Flynn to no end - kids, dogs, old women, and a woman with an agenda. Now he's landed smack in the middle of them all. And to make matters worse, Lucy Mitchell's agenda is to rid Butternut Creek of him. Not that it matters, she isn't going to get her way. But just as he is preparing to allow her to flex her powers of persuasion, a tragedy turns his world upside down. Moonlight Bay Camp for Kids is Lucy's safe haven. Now, the camp is being threatened and she isn't about to stand still for it. But what can a small town girl do against big city money and a big city ego? Turns out, quite a bit. Let the games begin!

Book Bubbles from Finding Lucy

The tease...

For once, Lucy is completely speechless, and Ian is having way too much fun at her expense.

The fire burns...

Ian is beginning to understand just what it is he's come up against when he messed with Lucy Mitchell's world.

the first fireworks

Lucy has just discovered the truth for the arrogant Mr. Flynn's visit. And Ian has just learned that acquiring the camp may have a few bumps in the road.

Kissing Livvy


Livvy Sherman was on a quest to find her long-lost father, whether she would admit it or not. Family had always seemed out of reach for her. But then she found herself looking down the barrel of Jesse Tully's shotgun and her path seemed very clear. To run! Jesse Tully's life was all about hard work and responsibility until hippy-dippy Livvy trespassed onto his logging job. Until then, he'd worked hard to keep everyone happy including his disapproving father, his crabby grandma, a teenager, and a struggling family business. Then Livvy turned his world and his heart upside down. She brought light and laughter to his life, but it was no secret Butternut Creek was simply a blip on her radar. But then, just as she'd surprised him the day he found her in the forest, Jesse had one final surprise for her.

Book Bubbles from Kissing Livvy

And the sparks fly...

Livvy is in panic mode. Jesse is simply trying to figure out what the he's going to do with this woman in his care and how the hell he got himself into this.

Their first meeting

Livvy finds herself left in the woods by her so-called friends and partners in an environmental protest. Fearing she'll be eaten by wild animals is banished from her thoughts as soon as she finds herself looking down the barrel of Jesse's gun.

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