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Tara Alemany defies a simple definition. She is a multi-award-winning author of seven books. She is also a speaker, business consultant and publisher. She founded her publishing company Emerald Lake Books in 2014, which she co-owns with her best friend, Mark Gerber. Their boutique publishing company provides a unique blend of business coaching with publishing to help its authors succeed, whether it’s their first book or their fiftieth! Tara’s latest award-winning book, Publish with Purpose, reveals the unique process developed by Emerald Lake Books to help their authors set and attain their goals. In addition to publishing, consulting, writing and speaking, Tara serves on the Board of Directors for a Christian writers’ critique group, acting as both president and chaplain of the group. In her spare time, she is a winemaker, a military Mom to 2 young adults (one of each), and is owned by a black cat.


Publish with Purpose: A Goal Oriented Framework for Publishing Success

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The Best is Yet to Come


IndieReader’s C.S. Holmes describes this book as “a gloriously earnest, inspiring and hopeful story about trusting in God’s Love, even when human trials seem almost too great.” After twelve years of living alone as a single parent, Tara hadn't expected to find love again. She’d pretty much given up on the idea—so when Frank unexpectedly came into her life, the result of an errant email, he turned her world upside down. Four months later, his unexpected death brought it to a crashing halt. Join Tara on her journey as she shares the story of their time together and, more importantly, the lessons she learned as she rode waves of unanticipated love and grief to ultimately come to the strongest place she'd ever been in her life. This true story will speak to and inspire anyone who has ever suffered the loss of a dream by showing how you too can change your perception of that loss from an anchor that holds you back into a beautiful gift that dares you to believe that the best is yet to come. A Readers Favorite Book Award finalist in multiple categories and Honorable Mention recipient. This second edition has been expanded to include discussion guides for book clubs and grief support groups. For fans of • Tammy Trent • Nicole Johnson • Joni Erikson Tada

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Surprised by Frank

Love finds you when you least expect it. But you have to remain open to it, or it will pass you by unawares.

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