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Shane  Anderson

Phoenix Star Republic

Science Fiction & Fantasy

It is one thousand years after the Exodus from Earth and the rebirth of civilization among the stars. The Republic is sandwiched between the vengeful Joinder, a genetically mutated collectivist faction of humans, and the Alcari, the desperately nomadic reptilian invaders who are fleeing the deadly Dark Plague that forces them to continuously acquire new territory and relocate. Matt Becker is thrust into command of the carrier Brisbane when his captain is killed, while rebel movements within the Joinder and Alcari fight their oppressive governments and seek to make peace with the Republic before it falls. With only the loyalty of his crew to rely on, Becker must risk losing his friends, his marriage, his ship, and his career in a daring plot to destroy an Alcari superweapon and save humanity from destruction.

Book Bubbles from Phoenix Star Republic

Fire on the Brisbane

Becker tried to warn his squadron commander about the faulty intel, but Admiral Locker charged in anyway with disastrous consequences. Now Becker faces another impossible choice as his best friend and first officer is trapped inside a raging inferno with a dozen crew members and the fate of the ship hanging in the balance. Loyalty is everything to Matt Becker. His superiors are incompetent. His government is corrupt. He barely sees his family. His crew is all he has left, and now his endurance is being pushed to the limit as he faces the reality of sacrificing them to save the mission. How much would you be willing to give up before you just gave up?

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