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One of Ours


A tortuous arranged marriage. A desperate escape. Can she survive the danger that stalks her and create a life and love of her own choosing?
Ziva Jarin is panicked and alone. After her once-peaceful life, she flees her fate of a forced marriage to a dangerous older man, only to find the new life she dreamed of may be doomed before it begins. Without the means to join the king’s Hunter Trials, and little money to her name, her future is in jeopardy.

She leaps at an unexpected opportunity arriving in the form of a handsome benefactor and his four scorching-hot sons, but is there more at stake than she knows? For the first-ever woman to enter the Hunter Trials, it is win or die, but she fears the dangers ahead will be far greater when she realizes it is her heart, as well as her life, at risk.

Can Ziva create her own place in this man’s world by surviving the Hunter Trials and finally have the life of her dreams?

Book Bubbles from One of Ours

A Bigger Life Than This

What would you do to escape a life of torture? Ziva would risk everything.

"Just because I'm a woman doesn't mean..."

Ziva is the first woman ever to enter King Sevrin's Hunter Trials... and it may just be that one of the more challenging foes she'll have to overcome is prejudice and ridicule she'll face... which may end up being harder to defeat than the enemies she'll face.

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