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Stacey Schmick Shoecraft

Stacey is an Action Based Learning Certified Trainer, with the first kinesthetic classroom in the nation. Her goal is to change today’s classroom into one that incorporates movement to enhance learning for all students. She will make this happen by donating 10% of the profits from this book for other classrooms. Fifth grade math and science teacher by day, she is a presenter and shares her passion for kinesthetic learning with other s during the summer. Stacey was nominated for the Mark Cobb Award for Change in 2014 and was Pinckney Elementary Teacher of the Year 2013. A self-professed nerd, she loves taking college classes and has earned her Masters+30. Considering the fact Stacey was the stereotypical daydreamer in class makes this quite an accomplishment for someone who didn’t think they were smart enough to be a teacher. When she is not talking about kinesthetic learning, you can find her running (slowly) or riding bikes (faster) with her husband. Her love language is quality time and there is no time better spent than with her family, eating amazing dinners with a glass of grape or two. Contact her: Twitter @StaceyShoecraft Facebook Stacey Schmick Shoecraft


Finding My Voice

Working Title: Finding My Voice

This Book Is In Development

Finding My Voice

Children's Books

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Teachers are leaving the education field by the droves, feeling overwhelmed by a myriad of issues including classroom issues that have gotten out of hand. Coupled together with frustration, a handful of fifth grade students feel because the "loud kids" always get the attention, the teacher and students combine forces to find their voice together in a chaotic classroom. Anna is one of the students who realizes she has a right to speak up and be heard.

Active Learning From Home

Education & Reference

A book written specifically for PreK-5th grade parents to assist with learning at home. This book will help parents who are homeschooling, attending school virtually, or looking for summer supplemental enrichment activities. The emphasis of this book is on STEM/STEAM activities with a focus of incorporating movement and hands on experiences to engage ALL learners.

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I'm bored...there's NOTHING to do!

If it hasn't happened yet, you will probably your child complain, "I'm bored" very soon. What a great opportunity to extend your child's learning with hands-on manipulatives and spend quality time with them at the SAME time! From the viewpoint of a veteran math and science teacher, you never get as much time as you would like with each individual student. Just because we have taught it in school doesn't mean the students have mastery of the subject. What I like about these ideas are the simplicity of the lesson and the use of manipulatives. This will help students bridge the gap from concrete towards abstract mathematical thinking. It may look like simple math but you are laying the foundation to help your child with pre-algebra concepts. Who knew? Your child will think they are just having fun with you. A win-win for everyone!

Have a child learning from home?

This week has been one for the books for me as a teacher. I have been teaching both virtually part of the day and in person. My heart went out to my students online because it was so frustrating. It has also been very hard on the eyes, as well as challenging sitting for so long! At the beginning of Covid I thought it would be great to give parents resources to help them teach from home. In this book we cover the reasons for movement, how to set up your home classroom/schedule, and create many options for your particular child. Instead of sitting in front of a computer and getting frustrated by Zoom, use this easy to implement book. Your child will love the many adventures of "sneaky learning".

Teaching Through Movement

Education & Reference

Based on classroom experience, this easy to read book is perfect for the busy teacher who wants to laugh while learning the quickest way to incorporate kinesthetic learning and movement in the classroom. She infuses humor while providing simple and quick examples that can make anyone feel successful! Experience lessons learned in the first kinesthetic classroom in the nation. Author Stacey Shoecraft's goal is to change today’s classroom into one that incorporates movement to enhance learning for all students.

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The Dream Expands!

For me, this vision was about changing my classroom for my students. Little did I realize that the dynamics of that would change. I am hoping with the start of a new school year, this book will be a helpful tool in showing you ways to feel instant success for your students. This is a journey where many hands are needed!

What do the kids think?

It is one thing to think something will work but it is another to hear feedback from the people you want it to help. My students' feedback confirms movement has changed our class for the better! Standardized testing and less movement is unfortunately part of our society and our kids need the ability to move in the classroom, to help them learn at their peak capacity.

My Theory for a Better School Year

This a-ha moment is a call to action for all parents and teachers. Many have their eyes glued to a device throughout the day. Are we aware of what it is doing to our children, to our students? As we prepare for the new school year, we need to be mindful of our students' activity. Knowing your students habits outside of school, as well as being able to "read" your students will help them improve both morale and productivity.

Kicking it up a Notch

One of my many "a-ha" moments as I learned along with my students. It is important to utilize the tools given to you to maximize learning. Why did it take me so long to figure this out?

The RESULTS are in!

Although there is plenty of information to prove movement does work, people still want to know if I have seen a difference. Of course I have! I wouldn't beat this metaphorical drum if I didn't believe it to be true. Pretty amazing and exciting to be a part of this study.

Yeah, but can you prove it?

The results from a recent study conducted by the College of Charleston are in and I am thrilled! I will tell you that with this group of students, it was anybody's guess what we would find out. I was constantly scratching my head and trying to see what would work with them. The tables DID make a difference and they were part of the success of this school year.

My Epiphany

This insightful moment was a turning point in my teacher effectiveness. I was able to maximize classroom learning time and connect with ALL of my students. Talk about a "teachable moment", only it was for the teacher instead!

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