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Running with Horses

Religion & Spirituality

When life races with chaos and uncertainty,
run beyond your fear with bold faith.

Humanly speaking, we are no match for a horse's strength or speed. But “the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah,” and the prophet was able to outrun Ahab's royal chariot on the long streak from Mount Carmel to Jezreel (1 Kings 18).

In the same way, personal relationship with Almighty God inspires and empowers us to accomplish great exploits we never thought possible and, like Elijah, to deliver something of prophetic value to the culture and the world.

Running with Horses is a volume of daily writings exhorting every individual this way—to expect impossible outcomes, even supernatural interventions. Inspired this way, when the pace speeds up in the sphere to which you are called, you run ahead of anything believed possible.

Like all of creation, you were born with a specific design and purpose. Yours, I am convinced, is for this no-holds-barred day, for this prophetic time.

Whether days of peace or trouble, you were born for this time.

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You Are Right Where You Need to Be

The Bible speaks of many other demonstrations of His hand—divine power, divine intervention. By faith, human weakness becomes strength for modern believers in the same way it did for those in ancient times. Inspired this way, with confident trust and disciplined strength, when the pace speeds up in the sphere to which you are called, you run ahead of anything you believed possible. Know that you are right where you need to be, ready and equipped, for God's plan for your life.

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