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Sandy  Lawrence

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Hot Flashes Cold Cases

Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

As far as Peg Shaw is concerned, midlife and menopause have brought enough sweat and excitement to last a lifetime. Unfortunately, there are others who disagree. One night while stumbling back to bed from her nightly visit to the bathroom, Peg is stopped in her tracks by two women standing in her bedroom. As her husband sleeps soundly, Peg abruptly realizes that ghosts have come calling: one is her dead grandmother and the other is her spirit guide. After her grandmother asks her to partner with other spirits to help law enforcement solve crimes, Peg reluctantly agrees to help bring justice to the deceased but persistent ghosts of a local couple. After Peg discovers that cold cases are much more difficult to eliminate than her hot flashes, she travels into unfamiliar territory where her inexperience with murder becomes no match for her determination to rid herself of her uninvited, heartbeat-less guests. After enlisting help from old friends and unexpected allies, Peg uncovers a dark secret at the heart of her sleepy township with the potential to bring more trouble than she bargained for. In this paranormal adventure tale, a middle-aged woman in the throes of menopause is thrust into solving local crimes, with help from her new friends from Deadsville.

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Hot Flashes/Cold Cases Chapter 1

Peg Shaw, in the midst of menopausal hot flashes, has no idea what is in store for her as she begins to see "dead people." First her Nana visits and then introduces Peg to other residents from Deadsville who are looking for help in solving the recent murder of a couple from Bath, Ohio, where Peg lives. Read all about it!

Beginning the Peg Shaw series!

From up on "Hawley Hill" Sue Hawley created a series of cozy mysteries featuring Peg Shaw, a snarky, sassy menopausal woman who begins to see dead people in the midst of her hot flashes. Peg's adventures are exciting, suspenseful and sometimes humorous. Her new friends from Deadsville, as she calls their home, recruit her help in solving a local murder,in Bath, Ohio, an unsolved cold case. Her paranormal adventures lead to much more excitement than Peg had expected or wanted.

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