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I help busy CEOs and founders become bestselling authors on Amazon ... even without the sweat of writing. HOW I GOT STARTED: A few years back, I asked one of my marketing clients, "What if I interviewed you and wrote a book for you?" Well, we got going and finished that book in just 10 days ... 30 days later it was a bestseller in multiple Amazon categories ... and 2 months later it had generated a 3x ROI for my client. To date, that book has generated over $100,000 in backend sales for other services. WORK WITH ME? I now help aspiring authors get their non-fiction business books written & launched as bestsellers, and then help them build a lucrative backend business around the book. Ask me about coaching or done-for-you services. Great for #personalbranding #writingfaster #newleads #multiplestreamsofincome


Money System Gone Insane

Education & Reference

What is Wrong with The World Money System? Will Cryptocurrencies such As Bitcoin Clean Up the Mess? And What Is Needed from A New Economic Platform That Will Change the Game? Risto Pietilä, also known as The Dragon, is a serial entrepreneur, economist, and self-made millionaire before the age of thirty. In the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scene, Mr. Pietilä is best known as the prolific writer and economist whose predictions have come to pass, repeatedly. In this book, Money System Gone Insane, Mr. Pietilä explains the long-term consequences of depending on fiat currencies (such as the Dollar or Euro), and how they slowly strangle the economy and controls individuals. He then lays out the foundation for what he believes will be the future of money, globally. Reading this book, you will understand - What is really going on with the money system in our world - What are the different ways that money is created today - Why debt is such a powerful force (and mechanism of control and suppression) - What made Bitcoin such a great innovation in the history of money - Why cryptocurrencies scared the “power mongers” behind the banking cartel - Why Bitcoin won’t solve the issues of inequality and wealth distribution globally - What is needed, technically, to have a worldwide currency that would dethrone the corrupt debt-based fiat currencies This book will forever change how you think about finances and the curse of debt. For novices and masters alike, this is an easy-to-read primer to the world of cryptocurrencies. In this book, the author lays the foundation of a new money system and the requirements of implementation on a global scale. Read this book, and you’ll understand “how money works” and can be invested profitably (when others are taking a hit with the markets crashing).

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Stepping Stones to Self-Care

Health, Fitness & Dieting

What if your future years would be 10x more energetic than your best ones yet? Forget the old concept of slaving off your life to end up in retirement, having lost your health and vibrancy, and having had to give up on many of your dreams on the way. Whether your dream is escaping the rat race, having the energy to make a big career change, renew your relationships with your loved ones, or get your physical and mental health to a whole new level, this book gives you the blueprint! Brendah has been there and is intentional about equipping you with the tools, knowledge, and methods to navigate those days when you don’t feel like doing anything, to rewire your mindset for positive thoughts, so you can find the inner motivation to rise up to the challenges, create new positive habits and increase your energy levels. This is the foundation to create a lifestyle aligned with your values, aspirations, passion, and purpose. These are the same tools she used to put herself together after suffering decades of chronic burnout, decades of immense levels of stress, anxiety, living with an Autoimmune chronic health condition, and being told that she wouldn’t walk again, after a failed Total Knee Replacement. This step-by-step guide to designing your “self-care lifestyle” teaches: How the author ran her first marathon at age 55 (and how you can do it, too) The reasons you’ve been neglecting yourself - and that you now need some serious “me time” How to recalibrate your life for the better Listing easy-to-apply methods you can practice today to take back your life! No matter what your situation is, you find that several of the tried and tested methods will work in your life, and help you reclaim your vibrancy starting today. The author Brendah Ndebele is known as The Vitality Master Coach with a focus on Bouncing Back from whatever life throws at you - Self-Finding Through Passion and Purpose. Brendah holds an MBA from a London University Business School, in the UK. She also holds an MA in Deviancy & Social Policy (the old Criminology!) Brendah is also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Coach, and Certified Life Coach.

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