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Laren Bright is an award-winning writer with three Emmy nominations for his work writing children’s television animation scripts. He has written or co-authored a number of books for children, young adults and adults. Laren lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their two small rescue dogs, and spends far too much time in front of his computer. --------- Ross Goodell is a lifelong storyteller and rambler whose travels have taken him into the bazaars in the Middle East, Afghanistan, behind the Iron Curtain, and through parts of the Pacific Rim. He has studied practical spirituality and done teaching, motorcycle delivery, and long-haul trucking in 18-wheelers. His nomadic life has taught him to love the unpredictable magic of living on this miraculous planet.


Guardian Academy (The Oracle's Prophecy, #3)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

After his whirlwind summer adventures in Bespri, Ben is happy to settle down with his new family, but he isn’t looking forward to going to Sprucevale’s high school, where no one would believe him if he revealed how he spent the summer. Also, there are signs that Emperor Kantab, far from giving up, is hatching new schemes that might endanger Ben and his family as well as Caldae. However, the valiant Guardian Fellows, whose mastery of magic enabled them to defeat the superior force of the Feyren army and the Imperial Dragoons in the summer accept Ben and into the famed Guardian Academy, where they find the training to be just as tough and thorough as it is reputed to be. As the only Earthan in their class, Ben struggles with the magic training but manages to do better than he expected—until a disastrous final test. Returning home with a heavy heart, he discovers that the Feyrens have finally struck.

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Earthan Conspiracy (The Oracle's Prophecy, #4)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

No sooner has Ben returned home on leave from the Guardian Academy than he discovers that Feyren Emperor Kantab’s forces are on the move again and after his parents. To save them, Mizli and Ben thread their way through a maze of lies and captivity by bogus government “agents." When they eventually discover that a human schemer, secretly in league with the Emperor, is behind the kidnapping, Mizli conceives of a brilliant ploy to unmask him. However, the Emperor’s reach is long, and Ben and Mizli find they must deal with Feyr’s almost invincible Imperial Dragoons before they can save Ben's folks. Even if they do, they still must return to Caldae and face the consequences of their disastrous performance on their final examination at the Guardian Academy.

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Cennia Song (The Oracle's Prophecy, #2)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Battle Between Good & Evil Continues While Emperor Kantab mobilizes his vast army to attack Caldae, Mizli decides to attempt to rescue Ben. After some timely advice from the mysterious Vedleese, she secretly leaves Caldae on the seemingly hopeless mission. And there’s more to Mizli’s plan. She will need Ben’s help in getting past squads of nearly invincible Imperial Dragoons to find a heavily-guarded prisoner and extract him from the Emperor’s Palace. If they succeed, they must take an even more desperate risk to prevent the ruthless Emperor from conquering both Mizli’s peaceful Caldae and Ben’s unsuspecting Earth.

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When we feel pushed the brink of disaster

There are times, like these, when the future looks precarious. One of mine was a winter when I was driving a long-haul rig with a 53-foot trailer across Colorado and got caught in a blizzard at the top of Wolf Creek Pass, which was notorious for sending truckers off a 200-foot cliff. I had foolishly started up the eastern side of the pass without any tire chains even though I knew a major winter storm was predicted and chains would probably be required. I ran out of driving hours right at the top of the pass, forcing me to stop for eight hours just as the storm hit. When I woke in the morning, the highway was covered with snow, and I had to pull that heavy trailer down the steep western side of the pass without the protection of chains to prevent skids. Such uncertain times in my life helped me conceive the magical adventures in The Oracle’s Promise fantasy series. In Cennia Song, which concludes the story started in Magic Rising, Ben and Mizli’s first adventure leads them to a climactic face-off with the terrifying Emperor Kantab of Feyr. No one else can stop him from subjugating both their worlds to his iron-clad rule.

The magical power of sound

Whether listening to Beethoven or the Beatles, I find magical power in music, especially at the finale, as anticipation of the resolving note builds suspense until the final chord releases the tension. It wasn't surprising then when the connection of song and harmony became tied to magic arose when I started writing the first book of the Oracle's Prophecy series, Magic Rising. For instance, Neff, with help from Mizli, explains to Ben the origin of the mysterious figure and magic that protected him and Mizli, "Where Vedleese lives is the source of all magic and harmony. It is where dreams come from. It is where cennia songs originate." "The cennia songs?" Ben asked, "You mean the bird songs?" "It's more than the birds," Mizli said. "Yes," Neff agreed, "it's the magic woven into their songs. And if people are lucky, deeper Harmonies of magic may enter their life. When that happens, we say they are 'finding their cennia song.'" "It's not necessarily a song," Mizli explained to Ben. Then she added happily, "But it can be. I hope mine will be." However, it isn't until the climactic conclusion in the second book, Cennia Song, that the suspense of Magic Rising is resolved and the importance of cennia songs and the awesome power of the Harmonies' magic is fully revealed.

Magic Rising (The Oracle's Prophecy, #1)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Good or evil — which is more powerful? Ben Scott, a reasonably typical American teen, unwittingly steps across a dimensional boundary into a magical world. There he meets Mizli, a lovely and exotically dusky young sprite and finds himself thrust suddenly into the middle of a deadly contest for supremacy between light and dark magic. Telling him that he is in the world of Bespri, Mizli explains that Bespri's Oracle has prophesized that magic is going to be turned toward the light magic of her country, Caldae, and away from the dark realm of Feyr. Before he can absorb this mind-bending information, Ben is captured by agents of Feyr and taken to their powerful and charismatic Emperor who gives Ben an entirely different picture of the rivalry between the two realms. After a series of magical adventures in Feyr, Mizli's Camelot-like Caldae, and Earth, time runs out, and Ben must make a choice that will have a profound effect on the land of magic and his own family as well.

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In these times of Shelter At Home — FREE book

Laren Bright and I hope you’re doing well. If you also are finding more opportunity to relax and might enjoy some time in a world of fantasy and adventure, we’ve lowered the price of books in the Oracle's Prophecy series – to FREE for eBooks and to $9.99 for paperbacks. If you do take advantage of the promotional pricing, we would greatly appreciate your letting other people know what you thought of the book in a quick reader review on the webpage where you got it. Reviews are what make the difference between a book that's available and a book that people actually read. Your review truly would help us make these stories available to more readers. The first two books of The Oracle's Prophecy series (with links to Amazon) are: Magic Rising, in which young Ben Scott blunders into the magical land of Bespri, encountering the young sprite Mizli and a looming war, and Cennia Song, which finishes the first story, following the pair's race to prevent the conquest of their worlds by the scheming Emperor Kantab and their climactic encounter with him. OR, my website has more information and links to all of the online distributors: First Episode: Magic Rising Cennia Song Second Episode: Guardian Academy Earthan Conspiracy Third Episode: Magic Vortex Thanks and best wishes, Ross

Can different ideologies share in harmony?

The story that would eventually emerge as The Oracle’s Prophecy series began to percolate inside me early in this century. At that time, rising tensions over the boundaries between Palestine and Israel were causing conflict to spread rapidly throughout the Middle East, and I decided to make the story one of peace. How, I wondered, could people of different heritage and rival claims to the same territory share the same land peacefully. As the fantasy began to take shape in the magical land of Bespri, a government designed to accommodate diverse tribes commingled in a single country began to emerge. I realized it would be imperfect. The factions would still argue over their divergent views, but why couldn’t they be mutually dedicated to withstanding the assaults of an external aggressor? In my imaginary Bespri, that aggressor was represented by a powerful empire intent on annexing their country into its medieval realm of rigid control. SPECIAL OFFER: We’re making available FREE review copies of the first adventure and would love for you to read and see what you think of it. There is no obligation to do a reader review, although we, of course, would appreciate it. For links to free review copies of the first two eBooks in The Oracle’s Prophecy series and other information, please visit my website,

Valentines of different colors and worlds

When I started writing a fantasy, I knew my story had to have a romance in it. Though I had a sense of the story’s initial direction, the characters soon began taking over, coming into existence unexpectedly, and showing me what they did and how they acted. When Ben stepped into the magic of Bespri, the fascinating young girl he met there, turned out to be his exact opposite. Where Mizli was engaging and outgoing, he was shy and reserved. She was sharp-tongued and almost impulsive, while Ben was thoughtful. On a more superficial level, Mizli’s dusky complexion contrasted with Ben’s fair skin. Initially, Ben didn’t know that he was in a different world and listened skeptically as Mizli spoke of mysterious things. Who was the Oracle behind the strange prophecy that was causing so much trouble? Was there any truth in what she was telling him, or was he just bewitched by her charm? Later, I would discover along with Ben that Mizli also was intrigued by the resolute determination hidden beneath his quiet. As they scrambled to deal with the unforeseen consequences of the prophecy, I watched myself growing closer to both of them. NOW AVAILABLE: The Oracle’s Prophecy springs into action!

Does it matter what Ben does in Bespri?

An important part of coming of age is figuring out what you want to stand up for. My journey has involved facing a lot more dilemmas than I wanted to and often making foolish choices with catastrophic results. The lessons I learned that way may well have led to the coming of age challenges that my imaginary protagonist, Ben Scott, encountered in the magical world of Bespri and caused him to strive to fathom the mysterious puzzle of the Oracle’s prophecy. He was getting very different pictures of the conflict in Bespri from the two factions. On one hand, Ben liked and admired Mizli and her parents. He loved their cheerful Calden ways and confidently optimistic outlook on life. On the other hand, their enemy, Emperor Kantab, was charmingly convincing in his arguments for justice and order. Not to mention that he would be a ruthless enemy if crossed. It was all confusing to Ben, but he knew the time would inevitably come when he would have to choose which side to take.

Ghost in the house or just his imagination?

The creaky old house where a phantom-like presence starts this magical adventure was inspired by a house in Durango, Colorado, that I knew well, having stayed there occasionally when I was young. I later heard that it had become haunted by the ghost of a lonely widow, who had missed her husband terribly. The evidence of her ghost’s presence had been convincing enough, that the place was exorcised when it was sold. Also, Ben’s hometown, Sprucevale, was modeled after Durango, a town so charming that it drew visitors from all over the country, and movie makers came to film scenes in the beautiful foothills and mountains around it. Eventually, Telluride, an old mining village high on the side of rugged mountains north of Durango, became the site of a famous film festival.

Hope in the midst of a dark and troubled time

It was in 2001, when the destruction of the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York plunged Americas into Middle Eastern turmoil, that my personal world also fell apart. Wanting some hope as I struggled to rebuild my life, I began composing a story of a shy American youth involved in a magical clash between good and evil. Living in the cab of a big-rig truck, I traveled the country, delivering goods to distant cities, while the story slowly took shape. Although distracted by the hazards of the job and lame attempts to revive my software development career, the story of a magical world kept pulling my imagination back to it. Now, many years after I quit trucking, my writing mentor and co-author, Laren Bright, and I have put together a far better and more extensive version in a five-book series. The Oracle's Promise is about an American lad who unwittingly crosses into a magical dimension and becomes embroiled with a pretty and exotically dusky sprite in a titanic war between good and evil. Magic Rising and Cennia Song kick off the series, telling of the first deadly clash in the struggle to determine the fate of two different worlds.

Magic Vortex (The Oracle's Prophecy, #5)

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Finally, Emperor Kantab’s schemes have been thwarted in both Ben’s and Mizli’s worlds. With relief, the teens settle down to concentrate on their Guardian training as they begin their post-graduate term at the Academy. However, they have barely started the term when they learn that the wily Emperor is hatching an even more sinister plot to regain dominance. This both complicates and accelerates the Academy's already intense advanced training for them, and keeps them too busy to do any sleuthing for clues to what Kantab up to, When, at last, they get the opportunity to investigate, they daringly try walking through a mysterious portal and find themselves lost in a mind-warping Vortex of Magic. They race through a bewildering time maze to unravel the Emperor’s diabolically clever plan prevent him from restoring Feyr’s dominance of magic and spreading Feyr’s fearful rule over all of Bespri and Earth.

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